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Humanitarians for War on Libya, Syria… Exposed … [Chlorine Gas, No Fly Zone, AVAAZ, White Helmets, HRW, PHR, Amnesty…and more…]

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~ PART 1 & PART 2 ~

~ Part 1 of this article (31 March 2015) documented the campaign by Avaaz and others for a “No Fly Zone” in Syria and contrasted the promises with the consequences in Libya.

~ Part 2 (3-5 April 2015) examines the allegations of chlorine gas attacks in Syria, what various organizations are doing and saying and where major violations of international law are occurring.

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A massive campaign in support of foreign intervention against Syria is underway. The goal is to prepare the public for a “No Fly Zone” enforced by US and other military powers. This is how the invasion of Iraq began. This is how the public was prepared for the US/NATO air attack on Libya.

The results of western ‘regime change’ in Iraq and Libya have been disastrous. Both actions have dramatically reduced the security, health, education and living standards of the populations, created anarchy and mayhem, and resulted in the explosion of sectarianism and violence in the region. Now the Western/NATO/Israeli and Gulf powers, supported by major intervention-inclined humanitarian organizations, want to do the same in Syria. Is this positive or a repeat of past disasters?

Major non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the campaign include Avaaz, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), “White Helmets” also known as “Syria Civil Defence, “The Syria Campaign” , Amnesty International etc.. These campaigns are well funded and in accord with the efforts of John McCain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others who are explicit in wanting “regime change” in Syria. Turkey continues to press for the No Fly Zone as the US and Turkey launch another round of training “moderate rebels” at bases in Turkey… … … Continue reading


Green Resistance & Black Libyans are freeing Jamahiriya from the neo-colonialist puppet government installed by the Zion-NATO forces ~ (Eng-Ita)

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~ The Secret War in Libya ~ By Eric Draitser  ~ Global Research  ~ The battles currently raging in the South of Libya are no mere tribal clashes.  Instead, they represent a possible burgeoning alliance between black Libyan ethnic groups … Continue reading


Tomina, Kararim e Tawergha: città-fantasma e pulizia etnica – Rats force blacks to eat the Green Flag, into a cage, like animals in a zoo – (Text + 2 Video)

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Rats force black people to eat the Green Flag, into a cage, like animals in a zoo * – I NATO-mercenari (ratti delinquenti) costringono i neri libici del sud a mangiare la bandiera verde, rinchiusi dentro una gabbia, come fossero … Continue reading


Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch are contributing in Syria, as they did in Libya, to inflaming sedition and the armed violence committed by the armed terrorist groups against the citizens

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Syrian Human Rights Network: International Organizations’ Depending on Untrue News about Syria Will Expose them to Legal Accountability. DAMASCUS – The Syrian Human Rights Network (SHRN) warned the Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch of the risk of depending … Continue reading


Tortured Freedom in Libya

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The hypocritical and false “Amnesty International” discover only today what we know and we say from a long time. Until the war was on, they did not tell anything about the crimes of NATO that we all knew and denounced. … Continue reading


Amnesty International disinformation: “The Gaddafi Mercenaries and the Division of Africa” (Video)

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The Gaddafi Mercenaries and the Division of Africa How Amnesty International spread rumors and fuelled media disinformation during NATO attacks on Libya in 2011. For more information visit: A production by Julien Teil Written by Julien Teil and Mahdi … Continue reading


The Most Voted “Human Rights Hero”, by Amnesty Int., is Muammar Gaddafi – (Eng-Ita + 2Video)

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The Most Voted “Human Rights Hero”, by Amnesty Int., is Muammar Gaddafi AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR THE MOST VOTED “HUMAN RIGHTS HERO” IS FOR MUAMMAR GADDAFI. Video originale di Lelloscanner2 – 2/1/2012 – Testo/traduzione LibyanFreePress & Ryuzakero (English) = Gaddafi … Continue reading


Human Rights Hero: Vote for Muammar Gaddafi – Eroe per i Diritti Umani: vota per Muammar Gaddafi (Eng-Ita)

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Muammar Gaddafi transformed Libya from the poorest country in the world to the most prosperous country of Africa, more prosperous than Brazil, Russia and Saudi Arabia. – Amnesty International is getting a taste of Karma and reality: Muammar Gaddafi is … Continue reading

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch expose lies on Libya

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch expose lies on Libya

By Dennis SouthMathaba – 5 July 2011

Throughout the last few months, lie after lie after lie has been conjured up, and spread, by NATO and the U.S. regarding Gaddafi and the Great Libyan Jamahiriya.

