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Syria: NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign – La NATO sta preparando una grande opera di disinformazione (ENG-ITA +Video)

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This video (with English and Italian subtitles) shows 2 services from the Syrian TV talking about this topic. In the description you can find additional links to SANA, and the following article in other languages (French, Spanish and German). * … Continue reading


Direct Democracy: The Secret of the Effectiveness of Peoples` Resistance to Imperialism

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“Journey to the Libyan Jamahiriya“ (20-26 May 2000) by The Pacifists of Tunis * “Libya, which has been described as  “Gaddafi’s military dictatorship” is actually the largest democratic State in the world. In 1977 the JAMAHIRIYA was proclaimed by the … Continue reading


Amnesty International disinformation: “The Gaddafi Mercenaries and the Division of Africa” (Video)

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The Gaddafi Mercenaries and the Division of Africa How Amnesty International spread rumors and fuelled media disinformation during NATO attacks on Libya in 2011. For more information visit: A production by Julien Teil Written by Julien Teil and Mahdi … Continue reading


2011 YEAR of the DUPE: One Year into the Engineered “Arab Spring,” One Step Closer to Global Hegemony

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Timeline and History dupe (dp, dyp) n. 1. An easily deceived person. 2. A person who functions as the tool of another person or power. tr.v. duped, dup·ing, dupes To deceive (an unwary person). December 24, 2011 – In January … Continue reading


The EVIL…Muammar Gaddafi DEAD?? don’t believe everything you hear (Video)

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Video by a young American, the world has awakened, millions of people are no longer fooled. Uploaded by daryllawsonCA on Oct 20, 2011 Stop dinking the ‘WHORE’ media kool aid. Muammar Gaddafi has been painted by the corrupt corporations of … Continue reading


Fake Statements – False Dichiarazioni – (Eng-Ita-Fra) – VERY IMPORTANT

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“Aisha Qaddafi: Target For Arrest or Assassination?” Statements in media attributed to Aisha al-Qaddafi are part of a Nato-Zionist plot to have her expelled from Algeria, captured, or assassinated. After declaring the “success” of the US-European NATO military operation, giving … Continue reading


L’arte della manipolazione mediatica

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di Ryuzakero – 2 dicembre 2011 Ecco qualche esempio…. 1) Il video mandato in onda da Al Jazeera per mostrare che Muammar Gheddafi sparava alle folle (in realtà si vedrà come erano i ratti a cecchinare i manifestanti pro-Kaddafi). Il video … Continue reading


Smoking Gun: Gaddafi Was To Receive U.N. Human Rights Award

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Before NATO and the U.S. started bombing Libya, the United Nations was preparing to bestow an award on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and the Libyan Jamahiriya, for its achievements in the area of human rights. That’s right–the same man, Colonel Muammar … Continue reading


Gaddafi stava per ricevere un riconoscimento ONU per i Diritti Umani

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Le bugie delle Nazioni Unite sulla Libia  Per dare ancora più forza al recente post, si prega di leggere la seguente relazione del 4 gennaio 2011 della 16a Sessione della Assemblea Generale delle Nazioni Unite del Consiglio per i diritti … Continue reading


The lynching in Libya

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British writer and political thinker George Orwell died at 46. In the short span of his writing life, he left behind lucid pieces of prose in which he articulated his brilliant political thought. Had he lived longer, the world would … Continue reading


L’onirismo mediatico di Rainews24: i “fatti” tra sogno e realtà

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di Enrico Galoppini – Europeanphoenix – 3/11/2011 – Se uno vuole continuare a sognare dopo essersi svegliato la mattina non ha che da fare una cosa: accendere il televisore e sintonizzarlo su Rainews24. Questa mattina (3 novembre 2011), nei pochi … Continue reading


Al Jazeera’s victory claim on Bani Walid is a complete fake

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Al Jazeera’s victory claim on Bani Walid is a complete fake 17 Oktober 2011 Al Jazeera’s liar in chief Tony Birtley just appeared in front of a screne set of about 20 NTC actors and claimed that he is in … Continue reading


Terrorismo Nato, bombe, media e sms

Come se non bastasse l’infanticio a base di uranio impoverito ed iprite i terroristi della Nato continuano anche la guerra delle telecomunicazioni, non soltanto con la propaganda televisiva, ma anche con il bombardamento di SMS fasulli in modo che i … Continue reading


Propaganda North Atlantic Terrorist Organization: una discarica d’avanzi di macelleria diventa “fossa comune”

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Da Marinella Correggia riceviamo e pubblichiamo questa ben fatta esposizione di come la propaganda Nato spacci, attraverso i suoi canali mediatici, controllati dalla Cia (vedi Aljazeera),  bufale per verità. Silenzio assoluto sui crimini commessi dai falsi “ribelli” (veri mercenari Nato) … Continue reading


Rebels Create Humanitarian Disaster, Then Blame it on Qaddafi

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Libya: Rebels Create Humanitarian Disaster, Then Blame it on Qaddafi   Corporate media complicit in covering for rebel war crimes. by Tony Cartalucci –  Land Destroyer Report Despite desperate attempts by Wall Street and London to proclaim their intervention in … Continue reading


Fake News and Real News: AlJazeera Propaganda and Fierce Resistance

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The White House’s rule over international news 26/sept/11 – Heavy gunfire and explosions have been heard in the small town of Ragdaline according to new reports, fighting continues and witnesses suggests that oil refineries have been blown up by the … Continue reading


I fatti sul terreno: la realtà e le bufale

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I fatti sul terreno sono che la NATO e il CNT hanno il controllo di non più del 15% della Libia, e che non più del 5% approva il CNT e l’aggressione della NATO. Con questo risultato di una campagna … Continue reading

AlJazeera, informazione per disinformare

AlJazeera, Cia false flags agency

Ecco le ultime news di AlJazeera per supportare la disinformazione, spacciando operazioni di intelligence dei servizi americani come  attendibili, mentre sappiamo bene che nello stesso momento in cui gli euro-yankees stringevano le mani di Muammar al Gaddafi preparavano e armavano i rats contro di lui.

Falsificación Mediática

Toma de Trípoli, una falsificación mediática

Las imágenes de los rebeldes libios que supuestamente tomaron la capital del país han recorrido todo el mundo.

Sin embargo, posteriormente han surgido dudas al respecto, ya que varios periodistas comenzaron a asegurar que se trata de grabaciones falsas.

Leer mas:
RT en vivo:

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim e la perfidia della CNN


Lies of Tripoli

News media outlets across the globe simply echoed as usual the reports from the news agencies which are aligned to an anti-Gaddafi cause in the service of rulers who wish to keep their populations ignorant of the alternatives, and have painted a pretty picture of a war waged almost to the end since rebels reportedly surged into Tripoli over the weekend.

However, they had to do this largely by faking reports, and entire news broadcasts from Qatar’s Jazeera, by colouring in green flags with the rebel monarchist flag, an easy feet with photo editing tools, and even the faking of entire scenes at Green Square shot at a large replica of central Tripoli in Qatar. For those who are sceptical, it was not a difficult feat to show some faults on the replica, which missed some of the details of the buildings at Green Square. Now, many of those false reports and also very real ones coming from the ICC about Sayf Al Islams “arrest”, have now been deleted from and other sites, as the media in Russia too has come under pressure from its pro-bankster President.

Journalists and leaders alike are reporting that the end for Colonel Gaddafi’s regime is near, the rebels are taking control and the tyranny of the decades-long dictator is as good as gone.

But really now — what’s actually happening?

No matter what the mainstream media feeds as facts in an attempt to show a war that’s not a waste of resources, men and money, the reality of it is that the battle that is being waged against Gaddafi does not appear to be as far from over as most are led to believe. One would think so, however, due to misinformation represented with no regard for the truth and a public that deserves to hear it. However, wars are waged for bankers and their stooges in the conglomerates, the “money men” and their faithful servants and gate-keeper politicians. The public are to be kept ignorant, used as cannon fodder for the elite’s wars, and consumers of their worthless products, MacDonalds, gasoline, bottled water passing off as pure, tell-lie-vision commercials and game shows, and so on.

Monday afternoon in America, US President Barack Obama spoke to the country about the Libyan civil war. “This much is clear,” declared the president. “The Gaddafi regime is coming to an end, and the future of Libya is in the hands of its people.”

“For over four decades, the Libyan people had lived under the rule of a tyrant who denied them their most basic human rights,” added Obama. “Now, the celebrations that we’ve seen in the streets of Libya shows that the pursuit of human dignity is far stronger than any dictator.” (Obama forgot to add : Dictator who provided best standards to the country, jobs, wealth, easy life, no poverty, free health care, free education, free housing, plentiful food, clean water and list goes on and on. But yes probably the best “Dictator” that ever lived)

And while Obama did not say that the war is in fact at an end, he did say one thing for certain: “it’s clear that Gaddafi’s rule is over.”

This is the age we are currently living in, where war is peace, ignorance is strength and slavery is freedom.

Not only does Libya have the purest form of participatory democracy having moved from a dictatorship of a king in 1969, by passing the sham of political parties and moving to direct democracy in 1977, with Gaddafi resigning from all political power in 1979, but it also legislated the most advanced human rights in the world, directly from the people in their basic popular congresses, in 1988.

All this came about in no small thanks to the retirement of Gaddafi from political power, so that he could write The Green Book to show the world how it is done. As a movement was needed to discuss, adopt, and propagate the truths of the Third Universal Theory, he founded and led a green committees movement, which continues to spread around the world.

Obama’s speech came within hours of announcement that the second son of Colonel Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, had been detained by authorities. The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a warrant for his arrest, which was then allegedly carried out by the Libyan National Liberation Army and announced by the National Transitional Council. Coupled with Obama’s assurance that the enemy’s empire was crumbling, the capture of the colonel’s son and main heir apparent would appear to be only a catalyst for the coup, signalling an end all too certain, along with SMS text messages sent to all Libyan mobile phones.

Hours after his supposed arrest, however, the younger Gaddafi rolled up to Tripoli’s Rixos hotel in a white armored limousine. The BBC described him as “pumped full of adrenaline”and “brimming with confidence.” He wore an army-green t-shirt as he flashed the V-for-Victory sign from both hands, entertaining reporters and supporters alike. I’m here to refute all the rumors and reports,” he told journalists, and then announced that they would “hit the hottest spots in Tripoli.”

The National Transitional Council had issued a report earlier that the colonel’s son was captured, being held in a safe location.” They even claimed that his brother Khamis was killed yet again, for more than the 9th time, and that Saadi and Mohammed were under arrest. It appears that Mohammad played a trick on Jazeera by calling them up saying he had given himself up, though that needs verification as I missed it. Needless to say, the entire lack of resistance to the advancing rebels on Tripoli and allowing them to go on a rampage for a few hours, resulting in the deaths of over a thousand according to hospital figures, with 5,000 more injured, was a trap so that they could then be surrounded and defeated. Libyans had grown tired of the cowards hiding out in the desert.

Further, allowing the rebels into Tripoli and also elite western troops from Britain, Germany, France and even the USA, along with Qatari mercenaries, provided the opportunity to finally confront and defeat them but at the same time expose the fact that there are immense violations of Africa’s sovereignty going on and a massive snub to the African Union which is the voice of all African states and has long had a working road map for Libya that had been accepted by all parties except the NATO rebels, and of course, NATO.

Saif’s response to questions about NATO rebels? Damn them.

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi says it is an “electronic and media war in order to spread chaos and fear in Libya.” Are the rebellions really as raw as they are made out to be? “They are acting more as desperate militia. It is a de facto government but they haven’t grasped this yet,” Fawas Gerges, a professor of Middle Eastern politics at the London School of Economics, tells The Guardian.

Obama says the colonel is on the verge of collapse, but his own son tells reporters that “of course” he’s safe. The media makes it as if the rebel resurgence is ravaging his regime, but other reports suggest the opposite is true .

The mainstream media thinks otherwise. But what about those actually on the ground? Pepe Escobar, correspondent for Asia Times, tells RT that journalists from CNN and BBC “reporting” from Tripoli are “pathetic.” The story that they give to their audience is delivered from hotel rooms where they are held up, donned in bulletproof vests. The independent journalists actually on the scene, he says, are risking their lives to get the story straight, but few are willing to find an outlet for them to tell the truth.

Perhaps the biggest example of misinformation made available to the public was a release from Al-Jazeera TV on Monday. According to a news bulletin, a NATO war-plane shot down a scud missile fired from Muammar Gaddafi’s home city outside of Tripoli. The release is great for those wanting to hear that NATO and American allies are in control and on the side of the rebels, but for those wanting the truth, they are sadly in the dark yet again. Why?

Planes can’t shoot down scud missiles.

