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Return of the Libyan Jamahiriya

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In this article you will find some of the reasons why Americans are again bombing Libya to the present day: Daesh (ISIS) is a USA creature, and as such is used to destabilize and then have the excuse to intervene in Syria as in Libya , as everywhere (SyrianPatriots)
In Sirte, demonstrators were fired at by ISIS fighters, who dispersed the group and took away seven people, including four women. The same Middle East Eye report made the following comment: “The protests have been a public representation of a badly kept secret in Libya, that the pro-Gaddafi movement which has existed since the 2011 revolution has grown in strength, born out of dissatisfaction with the way life has worked out for many ordinary citizens in the last four years…[Mohamed] added that some people who had originally supported the 2011 revolution had joined the protests. Most Libyans just want a quiet life. They don’t care who takes over or who controls Libya’s money, they just want a comfortable life. That’s why Gaddafi stayed in power for 42 years. Salaries were paid on time, we had good subsidies on all the essentials and living was cheap.”

Mohammed Eljarh, writing in the conservative US journal Foreign Policy, added that “These pro-Qaddafi protests have the potential to turn into a national movement against the 2011 revolution, not least because a growing number of Libyans are deeply disillusioned by its outcome…there is now a building consensus that the atrocities and abuses committed by post-Qaddafi groups since the revolution exceed by far those committed by the Qaddafi regime during its rule.”… Continue reading


Quo Vadis Libya?

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On the Heinous Deeds that US Interventionism Brought upon Libya and upon Libyan Women in Ousting and Murdering Khadafy

The late Col. Muammar Khadafy, hailed as the “Great Leader” by the Libyan people during his incumbency, was murdered by Chad, Somali and Sudanese mercenaries in collusion with NATO and US invading forces on October 19, 2011. Khadafy’s Libya, two years before he was ousted and assassinated was considered as one of Africa’s greatest nations.

By Prof. Henry Francis B. Espiritu (FB) Continue reading


Green Resistance & Black Libyans are freeing Jamahiriya from the neo-colonialist puppet government installed by the Zion-NATO forces ~ (Eng-Ita)

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~ The Secret War in Libya ~ By Eric Draitser  ~ Global Research  ~ The battles currently raging in the South of Libya are no mere tribal clashes.  Instead, they represent a possible burgeoning alliance between black Libyan ethnic groups … Continue reading


Happy Birthday Brother, Leader, Hero!

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* To wit, match Muammar Gaddafi’s record up against that of your favorite candidate: • Gadhafi nationalized his nation’s oil reserves and used the revenue to build schools, universities, hospitals, and infrastructure. • Money from Libya’s oil revenue is deposited … Continue reading


June 7, 2012 – Birthday of Muammar Al Gaddafi Around the World

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Facebook Page: June 7, 2012 – Birthday of Muammar Qaddafi * * Event devoted to Mu’ammar Gaddafi 70th anniversary celebration June 07, 2012 is the anniversary of Mu’ammar Gaddafi’s birthday. We offer to organize the Leader’s birthday celebration. Each participant … Continue reading


SHOCKING: interview with a man who has been tortured for months in Misurata’s jails (+3 Video)

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* Interview with a man who has been tortured for months in Misurata’s jails * TRANSCRIPTION OF THE INTERVIEW 1.This is a Pal-Talk conversation in which a Green ex prisoner in the Barbarian jails of Misurata rats is revealing of … Continue reading


Gaddafi VS Obama: Real Democracy VS Real Police State (Video)

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* This video shows how Muammar Gaddafi could freely move around Tripoli because he had enemies only OUTSIDE Libya (NATO-Al Qaeda terrorists and some rats-mercenaries) while scared terrorist and war criminal Obama is hated by his own citizens hence he … Continue reading


Direct Democracy: The Secret of the Effectiveness of Peoples` Resistance to Imperialism

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“Journey to the Libyan Jamahiriya“ (20-26 May 2000) by The Pacifists of Tunis * “Libya, which has been described as  “Gaddafi’s military dictatorship” is actually the largest democratic State in the world. In 1977 the JAMAHIRIYA was proclaimed by the … Continue reading


NTC-RATS DICTATORSHIP: Libyans will go to jail if suspected/accused of being Gaddafi’s supporters (+Video)

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* NTC DICTATORSHIP: New laws criminalise support for Gaddafi family The NTC has approved a law criminalizing any glorification of Muammar Qadaffi or any support for him or the ex-regime!! Also passed at the NCT’s meeting on Tuesday was a … Continue reading


EVERGREEN – Muammar Gaddafi, discorsi – Moammar Qadafi, speeches – (Video collection)

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* Shibbir Shibbir, Beit Beit, Dar Dar, Zenga Zenga, Fard Fard * * * * * * Muammar Gaddafi and the truth about the war in Libya * The terrible truth about Libya’s rebels * supported by LibyanFreePressNetwork at reading


