MI6 Libyan Asset Belhaj Is A War Criminal Who Worked With MI6 & Vitol Oil To Illegally Overthrow Libyan Government

the real Syrian Free Press


MI6 Libyan asset Belhaj and his ‘humanitarian’ glee club are making slightly more than fools of themselves with their propaganda over rendition which is designed to cover up real claims.

In legal terms, MI6 Libyan asset Belhadj is a war criminal who worked with the British government to illegally overthrow the Libyan government for Vitol Oil.

It is a matter of public record that Vitol Oil had MI6 and their long phoney ‘rebels’ like Belhaj put at their disposal to violently and illegally overthrow the Libyan government to control oil.


“…Speaking to the Guardian from Libya, Belhaj, 48, said: “I always had faith in the British justice system….”

It is risible to say the traitorous Belhaj was ‘rendered’ to Tripoli when he was simply dropped off to continue his criminal career of aiding and abetting oil companies to murder millions of…

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