By Tuesday morning, news sources show Gaddafi’s compound billowing with black smoke, fires raging and rebels rejoicing in tears. They say the war is almost over and the end is near, and hey, they have the footage of a mansion on fire to prove it. But where is Gaddafi? Where is his imprisoned son today? What is NATO actually doing and will they lie about it before the sun sets tonight in Tripoli? And what about all the previously doctored images and videos, so many of which have been exposed on Mathaba that we are now tired of it?

From now on, we believe enough people know the truth, and know that we tell the truth. We will just report, and ask more of you readers to do your investigations and join the collective effort. Help out the sub editors at and contribute funds so that our over loaded editors can do more and keep all systems running:

While time may tell what’s to become of the people of Libya, one thing is absolutely sure: this war will never end, until NATO gives up., and another surety is that the ideas of the leader and his movement contained at will spread far and wide.

Surely the so-called MSM media can’t be relied on for the facts, but with the future of the world and the lives of millions at stake, people will know the truth about Libya and share it, and more and more will study the educational sections of sites such as to know what is really behind events in the world, and will adopt the Green Charter as their platform.

And finally a question to all the parents in America. When your children are called to their “call of duty” to go and die for the banking elite, ask yourselves this: Are you sending your children to defend your country or to invade another simply to grab resources that won’t reach you but once again only the bankers who control your government?



Order: Kill non-mainstream reporters in Libya, What U.S. is hiding

“Google Maps” is an Al Qaeda terrorists supporter???

 by Quoriana – 22/08/2011 – Mathaba Publication Bridge

Google honoured a terrorist request and made it visible to the entire world

Tripoli’s Green Square would now be called Martyr’s Square?!?

Over the past months the armed NATO-led terrorist movement in Libya has been illegally legitimized by terrorist supporting countries, and now also by Google Maps.

On August 21, less than an hour after Western media declared the Libyan rebels had “taken Tripoli” and for some reason jumped into the conclusion the Libyan Government has “fallen”, the rebels found it useful to declare that Tripoli’s Green Square would now be called Martyr’s Square.

With that they downgraded the square back to what it was named before Gaddafi freed Libya from poverty and foreign rabble.

Almost immediately afterwards Google’s map of Tripoli adopted the rebels’ new name for the square. The change was made by a Google user and approved by Google, which therewith recognizes they fully support terrorists, warmongers, colonizers, imperialists and all kinds of other criminals.

Saif al-Islam not arrested -Tripoli, 23-08-2011- سيف الإسلام

Saif al-Islam è libero

e Tripoli non è sotto il controllo Nato-Al Qaeda dei falsi ribelli di Bengasi

Tripoli, August 22, 2011: Nato “rebels” are in a hurry

Tripoli, 22 agosto 2011: i “ribelli” Nato hanno fretta, prima che scada il mandato.
Notizie contrastanti sulla presenza di “ribelli” armati nella capitale libica.
Interviste a diversi giornalisti e analisti, tra cui Lizzie Phelan, Dr. Franklin Lamb e Mahdi Nazemroaya chiusi in un hotel di Tripoli.


Conflicting reports on the presence of “insurgents” armed to the Libyan capital.
Interviews with several journalists and analysts, including Lizzie Phelan, Dr. Franklin Lamb and Mahdi Nazemroaya closed in a hotel in Tripoli.

Psychological Warfare

Pallottole su Tripoli: i media alimentano la paura mentre la nato aggredisce la libia

Bullets Over Tripoli: “Media feeds fear as NATO fights war on Libya”

Reports of tracer bullets and explosions over the Libyan capital have caused many to believe it’s the beginning of the end for Colonel Gaddafi’s stronghold.


Political analyst Mahdi Nazemroaya who’s also in Tripoli, says some sporadic attacks may actually be happening, but in his opinion they are part of psychological warfare.

Rebels enter Tripoli as Gaddafi urges Libyans to take up arms

Libya Lies: ‘False claims of Gaddafi crimes make war worse’

‘Rebel snipers in Tripoli part of NATO plan to spark mass panic’

Medios en Guerra contra Gadafi

Where Have Libya’s Children Gone?

Dispatch From Tripoli

Where Have Libya’s Children Gone?

By Franklin Lamb – August 8, 2011 – Counterpunch

Tripoli, Libya – The quality of life continues to degrade in certain areas of western Libya while public anxiety noticeably rises over missing Libyan children as the first week of an unusually stressful Ramadan passes.

The shortage of gasoline has become acute and despite government efforts to curtail price gouging, one taxi driver told this observer yesterday that while the usual price of ‘benzene’ was five liters (one gallon) for $.40 (forty US cents) he is now having to pay as much as ” 4 dinars for one liter of petrol!” That is roughly the equivalent of 13 US dollars for a gallon of gasoline, a huge price surge in a country long accustomed to cheap, heavily subsidized fuel. “Informal economy” (black market) fuel arrives in car trunks from the Tunisian border and its increasingly common to see fellows with a make shift funnel trying to get more benzene into their vehicle tanks than they splash and spill on neighborhood streets.

Walking around the “medina” off Omar Muktar Street near my hotel yesterday afternoon, the angst over deteriorating conditions is apparent. Shops, like homes, are now subject to rolling blackouts and quickly become hot and stuffy, discouraging would be customers from entering. Some food stores have to discard milk and other perishable items given the up to 11 hour power cuts that send temperatures above 100F. One gentleman on Rashid Street in downtown Tripoli said his family had not had power for five days and the pump that supplies water to his apartment building stopped working so they lack two essential utilities.

NATO’s arguable act of piracy earlier this week in commandeering the fuel tanker ship Cartagena off the coast of Malta that was bringing gasoline to Tripoli and sending it instead to rebel militia based close to Benghazi is yet again explained from NATO HQ as necessary for “protecting the civilian population of Libya.”

According to Libya’s Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim, “The age of piracy is coming back to the Mediterranean because of NATO.”

Some frustrated shop keepers just shutter their shops and seek relief at the beach or take a nap waiting for sundown and their Ramadan Iftar (feast) to begin. But lack of electricity even affects its preparation. ( note: 15 minutes ago NATO bombed the public beach near my hotel as three other bombs landed nearby—targets unknown)

Every time a bomb blast is heard, a chorus of passersby and kids invariably point toward the bomb site and watch the rising white or black smoke (the color depending on the type of bomb or missile) and some shout, “F— NATO! F—Obama!” Etc.

If a foreigner is confronted by angry citizens who may blame Americans for NATO’s bombing, a sure fire way to quickly reduce crowd tension is for the foreigner to make the peace sign and make a fist with his other hand and chant a few times: “Allah! Mohammad! Muammar! Libye! Abass!” (God!, Mohammad!, Qadaffi!, Libya!, that’s all we need!”) The locals appreciate the sentiment and pre-teens often join the popular chant and dance.

As of the morning of 8/7/11 NATO statistics show that since 3/31/11, NATO forces have launched 18,270 sorties, mainly against Western Libya, including 6,932 bomb/missile strike sorties. Last night (8/6/11) there were 115 sorties including 45 bombings of which 12 were in central Tripoli starting a 10 p.m.

To their great credit, some Congressional staffers on the US Senate Armed Services Committee who liaise with the Pentagon, have acted on constituent complaints and have criticized NATO’s incomplete description of its bombing of Libyan civilians.

For example earlier this week NATO reported its bombing of the village on Zlitan, about 160 miles east of Tripoli in the Western Mountains as follows: “In the vicinity of Zlitan:1 Ammunition Storage Facility, 1 Military Facility, 2 Multiple Rocket Launchers.”

However, still absent from this particular NATO report on its website is the fact that its bombing attack killed the wife and two children of Mustafa Naji, a local Zlitan physics teacher. Mustafa’s wife Ibtisam, and their two children, Mohammad 5 and Muttasim, were pulverized. Once again, NATO said it could not confirm the “accidental killings” but would investigate.

Where are the children?

Also of growing public and government concern in Western Libya is the whereabouts of 53 female and 52 male children aged one to 12 years and another group ranging from 12 to 18 years, both part of a government-run home for orphans and abused children that until February was operating in Misrata, now under rebel control. According to several reports over the past three months and testimony presented last Thursday evening to the international media gathered at the Tripoli Rexis Hotel, by the General Union for Civil Society Organizations:

The 105 children, part of more than 1000 missing, were “kidnapped” by rebel forces as they entered Misrata and went on a killing spree, some of which has been documented by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International among other groups. There is no question that the children are no longer in their sheltered facility. But from there what became of them remains a mystery.

The Libyan government claims the youngsters were kidnapped by rebels who went on a rampage in late February. Several reports from eyewitnesses claim that the children were last seen being put onto either a Turkish, Italian, or French boat. More than one witness claimed to have witnessed some of the children being sold in Tunisia. On his tweeter page, the local Russian Telesur reporter said that “several sources have affirmed that the 105 children were taken out of the country in a ship that could be Turkish, French or Italian.”

Libyan Social Affairs Minister Ibrahim Sharif told reporters in Tripoli this week that, “We want the truth and we hold those countries responsible for the well-being of these children who are neither soldiers nor combatants.” Sharif added that a rebel doctor captured by government troops testified that some of the orphans had been taken to France and Italy.
Given Misrata’s history as a main North African slave trading port, a fact that today partially explains tensions among the one third of Libya’s population that is black and who are descendants of slaves and many of whom live in western Libya in villages now fighting the Misrata and Benghazi based rebels, concern is acute.

While Libya has had perhaps the most strictly enforced child protection laws in the Middle East and Africa, people here remember clearly that France was at the center of a scandal in 2007 when aid workers from the Zoe’s Ark charity attempted to fly 103 children out of Chad, to the south of Libya, who they said were orphans from neighboring Sudan. International aid staff later found that the children were in fact Chadian and had at least one living parent. People here fear a similar fate for the Libyan youngsters.

Also on people’s minds in Libya is what happened two years ago in Haiti when “orphans,” according to local authorities, were kidnapped. Given the epidemic of human trafficking in this region, especially of children, fears are well founded.

NATO has not replied to inquiries demanding information about the disappeared children nor has UNICEF, Save the Children or Secretary of State Clinton’s office. Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich has agreed to demand that the White House order an immediate investigation and of course any human rights advocate could raise this issue in the West and demand an urgent inquiry from her/his government.

The Libyan government as well as both the Roman Catholic Papal representative Bishop Giovanni Martinelli, and Father Daoud of the Anglican Church of Christ the King, in Tripoli have demanded that the UN investigate and find the children.

As for the National Transition Council, its spokesman denied charges that they have sold the children and claim that the Libyan government in Tripoli have all the children and that they are using them as human shields at the now five times bombed Bab al Azizya complex in central Tripoli. No known human rights organization or journalist who has investigated this claim has reported seeing any sign of the children at Bab al Azizya. The General Union, noted above, has photos and names and ages of all the missing children and have widely publicized them.

More than a dozen social welfare organizations, women’s groups and Libya’s Lawyer syndicates have launched an intensive media and public involvement campaign to find the children who have now been missing for nearly six months.

Franklin Lamb is in Libya and can be reached at


Kids forced to fight with the Libyan Rebels

La OTAN bombardea objetivos civiles

30 julio 2011: la OTAN bombardea nuevamente objetivos civiles


Daily NATO War Crimes in Libya

Daily NATO War Crimes in Libya

by Stephen Lendman – July 29, 2011 – Mathaba

Among them is waging war on truth, Western managed news calling lawless imperial wars liberating ones, as George Orwell predicted in his book 1984: War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength

No wonder John Pilger says journalism is the first casualty of war, adding:

“Not only that: it has become a weapon of war, a virulent censorship (and deception) that goes unrecognised in the United States, Britain and other democracies; censorship by omission, whose power is such that, in war, it can mean the difference between life and death for people in faraway countries….”

In their book, “Guardians of Power,” David Edwards and David Cromwell explained why today’s media are in crisis and a free and open society at risk. It’s because press prostitutes substitute fiction for fact. News is carefully filtered, dissent marginalized, and supporting wealth and power substitutes for full and accurate reporting.

It’s a cancer, corrupting everything from corporate-run print and broadcast sources, as well as operations like BBC and what passes for America’s hopelessly compromised public radio and TV. They put out daily managed and junk food news plus infotainment, treating consumers like mushrooms – well-watered and in the dark.

During wars, in fact, they cheerlead them, reporting agitprop and misinformation no respectable journalist would touch.

On the Progressive Radio News Hour, Middle East/Central Asia analyst Mahdi Nazemroaya, in Tripoli, said some journalists also perform fifth column duties, collecting intelligence and locating targets to supply NATO bombing coordinates, notably civilian targets called military ones.

In a July 28 email, he said tell listeners that “NATO is trying to negotiate with the government in Tripoli.” More on that below. He added that they’re also “planning a new stage of the war against the Libyan people through (predatory) NGOs and fake humanitarian missions.” A likely UN Blue Helmet occupying force also, paramilitaries masquerading as peacekeepers Gaddafi controlled areas won’t tolerate.