Kadhafi Lives

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Kadhafi ‘lives on in our hearts’ Bani Walid residents * Reloaded by LibyanFreePress *    


“My life with Gaddafi family” – (Eng. and sub. in all languages)

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“My life with the Gaddafi family”: Testimony of Muammar Gaddafi’s personal cook Libyan revolutionary leader Muammar Qaddafi was voted Human Rights Hero 2011 by the world masses, primarily the populations in western countries, because any search of the web for … Continue reading


Libyan Kids Are Gaddafi’s Supporters – Quello che i bambini libici pensano di Gheddafi e dei ratti mercenari (Video)

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Questo spezzone ambientato in una delle scuole di Tripoli nel mese di Maggio è tratto dal documentario della Rai “La storia siamo noi”. Il 95% del popolo libico è con Muammar Gheddafi. Grandissime folle di persone sono presenti in una … Continue reading


Solidariedade à Jamahiriya‏ do Brasil

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Por Maria Queridos amigos, Durante a 3a. Conferência Nacional de Politicas para as mulheres realizada em Brasília, Brasil, de 12 a 15/12/2011, com a presença de 2.800 mulheres de todo o Brasil, organizamos um Mural com cartazes e fotos de … Continue reading


Honor to Gaddafi – Onore a Gaddafi (2 VIDEO)

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A poem for the loyalist to the Libyan leader and his family (Video)

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Un poème pour les loyalistes au guide Kadhafi et pour la famille Kadhafi Rabi Yarhmou A poem for the loyalist to the Libyan leader and his family Rabi Yarhmou Un poema per i lealisti al leader Gaddafi e per la … Continue reading


Farrakhan on The African Union & Gadhafi’s push for Independence (VIDEO)

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Minister Farrakhan discusses Col. Gadhafi’s push for Africa’s economic independence from Europe and America during a Oct. 25, 2011 WVON Interview with host Cliff Kelly. – Full video at – – ONE OF THE BEST FARRAKHAN SPEACH, THAT SAYS … Continue reading


Libyan War News: September 27, 2011 (Eng-Ita)

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BREAKING NEWS, 27 Sept, 2011, at 9:47 PM Sirte is controlling by Libyan Army and by Libyan moujaheedens with Libyan volunteers. Nato-mercenaries cant go in harbour of Sirte and on all places are under the moujaheedens snipers fire. NATO-mercenary army … Continue reading

Ejército de Libia en Trípoli (30 Aug 2011)

Impresionante el valor y heroísmo de estos soldados que se enfrentan a las bombas de la OTAN y los aviones Apache en Tripoli que apoyan a los rebeldes. Esta gente se merece un respeto y admiración.

Amigos de Libia – Aug 30, 2011


Ecco perchè vogliono uccidere Gheddafi (english-italiano)

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That’s why they want to kill Gaddafi ENGLISH-ITALIANO Gheddafi stava finanziando molti progetti per modernizzare l’Africa e renderla indipendente dalla tirannide imperialista e reazionaria d’occidente. Tutte le News le trovate qui: L’idelogia di Gheddafi: il libro verde … Continue reading


People of Tripoli defend their City against Nato-Rats Rebels

Thanks to the channel of Rayyisse, filmed on August 26, 2011,  Tripoli has still not fallen to NATO. A French reporter from France24 ( has spoken about the atrocities committed by the killers from Misrata ”cleansing” these pro-gaddafi or … Continue reading

Kadhfi force attacks Tripoli airport, rebels call for NATO help

Kadhfi force attacks Tripoli airport,

rebels call for NATO help

Herald Sun – August 26, 2011

Libyan rebels called in support from NATO jets to stop a counteroffensive by loyalist troops in Tripoli in the early hours of today.

Forces loyal to the elusive Muammar Gaddafi staged two counterattacks at around 2am local time near the Bab al Aziziya compound and the Rixos hotel in central Tripoli, seemingly in a bid to reposition snipers to stem the rebel advance, Sky News reported quoting a rebel source.

The rebels called for assistance from NATO, and the alliance “destroyed” one of the counterattacks, the rebel source said. But one of the counteroffensives was successful, slowing the rebel push on the remaining pockets of resistance. Rebels were preparing for a renewed push to clear the area.

The Rixos hotel was where foreign journalists were forced to stay during the uprising, and a group of several dozen reporters were held there by Gaddafi gunmen for several days earlier this week.

NATO yesterday denied coordinating with the rebels and targeting Gaddafi, after Britain said the alliance was helping to hunt him down.

The situation in Tripoli remained tense today. The water supply to the city was cut off, and food was running low. Residents were organising neighborhood watch efforts to root out snipers, and an increasing number of road blocks made travel around the city difficult.