Anti-Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi protesters (RATS) pray during Friday prayers in front of a U.S. flag at the court square, in Benghazi, Libya, June 24, 2011. (Hassan Ammar/AP Photo)

First it was said that a legitimate “democracy” movement had been birthed amongst some Bengazi residents. That lie has been exposed by the visit to Libya of a number of fact-finding missions, as well as individuals like Dr. Webster Tarpley, an historian, economist, and world-renowned investigative journalist, who have commented that virtually the FIRST thing these “democracy lovers” did was RAID police departments and government ammunition depos–quite a contrast to the Tunisian and Egyptian movements, where peaceful marches occurred. And Colonel Gaddafi had pointed that out in the beginning.

In fact, Gaddafi’s original charge that he made at Bab-al-Aziziyah, in a strong and fiery speech, was that the Bengazi traitors were NOT democracy lovers, but members of Al-Qaeda. And Gaddafi has been proven right on that score also. For instance, Susan Lindauer, a former CIA asset who was IN Libya, many years ago, and is an expert on Al-Qaeda, was interviewed by RT News, and testified that GADDAFI WAS 100% CORRECT in his earlier charge: The Bengazi rats are Al-Qaeda members. She also chastised Obama, saying that she was extremely disappointed in him, and that she wondered WHY he was supporting Al-Qaeda–a movement that the U.S. government has CLAIMED is its arch enemy.

VIDEO: Libya the trouth of the fake revolution by rats

Then the world was fed an OCEAN of propaganda about Gaddafi’s 41-year “reign of terror” and “brutal dictatorship” over the Libyan people. That too was exposed as a lie when the facts about Libya, under Gaddafi, became common knowledge these last three months, when people got on the Internet and began performing their own studies. They found out that:

1. Before Gaddafi, literacy in Libya was only 10%. Since Gaddafi took over, literacy has risen to 90%
2. Undernourishment in Libya is at 2%–a figure lower than that of the world center of “democracy,” the United States of America
3. Education, up through college, is free in Libya
4. Healthcare is free and pharmacies and hospitals of European highest standards
5. Libya ranks No. 53 on the United Nations Index of Human Development
6. Libya has the highest standard of living in Africa, in 1969 before Qaddafi it was the lowest in the world at just $60 per year income
7. Libya gives free land, and seeds, to anyone who wants to farm that land.
8. There is virtually no homelessness in Libya, as everyone is given a home.
9. Women in Libya have equal rights, not only as a philosophy, but in practice.
10. Under Gaddafi’s oil-revenue-sharing program, each Libyan gets $500 (DOLLARS) dumped into his or her bank account, each month
11. Any medical care, operations or health treatments if unavailable in Libya, the citizen is given full expenses of travel and treatment and accommodation abroad to wherever is required for the treatment to be given, no other country in the world does this.
12. On marriage, each couple is given $60,000 to do with as they want, furnish their home, take a holiday, honeymoon, buy car
13. Libyans have a direct participatory democracy based on People’s Conferences that puts other “democracies” to shame
14. Many other such benefits exist in Libya.

So, then people began to ask, “Hey, what’s all this talk about Gaddafi being a ‘brutal dictator,'” and now you can search at Google and find many blogs where outraged individuals who now know the truth are helping spread the news about the TRUTH of Libya, [ ] and the LIES of the North Atrocities Terrorist Organization and the United Snakes government (that is, snakes in the GOVERNMENT, not necessarily the population).

One example of such a blog is the Channel 4 News Blog, “Libyan Lies,” run by Alex Thomson. One of the massive, almost cartoonish, lies told by the North Atrocities Terrorist Organization and the United Snakes Government, was that Colonel Gaddafi had handed out Viagra to his soldiers, and that those soldiers then went on a massive rape campaign, raping Libyan women. Hillary Clinton helped to spread this lie, and one wonders how she could have risen to become the Secretary of State in her country. Of course, TELLING THE TRUTH is obviously not a requirement for holding the position of Secretary of State in the United Snakes Government.

Alex Thomson has revealed that, NOT ONLY is it a total lie that massive rapes occurred in Libya, but that Amnesty International as well as Human Rights Watch visited Libya and reported that NO evidence of ANY rape–not even ONE–was found.

“Donatella Rovera, senior crisis response adviser for Amnesty, who spent three months in Libya after the start of the uprising in February, said of systemic mass rape: ‘We have not found any evidence or a single victim of rape or a doctor who knew about somebody being raped’, although she added that there is also no evidence to suggest mass rapes have not occured.”

It is clear to all, now, that the underlying philosophy of the North Atrocities Terrorist Organization and the United Snakes government is, “Might is right.” Truth doesn’t matter. The evidence in favor of Colonel Gaddafi and the Great Libyan Jamahiriya is POURING, like a flood, all over the place. But none of that matters to NATO and the U.S. As long as they have the most powerful bombs, and as long as they control the “news” media,” all that matters to them is DEATH.