Perverts Cutthroat Cannibals Served as ‘Armed Quick Reaction Force’ Within the U.S. Special Forces in Libya


“Old shoes, when are no longer useful, can be throw away”.

Ahmed Abu Khattallah, a mercenary terrorist from Benghazi,  suspected of various crimes and recently arrested by the U.S. intelligence, once served as a key conduit in an effort staged by the U.S. and Arab interests to aid the Western backed jihadist mercenaries fighting in Libya and later in Syria, according to reports on local agencies coming from Middle Eastern security officials.

It is not clear when, and in which way, Khattallah worked for the Americans.

However, he received funds for his participation in the plot coordinated by U.S. regime, Saudi urine drinkers, Turkish puppets and other Arab dummies countries to recruit the takfirist mercenaries to attack the Jamahiriya  and the Muammar Gadhafi’s government, the security officials said.

Khattallah, the senior leader of the Benghazi branch of the ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ terrorist organization, was later instrumental in helping to recruit terrorist mercenaries to travel to Syria to aid the takfirists targeting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government in 2011, security official sources reported.

Khattallah is considered responsible for participating in the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi conspiracy.

‘Ansar al-Sharia’, a herd of ignorant and illiterate goats, was not yet declared a terrorist organization by the State Department during the period of Khatallah’s alleged work to help recruit perverts cutthroat cannibals from the Mideast.


The U.S. relationship with those terrorists linked to Khattalah was so comfortable that were the two mercenary gangs, the so called ‘February 17th fake-Martyrs Brigade’ and the ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ branch of murderers, that officially served as  ‘armed quick reaction force’ within the U.S. Special Forces in Libya, Benghazi.

In August 2013, almost one year after the aggression, the U.S. authority stated the first criminal charges (for the Benghazi attack) against Khatallah, because some  witnesses placed him on the crime scene during the assault on the U.S. Special Mission.

Khatallah’s ‘al-Qaida-linked Ansar al-Sharia’ gang advocates strict Shariah implementation and the creation of the Islamic Caliphate.

The terrorist group infamously first took credit for the attack in social media while later claiming it “didn’t participate in the attack as a sole entity.”

Witnesses told the media that not only did they see ‘Ansar al-Sharia’ mercenaries laying siege to the compound, they also spotted vehicles brandishing Ansar al-Sharia’s logo at the crime scene.

Two weeks after the Benghazi’s aggression, Middle East’s security sources from Lebanon and other Arab countries indicated both, the U.S. mission and the nearby CIA annex in Benghazi, served as a planning center for U.S. aid to terrorist gangs in the Middle East, particularly specialized in shipping weapons to jihadist mercenaries fighting in Syria.

Egyptian and other Middle Eastern sources said that also Ambassador Chris Stevens played a central role in recruiting, vetting jihadists and coordinating arms shipments to the takfirist cannibals fighting against Syrian people.

Stevens’ role in Libya was as intermediary between the Obama regime and the jihadist mercenaries based in Benghazi.

Many reports from local and international news media pointed out  the role of the U.S. intelligence to coordinate the smuggling of weapons to the anti-Gadhafi terrorists starting from the beginning time of when Stevens arrived in Libya.

In December 2012, the New York Times said that

“…the Obama administration secretly gave its blessing to arms shipments to Libyan rebels from Qatar last year”…

The article underlined that weapons and money, coming from Qatar,

“strengthened militant groups in Libya, allowing them to become a destabilizing force since the fall of the Gadhafi government.”

The weapons came from Qatar, not from the USA, the Times stated.

In March 2011, Reuters reported (quoting U.S. government officials) that Obama signed a ‘secret order’ authorizing covert U.S. government support for the mercenary gangs of killers in Libya.

In the same period, also the English ‘Independent’ reported that

“the Americans have asked Saudi Arabia if it can supply weapons to the ‘rebels’ in Benghazi.”

On 25/3/2013 ‘The Times’ reported that

“after the fall of Gadhafi, the U.S. began to coordinate aid, including weapons shipments, to the Syrian ‘rebels’ in early 2012”.

and that

“the weapons airlifts to Syria began on a small scale and continued intermittently through the fall of 2012, expanding into a steady and much heavier flow later that year”.

From secret locations, U.S.A. military intelligence officers

“helped the Gulf Arab governments shop for weapons … and have vetted ‘rebel’ commanders and groups to determine who should receive the weapons as they arrive”, ‘The Times’ reported.

The CIA at that time declined to comment to the ‘Times’ reports about the shipments to Syria or its role in facilitating and covering the smuggling of weapons from Libya to Syria.

But not to denyis the same as admitting.


News from various local newspapers & agencies



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