Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, April 2011: “We’ve engineered Libyan unrest & protests”



From  interview of  Press TV with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary to US Treasury



“Press TV: Are you saying the ultimate goal in attacking Libya is because of the oil factor?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: It’s not just the oil, it’s the fact of China’s penetration of Africa and China lining up oil supplies for its energy needs. You may be aware that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released a report that says that the ‘Age of America’ is over and that the American economy will be bypassed by China in five years and then the US will become the second largest economy rather than first. So one of the things Washington is trying to do is to block; to use its superior military and strategic capabilities at this time to block China’s acquisition of resources in order to make the development of the Chinese economy slow down.”

“..It’s also payback to Gaddafi for refusing to join the US Africa Command (AFRICOM). It became operative in 2008 and was the American response to China’s penetration of Africa; we created a military response to that and Gaddafi refused to participate — he said it was an act of imperialism trying to purchase an entire continent.

And I think the third reason is that Gaddafi in Libya controls an important part of the Mediterranean coast; as does Syria.

So I think those two countries are just in the way of American hegemony in the Mediterranean and certainly the Americans don’t want a powerful Russian fleet stationed there and they certainly don’t want China drawing energy resources…”

 “…Washington was caught off guard by the outbreaks of protests in Tunisia and Egypt, but quickly learned that they could use and hide behind Arab protests to evict Russia and China without a direct confrontation, they wouldn’t want that, so they’ve [ people from   White  House] engineered these protests…


Read  full  his interview   here:

US risks war with China and Russia

 He  lied  about  Tunisia and Egypt  “protests”, that  “revolutions’  were need   for chaos in boards of Libya, also  thousands   of   Egyptian and  Tunisian came to  Libya to  make  revolution.   Global media   shown Egyptian and  Tunisian people  as  angry  Libyans, mainstream media  deliberately lied  to  us.   Even  in Benghazy  local  people   saw  many  Tunisians,  who  took  part  in  Egypt protests in January  2011.   They  were   members  of Muslim Brotherhood, for  them  as  for   foreign  were   easy  to  make  crimes  in Egypt  and  Libya.  No  doubt  same role  took Egyptians  in Tunisia  in January  2011 and later  in  Libya.





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