The Transitional National Council (TNC) is now governing from the capital, having moved its headquarters there from the rebel stronghold of Benghazi in the east.

The whereabouts of Gaddafi was still unclear. Rebels said yesterday that they had surrounded Gaddafi in a residential area of Tripoli, but there was no sign of the despot, who later issued another defiant audio message.

Libyan rebels called in support from NATO jets to stop a counteroffensive by loyalist troops in Tripoli in the early hours of Friday, as the fight continued for full control of the city.

Rebels fighting in the east were still attempting to push on Sirte, but were struggling to overcome a fierce defense in Bin Jawad and As Sidr.

Tributo a un eroe. Gheddafi e il consenso popolare.

Saif al-Islam not arrested -Tripoli, 23-08-2011- سيف الإسلام

Saif al-Islam è libero

e Tripoli non è sotto il controllo Nato-Al Qaeda dei falsi ribelli di Bengasi

Tripoli rejects Gaddafi exit as pre-condition for ceasefire

Tripoli rejects Gaddafi exit as pre-condition for ceasefire

Libya to prosecute NATO in international courts

Libya to prosecute NATO in international courts

Rianovosti – Libya intends to prosecute NATO in international courts for the Western military alliance’s attempts to physically eliminate country’s leader Muammar Gaddafi and members of his family, the Libyan Justice Ministry said in a statement.

The statement comes after the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued on Monday an arrest warrant for Gaddafi, accusing him of torturing and killing opponents of his regime.

“The so-called International Criminal Court is only a cover for operations of NATO, which repeatedly tried to physically eliminate the leader of the Revolution [Gaddafi] and his family members,” the statement said.

The ministry added that such actions of NATO are “war crimes,” which must be prosecuted in international criminal courts.

The warrants issued by the Hague-based court on Monday also cover Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Sanussi.

A statement, read out by presiding judge Sanji Monageng, said the ICC had “reasonable grounds to believe” that the three men ordered murders and persecution of civilians.

Gaddafi, who as “the recognized and undisputed leader of Libya had absolute, ultimate and unquestioned control” over the state, designed a state policy “aimed at deterring and quelling, by any means, including by the use of lethal force, the demonstrations of civilians against the regime,” the Pre-Trial Chamber I said.

Saif al-Islam is “the most influential person” within Gaddafi’s inner circle, the warrant says, although he holds no official position.

Thousands of people have died in the five-months-old conflict, and more than 650,000 people have been displaced.

Related: A NATO-led operation to protect Libyan civilians entered its 100th day on Monday.

Amnesty International: nessuna prova degli stupri in Libia

Amnesty International:

nessuna prova degli stupri in Libia

L’organizzazione internazionale ha avviato un’inchiesta ma non ha trovato certezze né alcuna vittima. L’allarme era stata lanciato dai ribelli anti regime e rilanciato da Hillary Clinton

Il Giornale/Esteri – Nessuna prova delle violenze. E stavolta a dirlo è chi le violenze le denuncia quotidianamente, Amnesty International. È l’organizzazione impegnata nella difesa dei diritti umani e citata dall’Independent ad affermare che gli stupri di massa e gli abusi commessi dalle forze leali al Colonnello Gheddafi, utilizzati per giustificare l’attacco della Nato sul Paese, potrebbero non essere mai avvenuti. Amnesty ha avviato un’inchiesta e non è riuscita a trovare alcuna prova di queste violenze e abusi dei diritti umani. L’organizzazione per i diritti umani ha invece rilevato che in alcuni casi i ribelli di Bengasi avevano dichiarato il falso o manipolato prove.
Donatella Rovera, una funzionaria di Amnesty che è stata in Libia per tre mesi dopo l’inizio delle rivolte, ha dichiarato che non è stato possibile «trovare alcuna prova o una singola vittima di violenze sessuali, o un medico che ne fosse al corrente». Rovera ha sottolineato che ciò non dimostra che gli stupri non siano avvenuti, ma che non è stato possibile trovarne le prove. Anche Liesel Gerntholts, responsabile dei diritti femminili presso Human Rights Watch, un’altra organizzazione che ha condotto un’inchiesta sulle accuse di violenze sessuali, ha detto di «non essere stata in grado di trovare alcuna prova». Per quanto riguarda la storia secondo cui all’esercito di Gheddafi sarebbe stato distribuito il Viagra per incoraggiarli a violentare le donne, la funzionaria di Amnesty ha raccontato che la fonte erano i ribelli di Bengasi, che avevano mostrato ai giornalisti stranieri alcuni pacchetti di Viagra trovati su carri armati andati a fuoco, ma che i pacchetti stessi non mostravano bruciature.
Quanto emerge dall’inchiesta di Amnesty pare contraddire quanto sostenuto da Luis Moreno-Ocanmpo, procuratore capo del Tribunale Penale Internazionale, che due settimane fa in una conferenza stampa ha dichiarato che in Libia esisteva la strategia di «violentare chi è contro il governo». Le sue parole hanno trovato eco in quelle di Hillary Clinton, che la scorsa settimana ha parlato di «violenze sessuali, minacce fisiche, molestie» in Libia.