NATO, in fact, calls civilian targets legitimate ones, including one or more hospitals, a clinic, factories, warehouses, agricultural sites, schools, a university, one or more mosques, non-military related infrastructure, a food storage facility, and others.

Notably on July 23, a Brega water pipe factory was struck, killing six guards. It produces pipes for Libya’s Great Man-Made River (GMMR) system (GMMR), an ocean-sized aquifer beneath its sands, making the desert bloom for productive agriculture, and supplying water to Libya’s people.

The previous day, a water supply pipeline was destroyed. It will take months to restore. The factory produced vital pipes to do it, a clear war crime like daily others. Moreover, the entire GMMR is threatened by a shortage of spare parts and chemicals. As a result, it’s struggling to keep reservoirs at a level able to provide a sustainable supply. Without it, a humanitarian disaster looms, very likely what NATO plans as in past wars.

On July 27, AFP said that:

“NATO warned that its warplanes will bomb civilian facilities if (Gaddafi’s) forces use them to launch attacks.” At the same time, a spokesman said great care is taken to minimize civilian casualties.

NATO lied. Daily, it’s attacking non-military related sites to destroy Libya’s ability to function in areas loyal to Gaddafi. Earlier, in fact, a spokesman claimed there was “no evidence” civilian targets were hit or noncombatants killed, except one time a major incident was too obvious to hide. Reluctantly it admitted a “mistake,” covering up a willful planned attack, knowing civilians were affected.

Libya (satellite) TV calls itself “a voice for free Libya….struggling to liberate Libya from the grip of the Gaddafi regime….” In fact, it’s a pro-NATO propaganda service, reporting misinformation on air and online.

On July 25, it headlined, “No evidence to support Gaddafi’s allegations that civilian targets were hit,” when, it fact, they’re struck daily.

Nonetheless, it claimed only military sites are bombed, saying Tripoli-based journalists aren’t taken to affected areas, “suggesting NATO’s gunners are hitting military targets, at least in the capital.”

In fact, corporate and independent journalists are regularly taken to many sites struck. Independent accounts confirm civilian casualties and non-military facilities bombed. Pro-NATO scoundrels report managed news, complicit in daily war crimes.

On July 28, Libya TV claimed “captured Gaddafi soldiers say army morale is low,” when, in fact, most Libyans support Gaddafi. Millions are armed. Gaddafi gave them weapons. They could easily oust him if they wish. Instead, they rally supportively, what Western media and Libya TV won’t report.

Moreover, captured soldiers say what they’re told, likely threatened with death or torture if they refuse, especially in rebel paramilitary hands, under NATO orders to terrorize areas they control.

As a result, civilian casualties mount, up to 1,200 or more killed and thousands wounded in pro-Gaddafi areas, many seriously as war rages. In addition, unknown numbers of combatant casualties on both sides aren’t known, nor is the civilian toll in rebel held areas.

Nonetheless, daily sorties and strikes continue. Since mid-July alone through July 27, they include:

July 14: 132 sorties and 48 strikes

July 15: 115 sorties and 46 strikes

July 16: 110 sorties and 45 strikes

July 17: 122 sorties and 46 strikes

July 18: 129 sorties and 44 strikes

July 19: 113 sorties and 40 strikes

July 20: 122 sorties and 53 strikes

July 21: 124 sorties and 45 strikes

July 22: 128 sorties and 46 strikes

July 23: 125 sorties and 56 strikes

July 24: 163 sorties and 43 strikes

July 25: 111 sorties and 54 strikes

July 26: 134 sorties and 46 strikes

July 27: 133 sorties and 54 strikes

Daily patterns are consistent. However, information on numbers and types of bombs, as well as other munitions aren’t given. Instead, misinformation claims a humanitarian mission protects civilians – by terrorizing, killing, and injuring them, solely for imperial aims. It’s why all US-led wars are fought, never for liberating reasons.

The entire campaign is based on lies. It’s standard war time procedure, to enlist popular support for campaigns people otherwise would reject.

In fact, no humanitarian crisis existed until NATO arrived. Moreover, in paramilitary controlled areas, Amnesty International confirmed only 110 pro and anti-Gaddafi supporter deaths combined, most likely more of the former than latter as rebel cutthroats rampaged through areas they occupy. Currently, the numbers of dead and injured civilians are many times that amount, largely from NATO attacks.

NATO, in fact, is code language for the Pentagon, paying the largest share of its operating and military budgets. Except for Germany and Britain, other members pay small shares, most, in fact, miniscule amounts.

Since NATO began bombing on March 19, daily attacks inflicted lawless collective punishment against millions in Gaddafi supported areas. Affected is their ability to obtain food, medicines, fuel and other basic supplies, exposing another lie about humanitarian intervention.

On July 25, OCHA’s fact-finding team said Tripoli contained “pockets of vulnerability where people need urgent humanitarian assistance.” Medical supplies are running low. The last major delivery was in January, and concerns are increasing about the “unsustainable food supply chain for the public distribution systems, especially as Ramadan approaches (on or around August 1 to about August 29) and the conflict persists.”

Moreover, “Libyan oil experts warned that fuel stocks could run out in two weeks.” Public transportation costs have tripled. Food prices have also soared. Tripoli residents experience electricity cuts, and clean water supplies are endangered.

Before conflict erupted, Libyans had the region’s highest standard of living and highest life expectancy in Africa because Gaddafi’s oil wealth provided healthcare, education, housing assistance and other social benefits. Imperial war, of course, changed things. Libyans now hang on to survive.

Seeking an End Game

On July 26, UPI headlined, “NATO seeks urgent exit strategy in Libya,” knowing this phase of the war is lost. Nonetheless, future strategies and campaigns will follow.

For now, however, “NATO is seeking an urgent exit strategy (to end) fighting and decide the future of (Gaddifi), even if that means letting him stay in the country though out of power, it emerged Tuesday after British and French foreign ministers met in London.”

In tribal Libya, Gaddafi’s power, in fact, is far less than reported, social anthropologist Ranier Fsadni saying:

“Gaddafi’s feeling for tribal Libya is certainly one factor that explains how he has managed to rule the country for so many years. (However), (t)here is no tribal office giving a single man a monopoly of institutional power at the apex….Several factors account for his longevity in power,” including sharing Libya’s oil wealth.

UPI said diplomacy is driven by a failed military campaign. As a result, “(i)ntense mediation efforts are underway at different levels at the United Nations and Europe, in African, European and Middle Eastern capitals and Russia.”

Neither side is commenting, but some observers think operations may wind down in weeks, based on an unannounced face-saving solution, despite continued destabilization and future conflict planned. It’s similar to Balkan and Iraq war strategies, a combination of tactics until Washington prevailed.

Libya faces the same end game, though years could pass before it arrives. As a result, Libyans can expect continued hardships. When imperial America shows up, that strategy persists until it prevails, no matter the pain and suffering inflicted.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at


Libia: verità e patacche mediatico/giudiziarie

Crimini di guerra mediatico-giudiziaria

Giancarlo Chetoni – ByeByeUnclesam

A distanza di un mese e passa dal primo attacco di elicotteri Apache finalizzato alla distruzione di centri comunicazione e radar in prossimità di Marsa el Brega, in Libia la situazione sul terreno è rimasta pressoché immutata.
Le forze di Gheddafi in Cirenaica continuano a mantenere sia il controllo di questo terminal energetico, di importanza strategica, posizionato a 800 km da Tripoli, che di ampie zone del territorio circostante fin sotto Ajdabiya.
L’ultima strage dall’aria, quindici morti tra i residenti, è arrivata a ridosso del porto della Cirenaica, nel centro città, nelle stesse ore in cui è uscita allo scoperto un’altra clamorosa balla sulle travolgenti avanzate dei ribelli del CNT lanciate alla conquista del compound di Bab al Azizia per consegnare Gheddafi, come hanno solennemente promesso, alla CPI dell’Aja.
L’ha raccontata il 27 Giugno alla Reuters, tramite telefono cellulare (!), il solito testimone creato dal nulla che questa volta ha assunto il nome di Juma Ibraim.
Il “suo“ racconto è arrivato dalla periferia sud di… Bir el Ghanam.
La “notizia“ è rimbalzata nel Bel Paese con l’Ansa. La diffusione della flagrante patacca su giornali e tv è stata tanto capillare da trovare spazio anche su quotidiani come Il Sole 24 ore e Milano Finanza.
Ci siamo presi la briga di andare a vedere su Google Earth dove si trovasse questo nuovo caposaldo dato nelle mani dei “sostenitori“ di Re Idris.
E’ un villaggio abbandonato di qualche decina di abitazioni, posizionato ad ovest di un tracciato in ambiente desertico a 87 km da Tripoli, difficilissimo da raggiungere, a ridosso com’è di una invalicabile catena collinare di sabbia.
Il 29 Giugno, Le Figarò darà notizia di altre armi paracadutate dalla Francia di Sarkozy a “formazioni di irregolari“ a Misurata, Nalut, Tiji, al Javash, Shakshuk e Yafran, precisando la natura dei “vettovagliamenti“ dall’aria: denaro, logistica, lanciarazzi, fucili d’assalto, mitragliatrici e missili anticarro Milan.
In realtà, al momento, di ribelli lanciati alla conquista di Tripoli non se ne vedono da un pezzo. Rimangono sulla difensiva in Cirenaica solo esigue formazioni “fluide“ di tagliagole, attestate ai margini della Litoranea, oltre i 30‘ nord e i 20‘ sud, pronte a innestare le marce avanti dei pick-up per qualche centinaio di metri nelle ore immediatamente successive ai bombardamenti della NATO e a ingranare le retromarce nei momenti di pausa tra uno strike e l’altro.
Una sorta di claque, vestita di un pagliaccesco criminale, usata fin dalla prima settimana di Marzo per dare credibilità a una rivolta popolare “repressa nel sangue dalle forze di Gheddafi“, capace di giustificare un “intervento umanitario“ dall’esterno e di portare a maturazione il progetto di Stati Uniti ed Europa di destabilizzare, con l’esplicito appoggio di Ban Ki Moon, uno Stato sovrano.
Metodo già ampiamente adoperato dall’Alleanza Atlantica in Kosovo con il sostegno economico, politico, militare e politico offerto all’UCK, compreso l’addebito di stragi di migliaia di “albanesi“ a Belgrado, per poi giustificare a livello di “comunità internazionale“ la devastante aggressione alla Serbia di Milosevic.
Nonostante il portavoce di Unified Protector Mike Bruken computi a oltre 7.000 le missioni aeree di attacco al suolo, di protezione e sorveglianza aerea effettuate sulla Jamahiryia ed elenchi, con dovizia di particolari, le perdite inflitte dai cacciabombardieri della NATO all’esercito del Rais, al momento, non ci sono notizie di ritiro, confermate da inviati e osservatori indipendenti, dei “lealisti“ di Tripoli dalle posizioni tenute sul campo.
La morte del figlio minore Saif Al Arab e dei suoi tre nipotini, Cartago di 3 anni, Saif di 2 e Mistura di 2 mesi, seppelliti sotto le macerie dalle bombe della NATO, è riuscita a cementare intorno a Gheddafi un’autentica solidarietà popolare.
Gli elicotteri d’attacco Linx, Gazzelle, Apache e Tiger di Francia e Gran Bretagna per ora non hanno prodotto sul campo i risultati che si aspettavano sia il segretario Rasmussen che il generale canadese Charles Bouchard, capo, dalla sede di Napoli, di Unified Protector.
La risposta va cercata nella disponibilità da parte delle forze libiche di ben 2.600 missili SA-14, 16 e 24 e da un numero elevatissimo di piattaforme mobili, con elevata capacità di sopravvivenza, di sistemi antiaerei e antimissile che fanno, o hanno fatto, della Jamahiryia un osso particolarmente duro, ben al di là delle aspettative della NATO, da vincere sul terreno.
Esaminando in dettaglio, in numero e qualità, i mezzi della difesa aerea della Libia siamo rimasti semplicemente di stucco.
La Russia di Putin ha fatto in tempo a fornire al Rais sia i temutissimi sistemi SA-300 V (SA-12 B Giant) a lungo raggio che batterie a breve di altrettanto modernissimi Tor-M1 (SA-15) Gauntlet, oltre a decine di SA-9 Gaskin e SA-13 Ghoper. Senza la pioggia di Tomahawk (tra i 500 e i 600 sui 110 ammessi ufficialmente) lanciati da sommergibili e incrociatori di Gran Bretagna e USA, le perdite aeree di Odissey Dawn sarebbero state particolarmente elevate.
Basterà un dato su tutti a smentire clamorosamente la notizia diffusa dopo il 17 Marzo dal ministro della Difesa La Russa sull’impossibilità da parte libica, assicuratagli dai suoi consulenti militari, di poter colpire il “nostro“ territorio metropolitano. Una storiella ripetuta, con enorme irresponsabilità, anche dal Presidente del Consiglio a Lampedusa per tacitare le preoccupazioni dei residenti su possibili azioni di ritorsione di Gheddafi.
Tripoli possiede ancora, presumibilmente in parte, o possedeva ben 417 missili terra-terra R-17 (Scud C SS1), con una gittata compresa tra i 500 e i 600 km e 80 giganteschi lanciatori mobili 9 P-117 Uragan.
Le immagini degli R-17 mostrati in pubblico nella sfilata di Tripoli del 2010 sono ancora fruibili su Youtube.
Una “missione“, quella contro la Jamahiryia, che fin dalle prime battute definimmo sfiatata, affetta da tubercolosi, esaminandone in via breve gli assets aerei dopo il disimpegno del dispositivo d’attacco USA. La Repubblica delle Banane contribuisce con F-16, EFA-2000, Tornado IDS ed ECR e AV-8 B Harrier II, una portaerei, 4 tra pattugliatori e fregate e 3 navi appoggio. Le uscite finanziarie del Bel Paese per alimentare la guerra alla Libia si aggirano sui 235-240 milioni di euro mensili, cifra ben maggiore rispetto a quelle, poco credibili, dichiarate dal governo, in sede di approvazione del decreto semestrale per le missioni militari all’estero.
Il 10 Giugno, alla vigilia del suo abbandono, Robert Gates in una relazione al Comando Generale di Bruxelles, presenti tutti i ministri degli Esteri e della Difesa della NATO è stato durissimo con i partners degli USA. “… è dolorosamente chiaro – ha dichiarato – che l’Alleanza Atlantica ha enormi lacune nella capacità e nella volontà di perseguire un necessario obiettivo comune. Mancano inoltre i mezzi per condurre una campagna aerea e marittima integrata, efficace e prolungata. Unified Protector può contare solo su 42 aerei d’attacco al suolo e da bombardamento oltre a manifestare gravi, inammissibili carenze di approvvigionamento nel munizionamento di precisione. Ogni Paese aderente ha votato per la missione in Libia. Partecipano alle operazioni meno della metà degli Stati aderenti. E meno di un terzo si è dimostrato disposto a partecipare ai bombardamenti…“. Norvegia e Olanda dal 30 Giugno ritireranno i loro F-16, la Svezia farà altrettanto con i Gripen. Insomma, di fatto, l’Alleanza Atlantica è in vistoso debito di ossigeno e barcolla come un pugile suonato contro un Paese, certo non irresistibile come, la Jamahiryia del colonnello Gheddafi.
Misurata rimane sotto stretto assedio e a Bengasi il CNT subisce durissime perdite di dirigenti politici e di addetti alla sicurezza della Coalizione.
Derna pullula ormai da tempo di sospettissimi “combattenti afghani“ già detenuti a Guantamano.
Lo stesso titolare della Farnesina ha mancato un appuntamento a Bengasi con due cariche di esplosivo al plastico per un anticipo di 24 ore. In più, si contano ormai a decine le figure rappresentative del CNT “eliminate“ dalla contro guerriglia organizzata da Al Senussi. “Rats Council attacked in Bengazi, British, American, French Invaders killed “
L’oscuramento satellitare, della Jana e i bombardamenti sulla sedi radio e tv della Jamahiryia non sono sufficienti a impedire che dispacci di agenzie come Mathaba News raggiungano decine di migliaia di internauti in tutto il mondo, alimentando un’efficace controinformazione.
La nuova “emergenza“ ha costretto Frattini ad annullare un summit a Roma con “qualificate rappresentanze“ della Cirenaica che si volevano spacciare per personaggi politici di spessore e dignitari religiosi appartenenti all’intera Libia.
Un altro tentativo miseramente fallito dopo la messinscena di riunire in un albergo alla periferia della Capitale i capi militari della “rivolta“, che non è andato più in là dal mettere intorno ad un tavolo sette-otto vecchi arnesi doppiogiochisti passati per danaro o per evitare incriminazioni della CPI dalla parte degli “insorti“. Un’ultima notarella sul Tribunale Internazionale dell’Aja.
Da Malabo (Africa Equatoriale) il presidente, con gli occhi a mandorla (!), della Commissione dell’Unione Africana Jean Ping ha affermato che la CPI ha emesso altri mandati di cattura che finiranno per gettare benzina sul fuoco. Il riferimento esplicito è a Gheddafi, il figlio Saif al Islam e al generale al Senussi.
“Tutti constatano – ha affermato – che la CPI si pronuncia sempre nei momenti sbagliati. A giudizio della Commissione che presiedo in rappresentanza di tutti gli Stati dell’Africa si tratta di una circostanza sospetta che merita un attento approfondimento e decisioni conseguenti“.
Dopo la visita di Stato di Omar al Bashir in Cina la Corte Penale Internazionale dell’Aja, già ampiamente screditata, finirà per contare sempre meno sulla scena internazionale.
Qualche confezione di Viagra reperita, da mani sospette, nelle torrette distrutte di due T-72 della Jamahiryia, in Cirenaica, è stata sufficiente a formulare per Gheddafi un’accusa di crimini di guerra per stupro (!).
Il procuratore Moreno Ocampo si è ucciso col ridicolo. Gli Stati Uniti, dal canto loro, si sono suicidati con Hillary Clinton che ne ha pubblicamente confortato le accuse.
Più mandati di cattura “internazionali” arrivano dall’Aja, più declina il potere di coercizione economico militare e politico della ex potenza planetaria.
Giancarlo Chetoni

