Former US Commander Wesley Clark: “ISIS is an American Made Organization, financed by Washington’s friends & allies”

the real Syrian Free Press


Former commander of US forces in Europe & commander of NATO forces until 2000 Wesley Clark stressed in an interview with the American CNN Channel that ISIS is an American Made Organization that is financed by Washington’s friends & allies to strike the resistance axis in the region.

Earlier Syria’s Permanent Envoy to the UN Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari said following an informal meeting held by the Security Council with the members of the so-called “Independent Commission of Inquiry” on the violations of human rights in Syria that the Syrian Government has prepared a book of 500 pages which includes information about the foreign terrorists that were killed in Syria in October 2013.

British police has said that 3 British female teenagers have travelled to Istanbul to infiltrate to Syria & join ISIS. A source at the British police has stated that the 3 female teenagers aged 13 & 16 years…

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