Tripoli bombardata, non cede

Tripoli bombardata, non cede

Thierry Meyssan Réseau Voltaire Tripoli (Libia) 27 giugno 2011

Un gruppo internazionale di ricercatori della Rete Voltaire è attualmente in Libia. Ha potuto visitare i luoghi dei bombardamenti. Con la fiducia delle autorità libiche, ha incontrato alcuni dei leader politici e della sicurezza, nonostante le condizioni di guerra. La loro conclusione è diametralmente opposta alle immagini trasmesse dalla stampa occidentale. Thierry Meyssan consegna le loro prime osservazioni.

Al centesimo giorno del bombardamento della Libia, la NATO ha annunciato il suo imminente successo. Tuttavia, gli obiettivi della guerra non sono chiaramente specificati, non è chiaro quale sarebbe il successo. Contemporaneamente, la Corte penale internazionale ha annunciato l’incriminazione del leader libico Muammar Gheddafi, del figlio Saif al-Islam e del capo dell’intelligence interna, Abdallah al-Sanoussi, per “crimini contro l’umanità“.
Se si fa riferimento alla risoluzione 1973 del Consiglio di Sicurezza, la Coalizione dei volenterosi dovrebbe stabilire una no-fly zone per evitare che le truppe del tiranno uccidano il suo stesso popolo. Tuttavia, le informazioni iniziali, in base alle quali l’aeronautica libica avrebbe bombardato le città libiche, che si erano sollevate contro il governo di Tripoli, non sono ancora state confermate, anche se sono ritenute attendibili dalla Corte penale internazionale. Tuttavia, le azioni della NATO hanno superato di gran lunga la creazione di una no-fly zone per trasformarsi in una sistematica distruzione delle forze armate nazionali, di aria, terra e mare.
Gli obiettivi della NATO sono probabilmente altri. I leader dell’Alleanza hanno citato più volte il rovesciamento del “regime” di Muammar Gheddafi, anche l’eliminazione fisica del “Fratello Leader“. I media occidentali si riferiscono a “defezioni in massa” dei quadri di Tripoli e al loro allineamento alla causa degli insorti a Bengasi, ma non possono fare nomi, ad eccezione di quelli dei politici da tempo noti per essere favorevole alla riconciliazione con Washington, come l’ex ministro degli esteri Moussa Koussa.
L’opinione pubblica internazionale è massicciamente male informata. Washington ha tagliato le trasmissioni televisive libica sul satellite Arabsat, di cui è ancora azionista la Jamahariya. Il Dipartimento di Stato non dovrebbe tardare a fare lo stesso con Nilesat.
In violazione dei suoi impegni internazionali, Washington ha rifiutato un visto per il nuovo rappresentante libico presso le Nazioni Unite. Non può venire nello Stato di New York a esporre il suo punto di vista, mentre il suo predecessore, unitosi al CNT, continua a occupare il suo posto.
Con la voce di Tripoli smorzata, è possibile diffondere qualsiasi menzogna, senza timore di smentita.
Non c’è da stupirsi visto che a Tripoli, dove è stato scritto questo articolo, i comunicati della NATO e le accuse della Corte penale internazionale sembrano irreali. L’ovest della Libia è pacifico. A volte, le sirene annunciano l’arrivo di bombardieri o missili. Seguiti subito dopo dalle esplosioni che essi provocano. Non c’è bisogno di correre ai ripari, da un lato perché il tempo è troppo breve e, secondo, perché ci sono quasi ripari.
I bombardamenti sono mirati con estrema precisione. Il munizionamento guidato colpisce gli edifici presi di mira, e in questi edifici, le parti puntate. Tuttavia, la NATO perde il controllo in volo di un un missili guidato su dieci. Questo cade alla cieca. In qualsiasi punto della città, causando morte a caso.
Se una parte degli obiettivi della NATO sono “militari“: basi e caserme; la maggior parte sono “strategiche“, vale a dire economiche. Per esempio, l’Alleanza ha bombardato la zecca della Libia, un’amministrazione civile incaricata di stampare i dinari. Oppure, i suoi commando hanno sabotato fabbriche che erano in competizione con quelle dei membri della Coalizione. Altri obiettivi sono definiti “psicologici“. Si tratta di colpire direttamente i leader politici e militari, massacrando le loro famiglie. I missili vengono poi puntato verso abitazioni private, e in particolare sulle camere da letto dei figli dei dirigenti.
L’atmosfera nella capitale e sulla costa è pesante. Ma la popolazione resta salda. I libici osservano che nessuno dei loro problemi interni giustifica il ricorso alla guerra. Indicano le rivendicazioni sociali e le questioni regionali, come esistono nei paesi europei, ma niente che dovrebbe portare a lacerare le famiglie come si sta facendo imponendo la spartizione del paese.
Di fronte alla NATO, decine di migliaia di cittadini ricchi hanno fatti le valigie e se ne sono andati a cercare rifugio nei paesi vicini, tra cui la Tunisia, lasciando ai poveri la cura per difendere il paese che li ha arricchiti. Molte aziende sono chiuse senza che nessuno sappia se si trovano ad affrontare problemi di approvvigionamento o se i loro proprietari sono fuggiti.
Come in Siria, la maggior parte degli oppositori politici fa blocco col governo per proteggere l’integrità del paese contro l’aggressione straniera. Tuttavia, alcuni libici, anonimi e invisibili, informare la NATO per individuare gli obiettivi. I loro genitori, un tempo ospitavano l’esercito coloniale italiano, ora gridano con i loro omologhi di Bengasi, “1, 2, 3, Sarkozy sta arrivando!“. Ogni nazione ha i suoi traditori e i suoi collaborazionisti.