Thierry Meyssan – lies on Libyan war

Thierry Meyssan – Media lies on Libyan war are dissipating, but new lies emerge

“Libyan campaign was staged to start conquering Africa”

The NATO-led intervention in Libya and the unrest in Syria are both steps in a decades-long plan by the US and its allies to completely reshape the face of Africa, believes independent journalist and peace activist Thierry Maysan.

“It’s quite obvious that the USA wanted to enter war at the same time with Libya and Syria. That wish was made public by John Bolton in 2002. The plan was passed over to France and Britain, who decided to bring it to life in November last year,” the author believes.

What is called public uprising of the free-loving people are actually coup attempts staged by the Western nations, Maysan says.

The operation in Libya in particular is marked by an astounding number of lies fed to the public, he added.

“By the time of the UN Security Council vote everyone had decided on the basis of reports submitted to the council. And the Security Council was certain that during the demonstrations in Benghazi the government killed 6,000 citizens – a terrible number. But now five months later the prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, which accused the Libyan leadership, has reduced the number… Now the prosecutor is building up his evidence on 208 victims instead of 6,000,” he pointed out.

In another example, footage was circulated by foreign TV channels allegedly showing Gaddafi’s soldiers raping women in retribution for the uprising. The video later turned out to be a rare Libyan amateur porn flick, Maysan said. The lies are meant to hide what the West wants to do in the region, the journalist believes.

“NATO keeps lying at every stage, which is surprising, because during the war in Kosovo NATO would normally lie only to conceal its mistakes. This time it’s being done not to conceal the mistakes, but to conceal the strategy,” he told RT.

The initial plan to overthrow the government in Tripoli has now obviously failed, so now the strategy has changed, the journalist believes.

“Western TV channels don’t speak of oppression and rebellion anymore, but of a civil war, thus trying to prepare public opinion for a declaration to divide the country into two parts: Cyrenaica on one side and Tripolitania on another, with the UN forces in between to separate the parties,” he said.

Civilian losses are not important for those behind this plan, Maysan says.

“From the moment it was decided to launch this operation, the lives of civilians have not been taken into account. Everything we used to see in the Middle East is not transpiring in this region. This is just a beginning. It’s just a question of re-arrangement of this region, and we are yet to see a series of wars,” he expects.

The scenario for Syria was designed in exactly the same way as the scenario for Libya, but it went in another direction, the activist argues.

“I think some countries, Russia included, thought better of it and prevented it. That is why at the moment there is no war in Syria. Even though some Western leaders repeat every day that it is necessary to go to war,”
he said.


Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch expose lies on Libya

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch expose lies on Libya

By Dennis SouthMathaba – 5 July 2011

Throughout the last few months, lie after lie after lie has been conjured up, and spread, by NATO and the U.S. regarding Gaddafi and the Great Libyan Jamahiriya.

Anti-Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi protesters (RATS) pray during Friday prayers in front of a U.S. flag at the court square, in Benghazi, Libya, June 24, 2011. (Hassan Ammar/AP Photo)

First it was said that a legitimate “democracy” movement had been birthed amongst some Bengazi residents. That lie has been exposed by the visit to Libya of a number of fact-finding missions, as well as individuals like Dr. Webster Tarpley, an historian, economist, and world-renowned investigative journalist, who have commented that virtually the FIRST thing these “democracy lovers” did was RAID police departments and government ammunition depos–quite a contrast to the Tunisian and Egyptian movements, where peaceful marches occurred. And Colonel Gaddafi had pointed that out in the beginning.

In fact, Gaddafi’s original charge that he made at Bab-al-Aziziyah, in a strong and fiery speech, was that the Bengazi traitors were NOT democracy lovers, but members of Al-Qaeda. And Gaddafi has been proven right on that score also. For instance, Susan Lindauer, a former CIA asset who was IN Libya, many years ago, and is an expert on Al-Qaeda, was interviewed by RT News, and testified that GADDAFI WAS 100% CORRECT in his earlier charge: The Bengazi rats are Al-Qaeda members. She also chastised Obama, saying that she was extremely disappointed in him, and that she wondered WHY he was supporting Al-Qaeda–a movement that the U.S. government has CLAIMED is its arch enemy.

VIDEO: Libya the trouth of the fake revolution by rats

Then the world was fed an OCEAN of propaganda about Gaddafi’s 41-year “reign of terror” and “brutal dictatorship” over the Libyan people. That too was exposed as a lie when the facts about Libya, under Gaddafi, became common knowledge these last three months, when people got on the Internet and began performing their own studies. They found out that:

1. Before Gaddafi, literacy in Libya was only 10%. Since Gaddafi took over, literacy has risen to 90%
2. Undernourishment in Libya is at 2%–a figure lower than that of the world center of “democracy,” the United States of America
3. Education, up through college, is free in Libya
4. Healthcare is free and pharmacies and hospitals of European highest standards
5. Libya ranks No. 53 on the United Nations Index of Human Development
6. Libya has the highest standard of living in Africa, in 1969 before Qaddafi it was the lowest in the world at just $60 per year income
7. Libya gives free land, and seeds, to anyone who wants to farm that land.
8. There is virtually no homelessness in Libya, as everyone is given a home.
9. Women in Libya have equal rights, not only as a philosophy, but in practice.
10. Under Gaddafi’s oil-revenue-sharing program, each Libyan gets $500 (DOLLARS) dumped into his or her bank account, each month
11. Any medical care, operations or health treatments if unavailable in Libya, the citizen is given full expenses of travel and treatment and accommodation abroad to wherever is required for the treatment to be given, no other country in the world does this.
12. On marriage, each couple is given $60,000 to do with as they want, furnish their home, take a holiday, honeymoon, buy car
13. Libyans have a direct participatory democracy based on People’s Conferences that puts other “democracies” to shame
14. Many other such benefits exist in Libya.

So, then people began to ask, “Hey, what’s all this talk about Gaddafi being a ‘brutal dictator,'” and now you can search at Google and find many blogs where outraged individuals who now know the truth are helping spread the news about the TRUTH of Libya, [ ] and the LIES of the North Atrocities Terrorist Organization and the United Snakes government (that is, snakes in the GOVERNMENT, not necessarily the population).

One example of such a blog is the Channel 4 News Blog, “Libyan Lies,” run by Alex Thomson. One of the massive, almost cartoonish, lies told by the North Atrocities Terrorist Organization and the United Snakes Government, was that Colonel Gaddafi had handed out Viagra to his soldiers, and that those soldiers then went on a massive rape campaign, raping Libyan women. Hillary Clinton helped to spread this lie, and one wonders how she could have risen to become the Secretary of State in her country. Of course, TELLING THE TRUTH is obviously not a requirement for holding the position of Secretary of State in the United Snakes Government.

Alex Thomson has revealed that, NOT ONLY is it a total lie that massive rapes occurred in Libya, but that Amnesty International as well as Human Rights Watch visited Libya and reported that NO evidence of ANY rape–not even ONE–was found.

“Donatella Rovera, senior crisis response adviser for Amnesty, who spent three months in Libya after the start of the uprising in February, said of systemic mass rape: ‘We have not found any evidence or a single victim of rape or a doctor who knew about somebody being raped’, although she added that there is also no evidence to suggest mass rapes have not occured.”

