Bani Walid, besieged, heroically resists – Bani Walid, assediata, eroicamente resiste (8 Oct 2012) (Video ENG-ITA subtitles)



In Libya, where humanitarian crisis developing there, and the continuing of the siege of town Bani Walid, a former Gaddafi stronghold, has left residents without water supplies.
Doctor Abdul-Hamid Alshandoli, a member of the legal council is inside the besieged city he give us an account of what’s exactly happening there.
The situation in Bani Walid is very bad. There’s no food, no drugs, no necessities, no cooking gas. The armed groups are still surrounding the city. They’ve blocked the main entrance to Bani Walid and the National General Congress has done nothing,
although we have asked them to break the sanctions and let food in.
We are talking to the UN secretary in Libya, we’ve talked to several organisations in Libya, but they’ve done nothing. And it’s more difficult day by day.

Henningsen spoke to RT about the current situation in Bani Walid and Libya as a whole.

RT: The siege of Bani Walid started because the government wants to arrest the suspected murderers of the man who’s thought to have captured Colonel Gaddafi. The town failed to hand them over — but is the siege an appropriate response?

Patrick Henningsen: Not in a civilized, normally formed country. But as we know, Libya is anything but civilized and formed in a normal, organic fashion. The ruling party in Libya right now is an amateur government. It’s an artificial creation of the west in the post-Gaddafi regime change plan. So this gives you an indication of how they’re governing in this country and certainly there is no stability in Libya compared to before the NATO bombing and destruction of their country.

RT: The residents of Bani Walid are appealing to the UN for help. Is that a good move?

PH: I don’t think they’re going to get much help from the UN, seeing as how the Untied Nations is the co-architect of this post-Gaddafi Libya. They’re half responsible for this sort of fraud that was imposed by the UN resolution in 1973, which was starting with the no-fly zone which turned into a bombing zone and a free-for-all for NATO countries. It doesn’t surprise me that the UN will be ineffectual because I can’t see one instance over the whole globe — over the whole geopolitical spectrum worldwide — where the UN has done anything of any value in the last decade or two. They’re a complete failure and they’re controlled by their number one funder, which is the United States, and its ‘Mini me’ — Britain.

RT: There’s a political crisis developing too with Libya’s new Prime Minister being dismissed for failing to form a government. Is the country’s new political system doomed before it really gets started?

PH: The western, imperialist plan with Libya has come after a couple of other so-called ‘successes’ which they would count as Afghanistan and Iraq. If you look at the US-installed president in Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, he doesn’t have any real legitimacy amongst Afghanis — but he’s backed by the US and he’s a US puppet. In Libya, it’s even worse because the west is having trouble with this overt agenda of installing a pro-American, pro-western banking sort of leader. So they’ve got serious problems in Libya. There’s no legitimacy with this post-Gaddafi government. It makes Muammar Gaddafi’s government look like a beacon of light in a shining city on a hill.

RT: What lessons can we learn from Libya in regards to dealing with the long-running crisis in Syria?

PH: Syria is directly linked to Libya because Libya did send al-Qaeda fighters, who are being backed by the west in a logistical and financial fashion. This is the west going in directly or through its proxies or through its gulf state petro-monarchies in order to impose a western friendly regime in that country that they can then go and colonize in a financial way. Particularly, we’re talking about private banking and public private initiatives and selling off the assets of the country for pennies on the dollar to western countries. That’s what the plan was in Libya. They’re having trouble because of instability. And in Syria, it could be much worse because in Syria, we’re looking at a protracted civil war in the making, or something even worse.


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