Le atrocità commesse dai mercenari del principe Bandar in Cirenaica, hanno convinto molti esitanti. La TV mostra opere continuamente le azioni dei leader di al-Qaida in Libia, alcuni dei quali sono stati rilasciati direttamente da Guantanamo, per combattere a fianco degli Stati Uniti. Le insopportabili immagini di linciaggi e mutilazioni nelle città erette a emirati islamisti, come di moda in Afghanistan e in Iraq, da persone disumanizzate dalle torture subite ed eccitate da potenti droghe. Non è necessario essere un vecchio sostenitore della Rivoluzione di Gheddafi per supportarla oggi, di fronte agli orrori cui i jihadisti si dedicano nelle “zone liberate” dalla Alleanza [1].
Niente, da nessuna parte in Occidente suscita una rivolta o guerra civile. Nessuna barricata, né carri armati nelle strade. Su tutte le strade, le autorità hanno istituito posti di blocco ogni due chilometri. Gli automobilisti in paziente attesa saggiamente, loro stessi sono attenti a scoprire elementi infiltrati dalla NATO.
Il colonnello Gheddafi arma la popolazione. Quasi due milioni di fucili automatici sono stati consegnati ai civili. L’obiettivo è che ogni adulto, maschio o femmina, difenda la sua casa. I libici hanno imparato la lezione dell’Iraq. Saddam Hussein era seduto sull’autorità del Baath e dell’esercito, escludendo il suo popolo dalla vita politica. Quando il partito fu decapitato e qualche generale disertò, il governo crollò improvvisamente lasciando il paese senza resistenza e nel caos. La Libia è organizzata secondo un sistema unico di democrazia partecipativa, paragonabile alle assemblee del Vermont. La gente è abituata ad essere consultata e responsabile. Si è dunque mobilitata in massa.
Inaspettatamente, le donne sono più determinate degli uomini nel portare le armi. Ciò riflette l’incremento negli ultimi anni della partecipazione delle donne alle assemblee popolari. Ciò riflette forse, anche la disinvoltura che ha colpito i quadri di questo Stato socialista dallo standard di vita elevato.
Tutti sanno che tutto verrà deciso quando le truppe di terra della Nato sbarcheranno, se oseranno farlo. La strategia di difesa è interamente concepita per scoraggiare uno sbarco, mobilitando la popolazione. Qui i soldati francesi, inglesi e statunitensi non saranno accolti come liberatori, ma come invasori coloniali. Dovranno affrontare infiniti combattimenti urbani.
I libici s’interrogano sulle mosse esatte della NATO. Mi sorprende constatare che spesso leggendo gli articoli di Voltaire, tradotti e ripreso da molti siti web e alcuni giornali, che sono informati sui reali problemi. C’è qui, come dappertutto, una mancanza di informazioni sulle relazioni internazionali. La gente sa e s’inorgoglisce delle iniziative e dei risultati del governo per l’Unità africana o per lo sviluppo del Terzo Mondo, ma ignorano molti aspetti della politica internazionale e sottovalutano il potere distruttivo dell’impero. La guerra sembra ancora lontano, fino a quando il predatore si vi sceglie come preda.
Che cos’è questo successo che la NATO annuncia imminente? Per ora, il paese è diviso in due. La Cirenaica è stata proclamata repubblica indipendente, anche se si sta preparando a ristabilire la monarchia, ed è stata riconosciuto da diversi stati, a partire dalla Francia. Questa nuova entità è governata, di fatto, dalla NATO, ma ufficialmente da un misterioso Consiglio di Transizione Nazionale, non eletti, e i cui membri, se esistono, sono segreti per non essere chiamati a rispondere delle loro azioni. Una parte dei beni libici sono stati congelati ed ora sono gestiti, a loro massimo beneficio, dai governi occidentali. Parte della produzione di petrolio viene venduta a condizioni molto competitive alle società occidentali che ne fanno incetta. E’ forse questo il successo: il saccheggio coloniale.
Emettendo mandati di arresto internazionali contro Muammar Gheddafi, suo figlio e il capo dell’intelligence nazionale, la Corte penale internazionale sta cercando di mettere sotto pressione i diplomatici libici, per costringerli a dimettersi. Tutti sono a rischio, in caso di caduta della Libia, di essere perseguiti per “complicità in crimini contro l’umanità“. Quelli che si dimettono lasceranno un vuoto dietro di loro, senza alcuna possibilità di essere sostituiti. I mandati di arresto, quindi, emergono da una politica di isolamento del paese.
La Corte fa anche comunicazione di guerra. Ha definito Saif al-Islam “il primo ministro de facto“, cosa che certamente non è vera, ma dà l’impressione di un regime familistico. Vi si ritrova il principio d’inversione dei valori, tipico della propaganda statunitense. Mentre i ribelli di Bengasi brandiscono la bandiera della monarchia Senussi e il pretendente al trono si spazientisce a Londra, è la democrazia partecipativa che viene presentata come un regime dinastico.
Dopo i primi cento giorni di guerra, la stampa della NATO a malapena nasconde la delusione. I libici non sono insorti contro il “regime“, tranne in Cirenaica. Nessuna soluzione militare è in vista. L’unica via per l’Alleanza atlantica di uscire a testa alta a buon mercato, è quella di dividere semplicemente il paese. Bengasi diventerebbe l’equivalente di Camp Bondsteel, la mega base militare statunitense in Europa, avendo acquisito lo status di stato indipendente come Kosovo. La Cirenaica sarà la base che mancava ad AFRICOM per controllare il continente.