It is clear to all, now, that the underlying philosophy of the North Atrocities Terrorist Organization and the United Snakes government is, “Might is right.” Truth doesn’t matter. The evidence in favor of Colonel Gaddafi and the Great Libyan Jamahiriya is POURING, like a flood, all over the place. But none of that matters to NATO and the U.S. As long as they have the most powerful bombs, and as long as they control the “news” media,” all that matters to them is DEATH.


Journalism as a Weapon of War in Libya

Journalism as a Weapon of War in Libya

by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya – 1 July 2011

As part of the international team of journalists on a fact-finding mission in Tripoli that Thierry Meyssan has already reported on, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya shares his observations about the dishonest coverage taking place on the spot and the propaganda war which continues to be waged by Western media against Muammar Gaddafi in pursuit of an agenda and at the expense of the truth.

People carry the body of a young man from the rubble of houses destroyed by airstrikes in Tripoli.

The truth has been turned on its head in Libya. NATO and the Libyan government are saying contradictory things. NATO says that the Libyan regime will fall in a matter of days, while the Libyan government says that the fighting in Misrata will end in about two weeks.

During the night the sound of NATO jets flying over Tripoli can be heard in the Mediterranean coastal city. Tripoli has not been bombed for a few days, but the sound of the flyovers have been numerous. The Atlantic Alliance deliberately picks the night as a means to disturb the sleep of residence in an attempt to spread fear. Small children in Libya have lost a lot of sleep during this war. This is part of the psychological war being waged. It is meant to break the spirit of Libya. This is all additional to the severing wound imposed on Libya through trickery and sedition.

In the same context, the media war against Libya has continued too. The Rixos Hotel in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, where the majority of the international press is located, is a nest of lies and warped narratives where foreign reporters are twisting realities, spinning events, and misreporting to justify the NATO war against Libya. Every report and news wire being sent out of Libya by international reporters has to carefully be cross-checked and analyzed. Foreign journalists have put words in the mouth of Libyans and are willfully blind. They have ignored the civilian deaths in Libya, the clear war crimes being perpetrated against the Libyan people, and the damage to civilian infrastructure, from hotels to docks and hospitals.

One group of Libyan youth explained in a private conversation that when speaking to reporters they would interview in twos. One would ask a question followed immediately by another one. In the process the answer to the first question would be used as the answer for the second question. In the Libyan hospitals the foreign reports try not to take pictures of the wounded and dying. They just go into the hospitals to paint the image of impartiality, but virtually report about nothing and ignore almost everything newsworthy. They refuse to tell the other side of the story. Shamelessly in front of seriously injured civilians, the type of questions many foreign reporters ask doctors, nurses, and hospital staff is if they have been treating military and security personnel in the hospitals.

CNN has even released a report from Misrata by Sara Sidner showing the sodomization of a woman with a broomstick which was conducted by Libyan soldiers (which it refers to as Qaddafi troops as a means of demonization). In reality the video was a domestic affair and from prior to the conflict. It originally took place in Tripoli and the man even has an accent from Tripoli. This is the type of fabrications that the mainstream media is pushing forward to push for war and military intervention.

There are now investigations underway to show that depleted uranium has been used against Libyans. The use of depleted uranium is an absolute war crime. It is not only an attack on the present, but it also leaves a radioactive trace that attacks the unborn children of tomorrow. Future generations will be hurt by these weapons too. These generations of the future are innocent. The use of depleted uranium is the equivalent of the U.S. planting nuclear weapons in Germany or Japan during the Second World War and leaving timers for them to detonate in 2011. This is an important and newsworthy issue in Libya and all the foreign journalists have heard about it, but how many have actually covered it?

Western reporters at Tripoli harbor.
    © Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya / Voltaire Network

The Ionis, a ship from Benghazi that docked in Tripoli on June 26, 2011, was carrying over 100 people who wanted to leave Benghazi to be unified with their families in Tripoli. Foreign reports were there en masse from all over the world. CNN, RT, and Reuters were amongst them. Amongst the foreign reports there were many who had no clue about the situation in Libya and were working on the basis of misinformation carried forward from their respective stations and countries. In informal discussion when these reporters were challenged about the basis of their assessments they failed to answer and sounded ridiculous. One reporter from Western Europe said that the defections at the governmental level in Tripoli where snowballing, but when challenged by a colleague she could only cite the so-called defection of a Libyan athlete.

The arrival of the passenger ship was significant, because it is a symptom that the political partition of Libya is underway. When families and individuals are being shuttled to different sides of Libya, it is an indicator that some sort of dividing line will be drawn either temporarily or permanently.

The Roman Catholic Church in Libya has also been disrupted and hurt. The position of Father Giovanni Martinelli, the Bishop of Tripoli, is in contradiction to that of the U.S. and NATO. Contact has been lost with the Roman Catholic churches and communities in Benghazi and its environs. Bishop Martinelli has also lost dear friends in the war who have nothing to do whatsoever with any combat or hostility. What have foreign journalists and news agencies said about this?

Journalists have a responsibility to tell the truth and report all newsworthy issues. Some do, but their stories either get edited or never get published or aired. Others say nothing and instead concoct stories. It is now the responsibility of the public to look at the reports coming out of Libya from all sides with a grain of salt. Diversity of news is just one starter.

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

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Partition of Libya underway?

Amnesty International: nessuna prova degli stupri in Libia

Amnesty International:

nessuna prova degli stupri in Libia

L’organizzazione internazionale ha avviato un’inchiesta ma non ha trovato certezze né alcuna vittima. L’allarme era stata lanciato dai ribelli anti regime e rilanciato da Hillary Clinton

Il Giornale/Esteri – Nessuna prova delle violenze. E stavolta a dirlo è chi le violenze le denuncia quotidianamente, Amnesty International. È l’organizzazione impegnata nella difesa dei diritti umani e citata dall’Independent ad affermare che gli stupri di massa e gli abusi commessi dalle forze leali al Colonnello Gheddafi, utilizzati per giustificare l’attacco della Nato sul Paese, potrebbero non essere mai avvenuti. Amnesty ha avviato un’inchiesta e non è riuscita a trovare alcuna prova di queste violenze e abusi dei diritti umani. L’organizzazione per i diritti umani ha invece rilevato che in alcuni casi i ribelli di Bengasi avevano dichiarato il falso o manipolato prove.
Donatella Rovera, una funzionaria di Amnesty che è stata in Libia per tre mesi dopo l’inizio delle rivolte, ha dichiarato che non è stato possibile «trovare alcuna prova o una singola vittima di violenze sessuali, o un medico che ne fosse al corrente». Rovera ha sottolineato che ciò non dimostra che gli stupri non siano avvenuti, ma che non è stato possibile trovarne le prove. Anche Liesel Gerntholts, responsabile dei diritti femminili presso Human Rights Watch, un’altra organizzazione che ha condotto un’inchiesta sulle accuse di violenze sessuali, ha detto di «non essere stata in grado di trovare alcuna prova». Per quanto riguarda la storia secondo cui all’esercito di Gheddafi sarebbe stato distribuito il Viagra per incoraggiarli a violentare le donne, la funzionaria di Amnesty ha raccontato che la fonte erano i ribelli di Bengasi, che avevano mostrato ai giornalisti stranieri alcuni pacchetti di Viagra trovati su carri armati andati a fuoco, ma che i pacchetti stessi non mostravano bruciature.
Quanto emerge dall’inchiesta di Amnesty pare contraddire quanto sostenuto da Luis Moreno-Ocanmpo, procuratore capo del Tribunale Penale Internazionale, che due settimane fa in una conferenza stampa ha dichiarato che in Libia esisteva la strategia di «violentare chi è contro il governo». Le sue parole hanno trovato eco in quelle di Hillary Clinton, che la scorsa settimana ha parlato di «violenze sessuali, minacce fisiche, molestie» in Libia.

Verità su Al-Qaida e la “ribellione” libica

Al-Qaida e la ribellione libica

Un nuovo rapporto spiega la connessione

Joseph Rosenthal, National Review, 23 giugno 2011

Un nuovo rapporto di due think tank francesi conclude che i jihadisti hanno giocato un ruolo predominante nella ribellione della Libia orientale contro il governo di Muammar Gheddafi, e che i “veri democratici” rappresentano solo una minoranza della ribellione. Il rapporto, inoltre, mette in discussione le giustificazioni addotte per l’intervento militare occidentale in Libia, sostenendo che essi sono in gran parte basati su esagerazioni dei media e su “una sfacciata disinformazione.”
Gli sponsor del rapporto sono il Centro Internazionale di Ricerca e Studio sul Terrorismo e di Aiuto alle Vittime del Terrorismo (CIRET-AVT) e il Centro francese per la ricerca sull’Intelligence (CF2R) di Parigi. Le organizzazioni hanno inviato una missione di sei esperti in Libia per valutare la situazione e consultarsi con i rappresentanti di entrambi i lati del conflitto. Dal 31 marzo al 6 aprile, la missione ha visitato la capitale libica Tripoli e la regione della Tripolitania, dal 19 aprile al 25 aprile ha visitato la capitale dei ribelli Bengasi e la regione circostante della Cirenaica, nella parte orientale della Libia.
Il rapporto individua quattro fazioni tra i membri del Consiglio nazionale di transizione (NTC) libico orientale. A parte una minoranza di “veri democratici“, le altre tre fazioni comprendono partigiani della restaurazione della monarchia, che fu rovesciata da Gheddafi nel 1969, estremisti islamici che cercano di creare uno stato islamico, ed ex dignitari del regime di Gheddafi che hanno disertato presso i ribelli, per ragioni opportunistiche o altre. Vi è una chiara sovrapposizione tra gli islamisti e i monarchici, nella misura in cui il deposto re Idris I stesso era il capo della fratellanza Senussi, che gli autori descrivono come una “setta musulmana anti-occidentale che pratica una forma austera e conservatrice dell’Islam.” I monarchici sono quindi, più precisamente, “monarco-fondamentalisti“.
Il più noto dei disertori, il presidente del CNT, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, è anche descritto dagli autori come un “tradizionalista” che è “sostenuto dagli islamisti.” Gli autori sottolineano che Jalil ha svolto un ruolo importante nell'”affare delle infermiere bulgare“, così chiamato per le cinque infermiere bulgare che, insieme a un medico palestinese, sono stati accusati di aver volontariamente infettato centinaia di bambini affetti da AIDS, in un ospedale di Bengasi. Come presidente della Corte d’Appello a Tripoli, per due volte Jalil ha confermato la pena di morte per le infermiere. Nel 2007, le infermiere e il medico palestinese sono stati rilasciati dal governo libico, a seguito dei negoziati in cui l’allora moglie del presidente francese Nicolas Sarkozy, Cecilia, ha giocato un ruolo molto pubblicizzato.
Il rapporto descrive i membri del Gruppo combattente islamico libico, affiliato ad al-Qaida, come “il pilastro principale dell’insurrezione armata.” “Così, la coalizione militare sotto la guida della NATO, sta sostenendo una ribellione che comprende terroristi islamici,” scrivono gli autori. Alludendo al ruolo di primo piano svolto dalla regione Cirenaica nella fornitura di reclute ad al-Qaida in Iraq, aggiungono, “Nessuno può negare che i ribelli libici, che sono oggi sostenuti da Washington, ieri erano solo dei jihadisti che uccidevano soldati statunitensi in Iraq“.
La composizione completa del CNT non è stata resa pubblica. Ma, secondo gli autori, un dichiarato reclutatore di al-Qaida, Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi, è egli stesso un membro del CNT. (Su al-Hasadi, vedasi il mio report del 25 marzo) Al-Hasadi è descritto dagli autori come “il leader dei ribelli libici.” Anche se i media occidentali, comunemente dicono che lui si occupa della difesa della sua città natale, Derna, nella parte orientale della Libia, il rapporto CIRET-CF2R indica che a metà aprile, al-Hasadi lasciò la Cirenaica per via marittima, per partecipare alla battaglia di Misurata. Si suppone che ha preso le armi assieme a 25 “combattenti ben addestrati“. Misurata è nella Libia occidentale, a soli 135 miglia da Tripoli.
Per quanto riguarda gli effetti di un intervento militare occidentale a sostegno dei ribelli, gli autori concludono:
L’intervento occidentale è in procinto di creare più problemi di quanti ne risolva. Una cosa è forzare Gheddafi a lasciare. E un’altra cosa è diffondere il caos e la distruzione in Libia, a tal fine preparare il terreno per l’Islam fondamentalista. La mossa attuale rischierebbe di destabilizzare tutto il Nord Africa, il Sahel e il Medio Oriente, favorendo l’emergere di una nuova base regionale per l’Islam radicale e il terrorismo.
Quelle che seguono sono alcune evidenze ulteriormente tradotte dal rapporto CIRET-CF2R. Il rapporto completo è disponibile in francese qui.

