Report from Libya-Jamahiriya: “Southern Libya Liberated by Green Resistance Forces”

Green Resistance Forces prepare the decisive battle while the Zion-American-Takfiri enemy is defeated in Syria & Iraq.

JANUARY 17, 2014 ~ Reliable sources from inside Libya report that the Southern part of Libya has been LIBERATED from fake-Islamic Extremist Armed Gangs, Al Qaeda, TRAITOR “rebel” Rats and the puppet government put in place by NATO against the will of the people of Libya.

The Libyan people are taking back their sovereignty and their country. The people of Libya and the Libyan tribes again demand that the UN/NATO/US stay OUT of their country and their OUT of their affairs

The Free Libyan Resistance Green Flag flies in splendor and dignity in the following cities:

  • Tobruk
  • Amsaad
  • City Dome
  • City Tamimi
  • White
  • City Afattaúh
  • Prairie City
  • Talmith
  • Aldersah
  • Drianh
  • Alakorah
  • Precise
  • Biar
  • Sellouk
  • Ajdabiya
  • Alumblytanih
  • Qmins
  • Brega
  • Ras Lanuf
  • Sellouk
  • Ddina
  • Sabah
  • Many other cities – most neighborhoods under control of the free green Libyans

Never wanted the Libyan invasion, did not want a war, did not want the division of the country and poverty.

Everyone in Libya and around the world knew that the mercenaries and terrorists who sent U.S. and NATO were not fighting for democracy and freedom, many Libyans were deceived.

Western conspirators fought for stealing and destroying a prosperous country, to convert the Great Jamahiriya, to a government mass mafias in government service Zion-Takfir-imperialist enemy ….

Green resistance Fighters, in the Eastern Province, Video-Declaration:

Sirte: Deputy Minister of Industry of Libya, Hassan al-Drouhin, was shot dead on Saturday night in the city of Sirte.
Authorities said the attack came hours after at least 19 people died and 20 others were injured in tribal clashes in the south.
According to the international journalist Eloy Pardo, the Arab Spring that has plunged the country into chaos and no solution is emerging in the near future.

Sabha: Tough battles are being fought in Sabha between rival gangs of mercenaries and soldiers of the General Staff of the rats in these early hours of the morning, now, near the city of Sabha in the last three days, they have been killed more than 200 rats and 180 wounds. The Resistance fail to seize the contradiction and to implement more liberated zones.

New video from Sabha 17/01/2014:
fierce clashes between Toubou mercenaries & mercenaries-rats


Libyan Resistance Green Flag flies…






Dr. Hamza Touamani: Green Resistance speeches about the actual situation in Libya



May God Bless all the Green freedom fighters





5 responses to “Report from Libya-Jamahiriya: “Southern Libya Liberated by Green Resistance Forces”

  1. Alhamulillah… long live tha libyan green army.. keep up the good job.. Allaho Akbar…


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