[1] Suppongo che queste osservazioni possano sorprendere il lettore. Réseau Voltaire tornerà in dettaglio nei prossimi articoli.

Traduzione di Alessandro Lattanzio

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Libyan majority in support of Gaddafi

The mass pro-Gaddafi street demonstration of one million Libyans held in the capital Tripoli has gone unreported by Western media as has news of civilians killed for the past three months.

Press TV talks with Lizzie Phelan, journalist and political activist in London who has been to Libya and says that Western media is complicit in war crimes in the North African country through omission of fact and that the vast majority of the population are in support of the Libyan government. Following is a transcript of the interview.

Press TV: NATO have issued an apology for a strike so about this publicized NATO strike that has killed civilians, they have blamed ‘technical error’. The conclusion we can draw from that is if that happens it may happen again, which relates to the risk of more civilian casualties. Concerning this air campaign – Do you think it has actually gone too far when it is not saving lives?

Phelan: Yet again we are seeing what the US and Europe shamefully call collateral damage in the form of human lives like we have seen previously in Iraq and Afghanistan and in many other parts of the world.

This apology by NATO is an absolute joke. It’s the first apology we’ve had from them in the three months despite the fact that civilians have been dying at the hands of NATO air strikes everyday in the past three months there have been thousands of strikes on the country so they made the apology yesterday on Sunday. But again at 2am in the morning there was another attack on the city of Sorman, 130km west of Tripoli where a further fifteen civilians were killed and a further three children were killed.

In previous weeks we have seen the bombing of al-Nasr university in Tripoli in the daytime where civilians were killed and so these are the military targets that we’re seeing them bomb – we’re seeing them bomb universities; we’re seeing them bomb Friday market street in Tripoli where there is no military site in the area. Friday market street – I’ve been there – it begins with a GPO post office and ends with a primary school and they bombed four buildings and killed nine civilians including a toddler of four months old.

So, we are seeing what ‘humanitarian intervention’ and the ‘protection of civilians’ al-a-NATO means – it means the killing of children as we are seeing.

The real crime here is the crime of the media. Where has the media been? The media has picked up on this now because NATO has made their apology, but we’ve been seeing civilians dying every day for the past three months; we have a swarm of western journalists based in Tripoli…

Press TV: The NATO apology concerns it’s responsibility for the deaths of 9 civilians and 18 injured in an early morning strike at an apartment building. In terms of what NATO is exercising it does put into question the goals of what NATO has on the ground… and this comes when there are CIA officers and covert operators as has been reported that are on the ground in touch with the revolutionaries.

Phelan: I wouldn’t call anybody who is inviting NATO or the CIA or intelligence services into their country revolutionaries, they are in fact counter-revolutionaries.

