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27 March 2016, Syrian Armed Forces and their Allies retake Palmyra from Daesh: Summary and Synthesis of the Events

Syrian government forces have retaken the ancient city of Palmyra and its residential areas from Daesh (ISIS). The Syrian armed forces now aim to use the desert city as a ‘launchpad’ to expand operations against the terrorist group: Raqqa and Deir Ezzour will be the next targets to be freed from foreign mercenaries and terrorists.


Sam il ratto, cecchino mercenario libico, ha le ore contate, circondato dall’Esercito Arabo Siriano ad Aleppo ~ (Text+Video)

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* SAM IL RATTO, MERCENARIO CECCHINO LIBICO, HA LE ORE CONTATE, CIRCONDATO DALL’ESERCITO ARABO SIRIANO. LA SIRIA SARÀ LA SUA TOMBA. Dopo lunga ricerca di un gruppo armato nel quartiere “Assayed Ali” ad Aleppo, un’unità dell’esercito arabo siriano raggiunge il … Continue reading


Killed in Syria “Abo-Albara’a” one of the most dangerous Libyan terrorists ~ Ucciso in Siria “Abo-Albara’a”, uno dei più pericolosi terroristi libici ~ (ENG~ITA)

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* Killed in Syria “Abo-Albara’a”, a dangerous Libyan terrorist. Killed in Syria one of the most dangerous Libyan terrorists: Abo-Albara’a”, one of the most dangerous libyan terrorists mercenaries in action against Col. Gaddafi, was from the city of Sabratha. He … Continue reading