Sulla battaglia di Misurata:
A poco a poco, la città sta cominciando ad apparire come una versione libica di Sarajevo agli occhi del mondo “libero“. I ribelli di Bengasi sperano che una crisi umanitaria a Misurata convincerà la coalizione occidentale a dispiegare truppe di terra per salvare la popolazione. … Nel corso del mese di aprile, l’organizzazione non governativa Human Rights Watch ha pubblicato le cifre delle vittime relative a Misurata che rivelano che, contrariamente a quanto sostenuto dai media internazionali, le forze lealiste di Gheddafi non hanno massacrato gli abitanti della città. Nel corso di due mesi di ostilità, solo 257 persone – tra cui combattenti – sono state uccise. Tra i 949 feriti, solo 22 – meno del 3 per cento – erano donne. Se le forze del regime avevano deliberatamente preso di mira i civili, le donne hanno rappresentato circa la metà delle vittime. E’ dunque ormai evidente che i leader occidentali – in primis, il presidente Obama – hanno grossolanamente esagerato il rischio umanitario, al fine di giustificare la loro azione militare in Libia. Il vero interesse di Misurata risiede altrove. … Il controllo di questo porto, a soli 220 chilometri da Tripoli, fornirebbe una base ideale per lanciare un offensiva terrestre contro Gheddafi.

Su Bengasi e la regione Cirenaica:
Bengasi è ben conosciuta come un focolaio di estremismo religioso. La regione Cirenaica ha una lunga tradizione islamica che risale alla fratellanza Senussi. Il fondamentalismo religioso è molto più evidente qui che nella parte occidentale del paese. Le donne sono completamente velate dalla testa ai piedi. Non possono guidare veicoli e la loro vita sociale è ridotta al minimo. Gli uomini con la barba predominano. Spesso hanno la macchia nera della piétas sulla fronte [il “zebibah“,
che si forma con la ripetuta prostrazione durante le preghiere
Si tratta di un fatto poco noto che Bengasi sia diventata, negli ultimi 15 anni, l’epicentro delle migrazioni africane verso l’Europa. Questo traffico di esseri umani è stato trasformato in una vera e propria industria, generando miliardi di dollari. Strutture mafiose parallele si sono sviluppate in città, dove il traffico è saldamente impiantato e impiega migliaia di persone, mentre corrompe poliziotti e funzionari pubblici. E’ stato solo un anno fa che il governo libico, con l’aiuto dell’Italia, è riuscito a portare questo tumore sotto controllo.
Dopo la scomparsa della sua principale fonte di entrate e l’arresto di numerosi suoi capi, la mafia locale ha preso il comando finanziando e sostenendo la ribellione libica. Numerose bande e membri della malavita della città sono noti per avere condotto spedizioni punitive contro i lavoratori migranti africani, a Bengasi e nella zona circostante. Dall’inizio della ribellione, diverse centinaia di lavoratori migranti – sudanesi, somali, etiopi ed eritrei – sono stati derubati e uccisi dalle milizie ribelli. Questo fatto è stato accuratamente nascosto dai media internazionali.

Sui “mercenari” africani e i tuareg:
Uno dei più grandi successi [della politica africana di Gheddafi] è stata la sua “alleanza” con i tuareg [una popolazione tradizionalmente nomade presente nella
regione del Sahara], che ha attivamente finanziato e sostenuto quando il loro movimento è stato represso in Mali, negli anni ’90. … Nel 2005, Gheddafi ha accordato un permesso di soggiorno illimitato a tutti i tuareg del Mali e Nigeria in territorio libico. Poi, nel 2006, ha invitato tutte le tribù della regione del Sahara, tra cui le tribù tuareg, a formare una entità comune per opporsi al terrorismo e al traffico di droga. … È per questo che centinaia di combattenti provenienti da Niger e Mali aiutano Gheddafi [dopo lo scoppio della
ribellione]. A loro avviso, erano in debito con Gheddafi e avevano l’obbligo di farlo… Molte cose sono state scritte sui “mercenari” al servizio delle forze di sicurezza libiche, ma pochi di esse sono accurate. … Negli ultimi anni, degli stranieri sono stati reclutati [nell’esercito libico]. Il fenomeno è del tutto paragonabile al fenomeno che si osserva a tutti i livelli della vita economica libica. Vi è una popolazione molto ampia di lavoratori stranieri in cerca di occupazione nel paese. La maggior parte delle reclute originariamente provengono da Mali, Ciad, Niger, Congo e Sudan. …
Le informazioni provenienti dalle fonti dei ribelli, sulla presunta intrusione straniera [cioè i mercenari] sono vaghe e devono essere trattate con cautela. … D’altra parte, è un fatto provato – e la missione è stata in grado di confermarla -, che i tuareg del Niger sono venuti a Tripoli per offrire il loro sostegno a Gheddafi. Lo hanno fatto spontaneamente e per un senso di debito. Sembra che i libici di origine straniera e i volontari genuini provenienti da paesi stranieri vengono deliberatamente confusi [nelle relazioni sui “mercenari“]. Qualunque sia il numero effettivo [di combattenti stranieri], costituiscono solo una piccola parte delle forze libiche.

Sul ruolo dei media internazionali:
Fino alla fine di febbraio, la situazione nella parte occidentale della città libica era estremamente tesa e ci sono stati scontri – più che in oriente. Ma la situazione è stata oggetto di esagerazione e di una vera e propria disinformazione mediatica. Ad esempio, un rapporto secondo cui aerei libici hanno bombardato Tripoli è completamente inesatto: Nessuna bomba libica è caduta sulla capitale, anche se sanguinosi scontri sembrano avere avuto luogo in alcuni quartieri. … Le conseguenze di questa disinformazione sono chiare. La risoluzione delle Nazioni Unite [mandato d’intervento] è stata approvato sulla base di tali resoconti dei media. Nessuna commissione di indagine è stata inviata nel paese. Non è esagerato dire che le segnalazioni sensazionaliste di al-Jazeera abbiano influenzato le Nazioni Unite.

Sull’insurrezione a Bengasi:
Non appena le proteste sono iniziate, gli islamisti e i criminali hanno immediatamente approfittato della situazione per attaccare carceri di massima sicurezza, presso Bengasi, dove i loro compagni erano detenuti. Dopo la liberazione dei loro leader, la ribellione ha attaccato stazioni di polizia ed edifici pubblici. I residenti della città si sono svegliati vedendo i cadaveri dei poliziotti appesi dai ponti. Numerose atrocità furono ugualmente commesse contro i lavoratori africani, che sono stati tutti trattati come “mercenari“. Lavoratori africani sono stati espulsi, uccisi, imprigionati e torturati.

Sull’insurrezione a Zawiya (una città nella parte occidentale della Libia):
Durante le tre settimane [in cui la città era controllata dai ribelli], tutti gli edifici pubblici sono stati saccheggiati e dati alle fiamme. … Ovunque vi erano distruzione e saccheggio (di armi, denaro, archivi). Non c’era traccia di combattimenti, cosa che conferma la testimonianza della polizia [che afferma di aver ricevuto ordine di non
intervenire]. … Furono anche commesse atrocità (donne che sono state violentate, e alcuni agenti di polizia che sono stati uccisi), così come vittime civili durante queste tre settimane. … Le vittime sono state uccise nella maniera usata dal GIA algerino [Gruppo islamico
armato]: gole tagliate, occhi cavati fuori, braccia e gambe amputate, a volte i corpi sono stati bruciati.

Traduzione di Alessandro Lattanzio

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Libya, NATO and terrorism: Shocking images of “rebel” atrocities

Libya, NATO and terrorism: Shocking images of “rebel” atrocities

2011/06/20 –  Mathaba

Warning: Includes some videos which the bought media has tried to suppress

NATO has painted itself into a corner in Libya. Its daily acts of terrorism against Libyan civilians, its acts of murder against Libyan children and its flagrant breach of international law make Obomber, Cameron and Sarkozy war criminals. Why are they not sitting alongside General Mladic in The Hague?

There exists something called international law and like it or not – and we have all seen how the USA and UK, principally, flout it at every turn (Iraq, Serbia) – even the countries belonging to NATO, the most hated organisation on the planet, imposed upon the citizens without any iota of constitutional validity, are bound to follow its precepts.

The precepts of international law are as perfectly simple to follow as they are clear to read. The band of murderous countries currently conducting the illegal act of butchery in Libya are signatories to the United Nations Charter and this is crystalline in the terms and conditions involving an armed insurrection inside a sovereign state. Third parties are not allowed to take sides. Only those with criminal intentions would bend and flout international law in siding with terrorists – and why has there been no similar action against other countries fighting extremists?

The Libyan Revolution is staged, aided, financed and abetted from abroad and this is patently obvious in the way it began – not inside the capital, Tripoli, but in the endemically separatist Benghazi, among a band of heavily armed Islamist fanatics whose militancy and racism have long been apparent and also along the already secured western frontier. Enter some SEALS into Misrata and we have a made-in-the-USA Revolution with its backers Washington’s poodle and former colonial master, Britain and Sarko “I want your oil” the Psycho.

NATO has sided with these criminals, murderers and thieves – rascals from the dregs of Libyan society, who themselves fought against NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq. What are that prissy snob Cameron, the bald-headed wonder William “Hey! I ain’t gay!” Hague, that monumentally disappointing and treacherous Obomber, that lying Hillary War Zone Clinton female and that revolting little Napoleon, Sarko the Psycho doing cavorting with terrorists?

Having taken sides, NATO has broken the law. Moreover, the remit under UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) is for the policing of a no-fly zone. Whoever gave the order to murder Colonel Gaddafi’s grandchildren was policing what no-fly zone exactly? Furthermore, why has the act of war not received the go-ahead from the UN Military Commission and if it is not an act of war, then what is the legality of strikes on civilian targets?

Libya, NATO and terrorism: Shocking images of Somewhere along the line there is a criminal case against the above-mentioned Obama, Clinton, Hague, Cameron and Sarkozy. If The Hague does not recognise this case, then it is acting in breach of international law, is partial and therefore has no right whatsoever to judge General Ratko Mladic. Either there is one set of weights and measures which apply to all or else the notion that international law exists is nonsensical, and ipso facto, The Hague has no legitimacy whatsoever.

Now we turn to the shocking atrocities committed by the Libyan terrorists. Following are some videos which the bought media has tried to suppress. I would urge Messrs. Hague, Cameron and Sarkozy to look at them (I shall not bother with Obomber and Clinton, they’d probably just laugh). In these videos, you can see some horrifically shocking images of children slaughtered and hacked to pieces by the Libyan “rebels” (sorry, “unarmed civilians”).

NATO terrorists and wild beasts doing this.!!! GOD is watching!!!

Viewer discretion is recommended.

A complete family been raped by the Rebels

Here is a video of the butchery and rape of little girls. Viewer discretion recommended.

How do the citizens of the UK, France and the USA feel about their governments siding with these monsters, lying about Gaddafi’s forces attacking unarmed civilians when all they were doing was fighting Islamist terrorists? How do the citizens of these countries feel about the millions upon millions of their taxpayers’ hard-earned wages being squandered on this monumental miscalculation, at best, and criminal act of collusion, at worst?

How many times have Sarkozy, Obomber and Cameron said there is no funding for hospitals, schools and social services, when all the time they know that the cost of a military aircraft is 50,000 USD per hour, per aircraft. Sorry, Mr. Smith we cannot afford your cancer treatment, I am afraid you will have to die.Libya, NATO and terrorism: Shocking images of

And the people of the United States of America, Britain and France just sit back and do nothing? Kind of makes them guilty by association does it not?

And just before we finish, proof that Cameron, Hague, Obomber, Clinton and Sarkozy are incompetent to be in their jobs: the whole footage which sparked off their reaction was based on a false flag event: it was not the Libyan Government forces firing on civilians.


I rest my case.

What would Obomber, Camoron or that disgusting little Napoleon do if a band of Islamist fanatics ran amok in their countries? OK we know the answer. They’d collude with them. Muammar al-Qathafi however is more of a man. He fights. He was after all the first international leader to issue an arrest warrant against bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. The USA was then his ally. Time for an ethical foreign policy and doing the decent thing. NATO, stop! NOW!

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


“Humanitarian Intervention”

More NATO “Humanitarian Intervention:”The Bombing of Al Fateh University, Campus B

Wed, 15 June 2011 – 00:33 — Cynthia McKinney

The former Georgia congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate led a delegation to Libya, where she witnessed some of the worst bombing of the besieged capital, Tripoli. “I’m still waiting to find evidence somewhere in the world that bombing poor civilian populations of the Third World from the air is good for their voting rights, democracy, medical care, education, welfare, national debt, and enhancing personal income and wealth distribution.”