The purpose is clear and that is to curb the Arab spring, but it goes back further than that since the revolution (military coup) of 1969-70, when Gaddafi kicked out the British and the Americans and closed their military bases and nationalized the oil. The West has had an agenda since then to get back into Libya and take complete control of the oil resources. Yes they’ve had a period of reproachment with Libya whereby they have been able to make some good deals with Libya, but they haven’t had any where near the kind of control that they would like to have – like they have in Saudi Arabia or Qatar or the other Gulf states where these are effectively client regimes.

So the agenda is clear to completely violate international law and assassinate Gaddafi against the will of the Libyan people without actually every asking them what the Libyan people want.

Press TV: Since you have visited Libya, what is the support that Muammar Gaddafi has and what is going on in terms of the tribal allegiance that exists there? Because as we understand there has been a split along traditional tribal lines – animosity has existed; and also based on some research done this has indeed been funded by the West.

Phelan: Exactly. Just on Friday there was a complete blackout in the media except for one CNN report about a march of one million Libyans in a country of six million people in Tripoli towards Green Square in support of the government and also in support of the people of Benghazi and Misrata who are being harassed and persecuted by what I call counter-revolutionaries, which is what others call rebels – in particular black Libyans who because of the really shameful story that al-Jazeera has pumped out about Gaddafi hiring African mercenaries, black Libyans in places like Misrata and Benghazi – I’ve met refugees from these areas who are victims of these atrocities – black Libyans being lynched publicly and the most unspeakable atrocities are being committed against them by pro-NATO counter revolutionaries.

In terms of the tribes in Libya – from my sources I have information that 90% of the tribes in Libya are supportive of the government including the largest tribe in Libya.

Of course, before the uprising there were frustrations In Libya as there are within every singly country, but the Libyan people are an extremely non-confrontational people that will go to the ends of the earth to resolve in a non-confrontational way.

And that is also reflected in the government in the way in which the government has tried over the decades and bent backwards to accommodate opposition forces within the government, which in a sense has backfired as we saw from the people who defected from the government and who sold out because they were in the pockets of the CIA andMI6 and the other Western intelligence services.

So, from my experience in Libya the support for the government is absolutely widespread. There was a Guardian journalist in Libya who thankfully was deported from Libya for reporting that the reason why there is no opposition in Tripoli is because there are informers everywhere. A million people marched through the streets of Tripoli so the people have spoken for themselves.

Press TV: When will a political solution be discussed? Is NATO going to be ready to face the fact that there has to be a political solution in Libya? Many officials in the US have talked about having a political solution in Afghanistan and have conceded that for any war this is the best way forward…So why is this (military bombing) continuing in Libya?

Phelan: I have no faith in NATO to ever have the humility to suggest that what is needed and what was needed from the outset is a political solution.

It’s clear that NATO have no way at the moment to get out. They have gone into this war and they can’t lose face now.

I want to quickly mention something that has not been or rarely gets mentioned and that is the sanctions imposed on Libya have led now to a crisis in the country whereby people have to queue for six days for food and fuel and we’ve seen the impact from that in Iraq; sanctions are one of the greatest killers, sometimes more so than outright military war; it killed millions of people in Iraq.

…Coming back to your question, I would say that the UN has been acting as an extension of NATO and has done so in Libya.

Press TV: I have said that NATO is the armed wing of the UN in which the UN is used and then of course NATO comes in and of course we see how that gets exercised when it comes to various countries.

Phelan: I would say it the other way round that the UN is essentially a wing of NATO in the sense that it gives legitimacy to what NATO’s agenda is. And I have no faith in either of these institutions to deliver any kind of political solution in the country. The UN has proved itself a failure since the war on terror began and even before then…


Libya, NATO and terrorism: Shocking images of “rebel” atrocities

Libya, NATO and terrorism: Shocking images of “rebel” atrocities

2011/06/20 –  Mathaba

Warning: Includes some videos which the bought media has tried to suppress

NATO has painted itself into a corner in Libya. Its daily acts of terrorism against Libyan civilians, its acts of murder against Libyan children and its flagrant breach of international law make Obomber, Cameron and Sarkozy war criminals. Why are they not sitting alongside General Mladic in The Hague?

There exists something called international law and like it or not – and we have all seen how the USA and UK, principally, flout it at every turn (Iraq, Serbia) – even the countries belonging to NATO, the most hated organisation on the planet, imposed upon the citizens without any iota of constitutional validity, are bound to follow its precepts.

The precepts of international law are as perfectly simple to follow as they are clear to read. The band of murderous countries currently conducting the illegal act of butchery in Libya are signatories to the United Nations Charter and this is crystalline in the terms and conditions involving an armed insurrection inside a sovereign state. Third parties are not allowed to take sides. Only those with criminal intentions would bend and flout international law in siding with terrorists – and why has there been no similar action against other countries fighting extremists?

