DIRTY MISURATA: Hanan Nobar … a Libyan lawyer threatened



Hanan Nobar, .. Libyan lawyer threatened

Radio Netherlands Worldwide … “I do not live a normal life, I do not feel belonging to a patriot after what happened to me,” so reduced lawyer Libyan Hanan Mustafa Nobar unchanged after which involved a fourth day of June this year, explaining: “I have lost a sense of security, violating my freedom of practice of the profession, تجاهلني Libyan media and only بالتفرج of attended اقعتي, Any sense of protection left me while become the oppressor fist force? “.

Foreign mother and father of Libby
Hanan Mustafa Nobar, practiced law for 16 years and is bound under the banner of international organizations concerned with children’s rights in particular and human rights in general. , One of the founders of the Association “Child rights advocates Libya” in Benghazi, headed by her father, and the Society branch in Tripoli now too.
تترافع Nobar almost six years ago in cases involving child abduction dual nationality, who are the children of a Libyan father and a foreign mother. The personal status law of Libyan laws more equitable in the Arab world, as evidenced by Nobar so. Libyan law gives foreign mother Libyan custody of her son if she remained in Libya did not neutralize the child from his father’s religion.
This kind of issues that specialized Nobar the successful bid for many problems, and even physically attacked and threatened repeatedly, morally and verbally and physically. “There is a cultural clash, people do not accept to be the mother of foreign rights in Libya, and the ideological fanaticism plays a role, too, to the extent that foreign mother remains unacceptable even if they converted to Islam after,” illustrate Nobar.

Mothers Escandnaveat and Libyan parents
Libyan majority of mothers of children of foreign Scandinavian region, specifically from Sweden and Norway. The two countries opened the ERISA in the past أبوابهما the period of the Libyan Youth works out great facilities. In that period occurred multiple mixed marriages resulted in children. But what happened after that, “and as soon as they get the father Libyan citizenship, because his children without their mother to Libya,” says Nobar, which dealt with a huge number of this type of case, and now has her office 15 other cases, except those which are awaiting consideration.
Of those pending issues, the issue of a Swedish mother, the courts have ruled in Sweden and Libya custody complete and partial, but there are omissions implementation so far. “Libyan judicial system is disabled in Libya. If the judge feels fear and horror, and if the record can not deliver ads to opponents, and if the prosecutor daily under threat, and if it hits the lawyer, how for a device to work?

Incident, and the incident?
“Has become in the area are afraid of everyone,” says Nobar, “and therefore there was a media blackout” and he did not take any official any position of any kind, including the Attorney General and the Bar Association made her Nobar complaint in Tripoli and Benghazi.
Once What received Nobar the issue – the issue of a European or demanding the right to custody of her son – the restriction of the case and determine the session, and informed deducted Misurata resident on the session. Contact discount Bnobar after Link author, and threatened her, saying: “If you continue in the suit, it would be that day, the last day of your life. Shall not be lifted in Libya this kind of issues and in particular against a person from Misratah in particular,” This is what Tgah Nobar continue: ” and threatened verbally abusive and called my father and told him the same threat. ”
And sacrificed Nobar of the father Masrati they do not want to take him to his son that the European or child that was his wife for seven years, is ready to stay in Libya with her son and their right to visit. And showed him through his lawyer that I do not mind at reconciliation with the consent of the parties.

And lists Nobar that the day of the hearing, she attended her client and a witness and her father a translator.
After the session, Nobar entered her car near the door of the court. Open have deducted the door and asked her to come down. When her father saw it, rushed to them and asked the opponent to leave his daughter, what was it, but be slapped times. He then attended just two other companions and accidental father of electricity in the neck and he fell on the ground.
Astagatt Nobar people, police and judicial court. But the disappointment major, says: “The people gathered around watching. Was a sight I can not find him an explanation. Did not know what hit society.’re Staring at my father lying on the ground as they Ervssouna with their feet and walking on it with their boots and blood coming from his nose and injuries to his face and his body bleeding. And re- shock with electricity every time. approached him and tried to drag me, Falakmona and Osagtona ground. said one of the standing spectators and I scream and seek help: “at least cover your hair, O woman,” I told him: “Did يستفزك view of a man beaten and tortured and bleeding and Astvzak my hair? You need to cover your head because you lack chivalry. ”

They put her father’s car and drove him to an unknown location. هرولت Nobar to court and complained to the judge said to her: “I can not do anything.”
Says Nobar adding: “I spent an hour the court exhausted on the seat. Passes colleagues me and members of the prosecution and the people who are there, staring at me and spend without to direct me one word. Hour later I received one of the judicial police, and said to me, will some of the local council of Misratah., And came and طمأنوني They would re me and my father. After three hours brought him back. was in very poor condition. Odajh scorched and neck also appointed destructive approx. Ktefoa his hands and feet and put him on his stomach to the ground and they trample it with a strong message, to lock the Assembly and stop the practice of voluntary work and Commending his daughter to adopt this kind of issues. otherwise .. the next step is to murder they are able to. ” The Nobar emphasizes that have not been arrested four people who تهجموا her and her father, although the military police in Misratah knew their place and her father received them.

I homeland
“We can not continue life so,” says Nobar, “humiliated publicly in front of spectators, and the people in your community do not stand or restitution have in front of injustice, and the competent authorities fail to take any action, including the Attorney General or the Bar Association., But that the Attorney General Tripoli refused to meet with me despite the fact that my file was on his desk. ”
The judgment in that case them, it was not fair, says Nobar. The government tends to regional rather than to fairness and justice.

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