More NATO “Humanitarian Intervention:”The Bombing of Al Fateh University, Campus B  –  by Cynthia McKinney

“One student spoke up and said that President Obama should ‘Free Palestine and leave Libya alone.’”

Since coming to Tripoli to see first hand the consequences of the NATO military operations, it has become clear to me that despite the ongoing silence of the international press on the ground here in Libya, there is clear evidence that civilian targets have been hit and Libyan civilians injured and killed.

This Tuesday morning I was taken from my hotel across the city through its bustling traffic to the Al Fateh University.

On 9 June, Dean Ali Mansur was outside in the parking lot. The sky was blue like Carolina blue. The clouds were white–no chemtrails in sight. Puffy and white. Dean Mansur was visibly upset. It seems that some of the young men at Al Fateh University, Campus B were fighting over girls. He explained to me that Libyans are hot blooded. With a gleam in his eye, he whispered to me that girls are important to young men.

Yes, that was clearly evident today as I approached the campus of Al Fateh University, Campus B, formerly known as Nasser University. Under the trees, throughout the lawn as we approached the campus gates, I could see young men and women talking to each other, talking on cell phones, walking to and fro, assembled, probably talking about the latest campus news–whatever that might be. Today, on the Al Fateh campus, life was teeming. Student life seemed vibrant. This feel and ambiance of this university was not unlike the hundreds of other universities that I have visited in the US and around the world.

Libyan boys and girls are like ours. My son would easily fit into the life of this university.

The campus seemed vibrant, too. Cranes everywhere indicated a healthy building program, adding new buildings to enhance the student learning environment. Despite the students’ fracas, Dean Mansur had everything to be happy about as he saw his university becoming bigger, better, and stronger. Her told me that they had even signed an agreement with a British university to begin programs in the English language. Not English studies, Dean Mansur emphasized, but an entire curriculum of study taught in the English language! Of course, he intoned, that’s all disappointingly ended now.

“Some of the young men at Al Fateh University, Campus B were fighting over girls.“

Al Fateh University, Campus B consists of about 10,000 undergraduates, 800 masters degree candidates, and 18 Ph.D. students; 220 staff, 150 ad hoc professors, 120 employees. It has eight auditoriums, 19 classrooms, 4 extra large classrooms. It also has a rural campus at Al Azizia where 700 students are taught and are a part of the university system. Dean Mansur compares himself to a mayor because he has so many responsibilities presiding over a large community of students engaging in a rich and vibrant academic life.

Dean Mansur told me that life at the university and, for him personally, changed forever on the afternoon of Thursday 9 June, 2011.

He recalled that the university opened as usual around 8:00 am and was to close later that evening at about 8:00 pm.

Thursday, 9 June, he thought, was going to be just like any other day, except for the fracas over the girls that had cleared the campus of many of the students who didn’t want to have any part in the fighting. So, outside in the campus parking lot, Dr. Mansur told me he was preoccupied, thinking how he would deal with the disciplinary issue before him.

Then, out of nowhere and all of a sudden, he heard something loud up in the sky.

“Life at the university changed forever on the afternoon of Thursday 9 June, 2011.”

He said it began out of nowhere, a loud roar. Then a frightful high pitched the hissing sound.  He said he looked up into the sky and could hardly believe his eyes: Something shiny up in the sky appeared dancing in front of him. He said it moved about like an Atari game or something. It danced and zig-zagged all over the sky. He said he was transfixed on the object for what seemed like minutes but in truth must have only been seconds.

Up and down and sideways it raced in the sky and then, without warning, it just came crashing down into the ground nearby. It was a NATO missile.

Tragically it had found its target: Al Fateh University, Campus B.

Dean Mansur said he saw one missile, lots of fire, lots of different colors all around it, and then a huge plume of smoke. He saw one missile, but heard what seemed like many explosions. He said he now can’t honestly say how many.

Dr. Mansur said the force and shock of the blast held him frozen in place. He said his heart stopped for a moment. He wasn’t afraid, just frozen.  He didn’t run away; he didn’t cower; he said he just stood stupefied.

The force of the blast cracked thickened concrete wells, shattered hundreds of windows and brought numerous ceilings down in lecture halls.

Whether it was a wayward Tomahawk Cruise Missile or a misdirected laser guided bomb, no one knows.

His immediate thoughts were for the thousands of his students in the university and for his own three children who study there.

After about 30 minutes, the Libyan press came to see what had happened. The University president and other officials of the school all came. But to Dr. Mansur’s surprise not the international press.

And what did they see?

The media saw the widespread structural damage to many of the buildings, all of the windows blown out in every one of the eight auditoriums. Doors blown off their hinges. Library in a shambles. Books and debris everywhere. The campus mosque was damaged. Glass heaped up in piles. Some efforts at cleaning up had begun.

Dr Mansur says that they have kept the university, wherever practicable, in much the same condition as it was on the day of the attack. Except that the main classroom area that students work in has been cleaned and will be renamed the Seif Al-Arab auditorium complex in memory of Muammar Qaddafi’s son murdered on April 30, 2011 in his home by NATO bombs.

“The force of the blast cracked thickened concrete wells, shattered hundreds of windows and brought numerous ceilings down in lecture halls.”

On Thursday, NATO missiles. Friday and Saturday are considered the weekend here. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, the students are back to school undaunted by the bombing. In many of the classrooms I saw today, students were taking final exams amid the debris. As I walked around the campus, one male voice shouted out and spoke to me in Arabic: “Where’s Obama?”

Good question I thought.

I’ve always wondered if the politicians who regularly send our young men and women away to war and who regularly bomb the poor peoples of the world have ever, themselves, been on the receiving end of a Cruise Missile attack or placed themselves and their family at the mercy of a laser guided depleted uranium bomb. Maybe, just maybe, I thought that if they had experienced first hand the horror of a NATO attack on a civilian target they might just stop and question for a minute the need to dispatch our armed forces to attack the people of Libya.

I didn’t want to disturb the students taking exams so I found some students standing outside not taking exams to talk to. I asked them if they had anything to say to President Obama. One professor, a woman, spoke up readily and said, “We are working under fire: physical and psychological.” One student spoke up and said that President Obama should “Free Palestine and leave Libya alone.” He continued, “We are one family.”

More on that later, but briefly, every Libyan is a member of a tribe and every tribe governs itself and selects its leaders; those leaders from all of the tribes then select their leaders, and so on until there is only one leader of all of the tribes of Libya. I met that one tribal leader yesterday in another part of Tripoli and I am told he is the real leader of this country. He presides over the Tribal Council which constitutes Libya’s real policymakers. So when the young man said “We are one family,” that is actually the truth.

Dr. Mansur, trained in the United States, spoke fondly of his time in the US and the many friends he made there. He is proud of his students and the richness of his university’s community life. He was just like any University Dean in the United States.

“In my view God intervened on Thursday 9 June, 2011.”

On the day that the missile struck, not one student was killed. It could so easily have been different. It could have been a catastrophe taking the lives of hundreds of teenagers.

I am told that in the surrounding area immediately outside the university others were not so fortunate.

Reports are that there were deaths in the nearby houses.

It’s a funny thing about war. Those who cause war become oblivious and removed from its consequences; they seem happy to inflict harm on others and become numb to its ill effects while war’s victims find a way to normalize the abnormal and live with the constant threat of death and destruction.

After visiting Tripoli, I remain as opposed to war as ever before.

The students at Al Fateh University continue their studies despite the siege that their country is under.

And oh, that second group of students that I randomly spoke to? I asked them how much they pay for tuition. They looked at me with puzzled faces even after the translation. I asked them how much they pay for their books. Again, the same puzzled face. Tuition at Al Fateh University is 16 dinars per year–about $9. And due to the NATO embargo on gasoline imports, the school now has started 10 free bus lines to its surrounding areas in order to make sure that the students can get to school, free of charge.

I told them that I was about to enter a Ph.D. program in the US myself and that I needed tuition and book money costing tens of thousands of dollars. I continued that my cousin is in debt $100,000 because she went to the schools of her choice and received a Master’s degree.

They said to me, “We thank Muammar Qaddafi. Because of Muammar Qaddafi we have free education. Allah, Muammar, Libya obeys!”

Well as for NATO, they still cling to the chimera that their strikes are against military targets only and that theirs is a “humanitarian intervention.”

I’m still waiting to find evidence somewhere in the world that bombing poor civilian populations of the Third World from the air is good for their voting rights, democracy, medical care, education, welfare, national debt, and enhancing personal income and wealth distribution. It seems clear to me that complex life issues require more complex intervention than a Cruise Missile could ever deliver.

Here is video of Michel Collon about western wars and the media lies that accompany them (thanks to Rosemary Tylka for sending this to me for forwarding)

Cynthia McKinney is a former Georgia congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate.

Bombe a grappolo sono state lanciate da USA-Nato, non da Gheddafi



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L’indagine in corso dall’HRI sui bombardamenti dell’11 aprile su Misurata con le bombe a grappolo ha trovato prove convincenti del fatto che il bombardamento è stato compiuto dalle forze navali USA.

Il bombardamento di Misurata

Il 15 aprile del 2011, durante il giorno, a Misurata sono state mostrate agli uomini di Human Rights Watch (HRW) e a C.J. Chivers, un giornalista del New York Times, alcune sotto-munizioni di una bomba a grappolo MAT-120.

In quel pomeriggio, durante gli scontri tra i ribelli e le forze lealiste, il personale di Human Rights Watch ha assistito all’atterraggio di un gruppo di 3 o 4 ordigni nelle aree residenziali di Misurata. HRW ha assistito agli effetti di quei bombardamenti.

In questi attacchi sono stati uccisi dei civili e l’Alto Commissario per i Diritti Umani, Navi Pillay, ha condannato “il ripetuto utilizzo delle bombe a grappolo e degli armamenti pesanti da parte delle forze del governo libico nel loro tentativo di riguadagnare il controllo della città assediata di Misurata.”

Ha anche riportato che una bomba a grappolo potrebbe essere esplosa a un centinaio di metri dall’ospedale di Misurata dove altri due pazienti sembravano essere stati colpiti da proiettili di mortaio o dal fuoco dei cecchini: “Usare armamenti imprecisi come sono le bombe a grappolo, i lanciarazzi multipli, i mortai e altri tipi di armamento pesante nelle aree urbane affollate ha come conseguenza inevitabile il ferimento dei civili.”

La corsa nel giudicare

Sia HRW che C.J. Chivers hanno subito attribuito questi attacchi al regime di Gheddafi e la notizia è andata su tutte le prime pagine dei giornali e dei notiziari televisivi in tutto il mondo.

Ecco la copertura della notizia data da HRW e del New York Times:

Il report di Human Rights Watch del 15 aprile durante il quale le forze di Gheddafi hanno sparato armamenti a grappolo è stato verificato

Il report di CJ Chivers del 15 aprile, ‘Le truppe di Gheddafi sparano le bombe a grappolo nelle zone abitate’

Fred Abrahams sul programma della BBC, Radio 4 Today, del 16 Aprile del 2011

In risposta alla domanda del perché quelle munizioni, che fanno parte dell’arsenale NATO, fossero state sparate dai libici invece che dalle forze NATO, Fred Abrahams ha detto: “Perché il MAT-120 è sparato dal mortaio e la NATO non ha truppe sul terreno.”

Quando è stata informata del fatto che le bombe a grappolo erano state rinvenute a Misurata, la reazione di Hillary Clinton è stata: “È una notizia preoccupante. Ed è uno dei motivi per cui la battaglia di Misurata è così impegnativa, perché è uno scontro ravvicinato, si svolge in un’area urbana e ciò crea molti problemi alla NATO e all’opposizione.”

La bomba a grappolo MAT-120 può essere sparata dalle forze navali

L’armamento MAT-120 viene in effetti lanciato da un mortaio, ma è un armamento pesante di un tipo che può essere usato anche in specifici sistemi d’arma che sono montati su una torretta.

Ecco un sistema AMOS su un CB-90 in azione:

Armi scelte per le Operazioni Speciali

La combinazione del munizionamento del MAT-120 col Combat Boat 90H viene considerato ideale per il sostegno del fuoco negli ambienti urbani e l’unico tra i sistemi d’armamento in dotazione alla coalizione che può essere usato in queste operazioni.

Come ha riferito nel giugno del 2007 il capitano Evin H. Thompson, Comandante del Gruppo Speciale Navale da Combattimento Four, in relazione alla specifica domanda sull’utilizzo della marina USA dei sistemi d’armamento CB90-H e AMOS (che sparano il MAT-120), “gli Amos o armamenti simili – installati nelle mie imbarcazioni a segnale ridotto – offrono alle operazioni speciali e alla nostra marina la possibilità di essere clandestinamente in un luogo offrendo la capacità di agire se le circostanze lo permettono.”