The Libyan Revolution is staged, aided, financed and abetted from abroad and this is patently obvious in the way it began – not inside the capital, Tripoli, but in the endemically separatist Benghazi, among a band of heavily armed Islamist fanatics whose militancy and racism have long been apparent and also along the already secured western frontier. Enter some SEALS into Misrata and we have a made-in-the-USA Revolution with its backers Washington’s poodle and former colonial master, Britain and Sarko “I want your oil” the Psycho.

NATO has sided with these criminals, murderers and thieves – rascals from the dregs of Libyan society, who themselves fought against NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq. What are that prissy snob Cameron, the bald-headed wonder William “Hey! I ain’t gay!” Hague, that monumentally disappointing and treacherous Obomber, that lying Hillary War Zone Clinton female and that revolting little Napoleon, Sarko the Psycho doing cavorting with terrorists?

Having taken sides, NATO has broken the law. Moreover, the remit under UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) is for the policing of a no-fly zone. Whoever gave the order to murder Colonel Gaddafi’s grandchildren was policing what no-fly zone exactly? Furthermore, why has the act of war not received the go-ahead from the UN Military Commission and if it is not an act of war, then what is the legality of strikes on civilian targets?

Libya, NATO and terrorism: Shocking images of Somewhere along the line there is a criminal case against the above-mentioned Obama, Clinton, Hague, Cameron and Sarkozy. If The Hague does not recognise this case, then it is acting in breach of international law, is partial and therefore has no right whatsoever to judge General Ratko Mladic. Either there is one set of weights and measures which apply to all or else the notion that international law exists is nonsensical, and ipso facto, The Hague has no legitimacy whatsoever.

Now we turn to the shocking atrocities committed by the Libyan terrorists. Following are some videos which the bought media has tried to suppress. I would urge Messrs. Hague, Cameron and Sarkozy to look at them (I shall not bother with Obomber and Clinton, they’d probably just laugh). In these videos, you can see some horrifically shocking images of children slaughtered and hacked to pieces by the Libyan “rebels” (sorry, “unarmed civilians”).

NATO terrorists and wild beasts doing this.!!! GOD is watching!!!

Viewer discretion is recommended.

A complete family been raped by the Rebels

Here is a video of the butchery and rape of little girls. Viewer discretion recommended.

How do the citizens of the UK, France and the USA feel about their governments siding with these monsters, lying about Gaddafi’s forces attacking unarmed civilians when all they were doing was fighting Islamist terrorists? How do the citizens of these countries feel about the millions upon millions of their taxpayers’ hard-earned wages being squandered on this monumental miscalculation, at best, and criminal act of collusion, at worst?

How many times have Sarkozy, Obomber and Cameron said there is no funding for hospitals, schools and social services, when all the time they know that the cost of a military aircraft is 50,000 USD per hour, per aircraft. Sorry, Mr. Smith we cannot afford your cancer treatment, I am afraid you will have to die.Libya, NATO and terrorism: Shocking images of

And the people of the United States of America, Britain and France just sit back and do nothing? Kind of makes them guilty by association does it not?

And just before we finish, proof that Cameron, Hague, Obomber, Clinton and Sarkozy are incompetent to be in their jobs: the whole footage which sparked off their reaction was based on a false flag event: it was not the Libyan Government forces firing on civilians.


I rest my case.

What would Obomber, Camoron or that disgusting little Napoleon do if a band of Islamist fanatics ran amok in their countries? OK we know the answer. They’d collude with them. Muammar al-Qathafi however is more of a man. He fights. He was after all the first international leader to issue an arrest warrant against bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. The USA was then his ally. Time for an ethical foreign policy and doing the decent thing. NATO, stop! NOW!

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


Million man, woman, kids in Tripoli

Million Man, Woman and Child March in Tripoli, Libya

June 20, 2011 –

Even CNN was unable to ignore the million man, woman and child march that took place after months of ongoing marches and celebrations in support of Muammar Qaddafi and protests against NATO white colonialist aggression against the sovereign African nation of Libya

The Libyan people have been demonstrating and showing their adherence to their historic hero, Colonel Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi, who seized power from a corrupt ignominious king in 1969 and handed to to the masses on 2nd March 1977 when the world’s first self-governing masses society came into existence, thanks to direct participatory democracy by way of people’s conferences and people’s committees.

Since then, Mu’ammar has dedicated his life to the people of Africa and the world, speaking truth to power,putting forward solutions to the problems facing humanity, and left The Green Book as his legacy to all future generations.

Since his address to the United Nations General Assembly in September 2009, in which he called for reform of the organization, he has been targeted for elimination by those who control the UN Security Council.