11 million Libyan dinars stolen from the Bank in Bani Walid ~ Reports from Bani Walid, Benghazi, Sabha, Zawia, Tripoli (+Videos)


  • MISRATA CRIMINALS : Dardanelles TV reports 11 million Libyan dinars stolen from the  Bank in Bani Walid by Misrata mercenaries.
  • NTC has paid USD 3.5 million to the criminals who took command in the attacks on Bani Walid (BW was attacked from 4 sides).
  • SABHA: A Gaddafa tribesman was shot dead by militiamen in front of his home in Sabha.
  • BENGHAZI : Hamed Alhassi, Barqa’s Military Council’s commander escapes a serious assassination attempt in Benghazi! His driver was killed Libya
  • The British Government has closed its local consular office “for security reasons”.
  • TARHUNA:  Commander of the Military Council for Tarhuna has been killed and reports tensions & reports of clashes in the city Libya
  • BENGHAZI: Egyptian Consulate decided to suspend their mission in Libya due to frequent attacks. Egyptian officials announced they have suspended ops at their consulate after protest erupted outside facility on 4 Nov. Officials say a group of Libyans, who were attempting to express their outrage at Egyptian visa regs, attacked Consulate
  • ZAWIA : Wounded mercenaries from 2011 uprising began protesting at Zawiya refinery on 4 Nov, over injury treatment, lack of pay. Protesters reportedly stopped staff entering site, prevented tankers leaving. Refinery officials & Zawiya elders plan to intervene. Zawiya refinery provides 40% of western Libya oil needs. Blockade has led to long lines at Tripoli petrol stations, rise in taxi fare
  • GHAT : US drone have allegedly been seen flying around Awbari, Murzuq and Ghat within the past week.
  • TRIPOLI : At least eleven people were reported killed and injured by sources in the GNC Interior Ministry  in fighting today in central Tripoli’s Sidi Khalifa district when forces moved to arrest a commander of the Supreme Security Committee (SSC), suspected of planning an armed attack in the city.  Some reports claim that as many as 18 people were killed, including local residents. One local man said that four local people had been killed.  There has been no conformation, however, of any deaths and a local doctor was reported saying only a few have been injured. The fighting in the district’s Shara Al-Zawia, near the central Tripoli hospital, led to the area being locked down throughout much of the day, with roads blocked and schools closed.
  • BANI WALID REPORT: This weekend, Bani Walid was a quiet town slowly picking itself up. GNC gangs set up check points. Electrical workers stood on cranes fixing dropped lines and residents said power and water had returned to the city of 70,000. The Bani Walid General Hospital was eerily quiet with no patients and very few doctors walked the hallways. Hospital director Ahmad al-Jidik said the hospital had officially re-opened a week ago but staff were slow to return.
    “Parts of the hospital were damaged due to the chaos of the fighting and the looting,” he said. “They even stole medicine. The situation is just really bad”. Drug cabinets in the emergency rooms stood gapingly empty, surrounded by broken chairs and a broken television. Some residents returned to homes they did not recognise any more. Mtayra Mabrouk entered her home gingerly for the first time since fleeing Bani Walid last month to escape the shelling. Her living room and bedrooms were turned upside down: the couches, cushions and chairs were toppled over. Cupboards were opened and emptied hurriedly, their contents strewn across the floors. Food from a walk-in pantry was smeared on the floor next to smashed jars of tomatoes and olives. “I escaped the shelling and went to sleep in the open in a nearby valley before I fled to Tripoli,” the 48-year-old widow said.
    “If I had known this was going to happen to my house I would never have left. I would have stayed and kept these people from doing this.”
    Nearby, 64-year-old businessman Hussein Abdel-Rahman said he came back to Bani Walid a week ago to find his house completely burned down.  Walking through the multi-roomed villa, the faint smell of smoke lingered throughout. The walls and ceilings were completely blacked out, the windows had no glass and doors had melted off their hinges.
    “What did we do to deserve this?” he asked, shaking his head.
    Abdel-Rahman said he thought he was being punished for speaking out when his son had been kidnapped by militias earlier this year.
    “They want to take their revenge on us in this city and won’t rest until they feel like they have.”
    The town and its now-displaced inhabitants. Outside the hospital, vans of the Red Crescent stood handing out food to employees of the hospital. But Crescent worker Malek Omar said one of their main duties in Bani Walid was to look for dead bodies that were left to rot around the city.
  • Fox: British intel sources-“drones fly over Benghazi every night. And armed drones fly ovr nearby chemical sites”
  • Latest: Rockets hit Libyan Supreme Security Committee building. At least five people have been injured after several rocket-propelled grenades targeted the Libyan intelligence Headquarter in the oil-rich country’s capital, Tripoli.


A special thanks to Libya SOS Daily News

Videos from different sources Network reloaded and published on 6/11/2012




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