La Squadra Speciale di Soldati da Combattimento del Gruppo Speciale della Marina USA è specificamente addestrata alle scorrerie notturne e al supporto ravvicinato per le unità SEALS nelle acque costiere e inoltre possiede una flotta di CB-90.

La NATO ammette il bombardamento di Misurata

Nel periodo in cui questi ordigni sono state utilizzati era in corso un aspro combattimento tra le forze ribelli e quelle lealiste, mentre le forze della coalizione stavano fornendo il fuoco di sostegno e altri servizi speciali ai ribelli per prevenire che i lealisti riprendessero il controllo della città, cosa che veniva considerata come la fine dell’ultimo caposaldo dei ribelli nella Libia occidentale.

Il nostro aggiornamento sul bombardamento di Misurata ci mostra che la NATO ha ammesso di aver bombardato usando “alcuni armamenti” all’interno della città di Misurata.

Le informazioni scorrette della vendita dei MAT-120 alla Libia da parte della Spagna

Abbiamo scoperto che l’informativa secondo cui Instalaza, il produttore spagnolo del MAT-120, avrebbe ammesso di aver venduto queste armi alla Libia era priva di fondamento. Infatti Instalaza ha negato di averle vendute alla Libia.

Le munizioni rinvenute a Misurata erano datate 2007 (lotti 02/07 e 03/07) e il governo spagnolo ha interrotto le concessioni per le esportazioni di armi l’11 giugno del 2008.

I falsi report secondo cui queste munizioni erano state vendute alla Libia sono sbagliati a causa di un errore di lettura dei dati delle esportazioni che sono elencate nel documento emesso dal governo spagnolo, e questo errore è stato riportato dai media fino alla pubblicazione di un articolo apparso su Solidaridad il 15 settembre del 2008. È probabile che gli organizzatori del bombardamento di Misurata conoscessero questi report e hanno così creduto che la Libia possedesse i MAT-120.

I documenti del governo spagnolo mostrano le licenze concesse dalla Spagna nel 2007 per l’esportazione in Libia di armi della categoria 4, che comprende bombe e missili, e un’esportazione fu in effetti conclusa per questa categoria nel 2008. L’ammontare del valore delle tre licenze del 2007 era di 3,823,500 euro e le effettive esportazioni hanno riguardato due licenze per 3,839,210 euro nel 2008. Non ci sono dettagli in questi report su queste spedizioni e da cosa erano composte o su quali fossero le compagnie (anche se i dettagli sono stati forniti separatamente per gli equipaggiamenti bi-uso nel 2008, radar e materiale di laboratorio).

Delle nazioni a cui la Spagna ha venduto munizioni di categoria 4 nel 2007 e nel 2008, solamente tre sono coinvolte nel conflitto libico e non hanno aderito al trattato sulle bombe a grappolo: queste nazioni sono la Libia, il Qatar e gli Stati Uniti. Ma tutti si sono precipitati ad incolpare la Libia in base agli errori di lettura di questo report.

Comunque, l’analisi dei documenti ufficiali del governo spagnolo dimostra che la compagnia spagnola Instalaza non ha esportato armamenti a grappolo in Libia nel 2007/08.

Infatti il MAT-120, essendo un proiettile di un mortaio, è un armamento di categoria 3 (munizione), non una categoria 4 (bomba) e la Spagna non ha esportato armamenti di categoria 3 in Libia nel 2007 o nel 2008. Quindi le bombe esportate dalla Spagna in Libia nel 2008 non erano i MAT-120 ma qualcos’altro. La Spagna ha invece esportato armamenti di categoria 3 negli Stati Uniti.

Qui sotto abbiamo un estratto da un Documento Ufficiale del Ministero spagnolo sulle esportazioni del 2007 che mostra come siano suddivisi i vari articoli:

DESCRIZIONE DEI 22 ARTICOLI PRESENTI NELLA LISTA DEL MATERIALE PER LA DIFESA (DECRETO REALE 1782/2004 DEL 30 LUGLIO)2 Armi leggere senza elica in canna con un calibro di 20 mm o superiore:
Armi da fuoco (inclusi pezzi d’artiglieria), fucili, howitzers, cannoni, mortai, armi anti-carro, lancia proiettili, lanciafiamme, fucili senza rinculo, attrezzature per la riduzione dei segnali, fumo militare, proiettori o generatori di gas o pirotecnici e strumenti per la visibilità.3 Armamenti, ordigni e componenti
Munizioni per le armi soggette al controllo degli articoli 1, 2 o 12. Congegni per la regolazione delle micce che includono custodie, collegamenti, bandelle, erogatori di potenza dalla forte uscita, sensori, sottomunizioni.4 Bombe, siluri, razzi, missili
Bombe, siluri, granate, candelotti fumogeni, razzi, mine, missili, bombe anti-sommergibili, cariche per le demolizioni, ordigni “pirotecnici”, cartucce e simulatori, granate fumogene, bombe incendiarie, ugelli per i missili, ogive per i veicoli da rientro. Queste categorie, usate nello documento ministeriale sono in linea con quelle elencate nell’Elenco Comune delle Attrezzature Militari dell’Unione Europea.

Questo significa che l’affermazione secondo cui il MAT-120, l’armamento sparato dal mortaio, era stato esportato in Libia dalla Spagna si è basata su un errore di lettura del documento. Infatti, seguendo il Report, la Libia non poteva essere fornita di MAT-120.

Dei paesi a cui sono stati effettivamente esportati armamenti di categoria 3 nel 2007 e nel 2008 (dopo la data di produzione delle bombe rinvenute a Misurata e prima che il governo spagnolo non vietasse l’esportazione) solo il seguente paese non ha firmato la Convenzione contro le Bombe a Grappolo ed è coinvolto nel conflitto in Libia: gli Stati Uniti d’America.

Le tracce dei sistemi d’armamento

Un numero limitato di sistemi d’arma può essere utilizzato per sparare il MAT-120 e tra questi c’è il Combat Boat 90H (CB-90), costruito negli USA, con il sistema AMOS a bordo che è prodotto su licenza negli Stati Uniti da AAI Corp.

La leadership degli Stati Uniti approva in pieno gli armamenti a grappolo

Gli USA si sono rifiutati di firmare la Convenzione contro gli Armamenti a Grappolo e queste armi fanno solitamente parte del loro arsenale in cui è presente una dotazione veramente consistente di queste bombe.

Il Segretario alla Difesa degli Stati Uniti, Robert Gates, ha detto che le bombe a grappolo sono considerate dagli USA “armi legittime con un’evidente utilità militare.”

Infatti, il Segretario Gates ha firmato il 9 luglio del 2008 la specifica secondo cui tutte le bombe a grappolo nell’arsenale USA devono essere del tipo simile alle M-120 entro il 2018.

Mentre Richard Kidd, Direttore dell’Ufficio per la Diminuzione e la Rimozione degli Armamenti del Dipartimento di Stato, ha scritto il 28 aprile del 2008 in “Is There a Strategy for Responsible U.S. Engagement on Cluster Munitions?”:

“Gli armamenti a grappolo sono presenti nell’inventario degli USA per essere a disposizione per l’utilizzo di tutti i velivoli da combattimento, fanno parte integrante di ogni elemento di manovra della Marina o dell’Esercito e in qualche caso costituiscono più del 50 per cento di sostegno al fuoco tattico indiretto.”

E ancora, il presunto crimine di guerra del bombardamento di Misurata è stato anche usato dal Segretario di Stato Hillary Clinton e da altre autorità per giustificare l’escalation del conflitto in Libia.

Le operazioni della coalizione a Misurata

Il 14 aprile, il Segretario Generale della NATO, Rasmussen, ha confermato che l’Ammiraglio Stavridis aveva riferito ai ministri degli esteri che le forze di Gheddafi erano all’interno dei aree abitate e che “per evitare il ferimento dei civili c’era bisogno di equipaggiamento molto sofisticato.”

Il Combat Boat 90 degli Stati Uniti o qualcosa di simile può essere velocemente traslato usando un velivolo da trasporto USA in qualsiasi parte del mondo o nelle regioni vicine usando un nave di supporto.

Le navi principali della Marina USA coinvolte – che ad esempio, il 14 e il 15 aprile nel “supportare l’Operazione Protettore Unificato al largo delle coste libiche” erano attaccate al Gruppo Anfibio Kearsarge, Kearsarge (LHD-3) – erano nel porto della baia di Augusta in Sicilia durante le notti in cui Misurata è stata oggetto di bombardamento con le cluster bomb.

La prima nave è la USS Barry (DG-52), un cacciatorpediniere e con tutta probabilità proprio quello segnalato da CJ Chivers al largo di Misurata.

Qui abbiamo un USS Barry che già prima aveva sparato missili Tomahawk nelle operazioni in Libia:

Da notare che l’ufficiale al comando dell’USS Barry è di solito l’Ammiraglio James G Stavridis, particolarmente incline alla guerra informativa e al controllo di Internet.

L’USS Barry ha partecipato ad un’esercitazione (FLEETEX 2-94) che ha eseguito un’estrazione segreta da parte di una squadra dei SEAL nelle acque poco profonde al largo della costa della Carolina. L’USS Barry ha la sua base alla Stazione Navale di Norfolk in Virginia, che è anche la base di Eva H. Thompson, il comandante dell’Unità Speciale da Combattimento Four, che abbiamo già citato prima nell’apprezzamento dell’utilità del Combat Boat 90 e del sistema AMOS.

La seconda nave che ci interessa è il USS Ponce (LPD-15), una nave anfibia da trasporto Austin-class. Una nave anfibia da trasporto è un natante di guerra che imbarca, trasporta e sbarca sul terreno elementi delle forze armate per missioni e spedizioni di guerra. Quest’imbarcazione ha a bordo 851 uomini di servizio arruolati e 72 ufficiali.

Poco dopo l’operazione di Misurata, sia lo skipper che l’ufficiale al comando del USS Ponce, il Comandante Etta Jones e il Tenente Comandante Kurt Boenisch, sono stati sollevati dall’incarico.

La terza nave d’interesse è la USS Carter Hall (LSD-50), una landing ship dock che ha attraversato il canale di Suez il 13 aprile, per unirsi alle altre, il giorno prima del bombardamento di Misurata. Una landing ship dock è un tipo di imbarcazione anfibia progettata per supportare operazioni di questo tipo. Trasportano e lanciano natanti anfibi e veicoli con i loro equipaggi e il personale imbarcato. Generalmente questo personale è composto da marines e/o da forze speciali.

C’erano alcune unità che erano imbarcate su questi natanti, tra cui il 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) (26MEU) e il Naval Beach Group Two (NBG2), TACRON 21, Four and Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron TWO TWO (HSC-22).

Il comandante della task force era il Capitano Dan Shaffer, che era anche comandante della Task Force 65 (CTF-65) e del Destroyer Squadron 60 (DESRON60). È sotto il comando dell’Ammiraglio Stavridis.

Operando da un’imbarcazione anfibia per il trasporto, le forze coinvolte nelle operazioni notturne possono avere la sicurezza di non essere scoperte nell’usare queste armi.

Le forze che avrebbero confidato sull’uso di queste armi hanno incolpato il regime di Gheddafi, mentre la ricerca di chi ha organizzato quest’operazione ha dimostrato (in modo sbagliato) che il MAT-120 era un’arma posseduta dalla Libia.

Human Rights Investigations richiede:

1) una piena indagine sul possesso e l’uso di tutti gli armamenti a grappolo di tutte le forze coinvolte nel conflitto libico senza impunità per nessuno;

2) la sospensione del personale militare coinvolto durante le investigazioni e il procedimento per crimini di guerra;

3) una piena indagine delle autorità statunitensi;

4) che vengano svolte indagini anche dalle Nazioni Unite e da tutte le nazioni che partecipano alla coalizione dato che l’uso di queste armi nelle zone residenziali è una chiara violazione della Risoluzione 1973 delle Nazioni Unite e che “le persone ritenute responsabili o complici degli attacchi contro la popolazione civile, anche con attacchi aerei e navali, dovranno risponderne”;

5) che tutti i membri della coalizione, inclusi gli USA, il Qatar e gli Emirati Arabi Uniti dichiarino l’utilizzo delle munizioni a grappolo e devono firmare la Convenzione sulle Munizioni a Grappolo;

6) la fine della “guerra delle informazioni” e della distorsione militare nel dibattito pubblico;

7) la fine dei continui bombardamenti in Libia che sono contrari allo spirito e agli intenti della Risoluzione 1973 delle Nazioni Unite che aveva lo scopo di proteggere i civili e non quello di giustificare il bombardamento di aree residenziali, tanto meno quello di giustificare i crimini di guerra e il bombardamento con le bombe a grappolo delle città libiche.


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