Huge number of foreign mercenaries eliminated by Syrian Army in Dara’a, Al Qouneitirah, Idleb & Damascus countryside: killed also 50 and 30 DAESH terrorists in Hama and Homs, and 1 international-wanted French criminal in Idleb

the real Syrian Free Press

Syrian Arab army units have eliminated a number of foreign mercenaries and terrorists in several areas in Dara’a suburbs including Akraba, Oum Al-`Ousssaj & Tal `Antar & destroyed a truck loaded with terrorists near Western Ghariyyah.

In Al Qouneitirah countryside several terrorists were killed & their vehicles were destroyed in Dawwar Naba’ Al-Sakher, Al-Hamidiyyah & Al-Samadaniyyah.

Several terrorists were also killed in Qara’ Al-Ghazal, Al-Hota, Tal Salmo & Oum Jreen in Idleb suburb.

In Damascus countryside a Syrian Arab army unit has ambushed a terrorist group & captured other armed men during the latter’s attempt to infiltrate from Eastern Ghouttah in the direction of Al-Dhmeir.



Units of the army and armed forces intensified fire power against terrorist organizations’ dens and gatherings in Qar’ al-Ghazal, al-Houteh, Tal Salmo and Um Jerin in Abu al-Duhour area in the countryside of the northern Idleb province, a military source said Tuesday.

Many terrorists…

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