NATO-USA-Saudi-Qatar mafias is helping human traffickers from Benghazi in their business ~ (ENG-ITA)



Libya is a human trafficking center with human trafficking mafia based primarily in Benghazi.

A billion dollar a year industry.

Mainly African migrants are transported first to Lampedusa, Malta & Italy.

People pay $3 to $4 thousand dollars per person generating millions of dollars a day.

Also liquors & drugs are smuggled into Libya by traffickers.

The Gaddafi & Berlusconi deal ended human trafficking in Libya, now instead with the NATO-mercenaries of the NTC is again flourishing.

Mr Berlusconi is not a saint nor a brave man, but this is also one of the reasons why he was uncomfortable to usury global imperialist powers and, therefore, he was fired and Italy humiliated in a shameful servile behavior.

Italy is an American colony and is used as a U.S. military base, and instead of Berlusconi now there is a steward for the banking system.

The enemy number one of Libya and of the African people, it is not just NATO and its mercenaries puppets of al-Qaeda and the NTC, but primarily the global financial and banking system of usury, who stole and are stealing all the energy and resources of Libya and from the African continent … as most of the world.

They are the teachers and directors, NTC & al-Qaeda are the tools and puppets


Le Mafie di NATO-USA-ARABIA-QATAR aiutano i trafficanti di esseri umani di Bengasi nella loro attività e per massacrare il popolo libico ….

La Libia é un centro di traffico di esseri umani in mano alla mafia della tratta di esseri umani basata soprattutto a Bengasi.

Un’industria da un miliardo di dollari l’anno.

Principalmente, i migranti africani vengono trasportati prima a Lampedusa, Malta e in Italia.

La gente paga da 3 a 4.000 dollari a testa, facendo lucrare milioni di dollari al giorno.

Anche alcolici e farmaci fanno parte del contrabbando in Libia dei trafficanti.

L’accordo tra Gheddafi e Berlusconi aveva posto fine a questo traffico di esseri umani in Libia, che ora invece con i NATO-mercenari del NTC é di nuovo fiorente.

Berlusconi non è un santo né un uomo coraggioso, ma questo è anche uno dei motivi per cui egli era scomodo per l’usura globale delle potenze imperialiste e, di conseguenza, egli è stato licenziato dalle banche (di cui era pure una marionetta che credeva di potersi muovere senza i fili…n.d.r.) e l’Italia umiliata in un comportamento vergognoso servile.

L’Italia è una colonia americana e viene utilizzata come base militare degli Stati Uniti, e al posto di Berlusconi invece ora c’è un maggiordomo del sistema bancario.

Il nemico numero uno della Libya e del popolo africano, non é sono la NATO ed i suoi burattini mercenari di al-Qaeda e del NTC, ma soprattutto il sistema di usura finanziaria e bancaria globale, che ha rubato e sta rubando tutte le energie e risorse della Libia e del continente africano…come di quasi tutto il mondo…

Loro sono i maestri e registi, NTC & al-Qaeda sono gli strumenti e i pupi.

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8 responses to “NATO-USA-Saudi-Qatar mafias is helping human traffickers from Benghazi in their business ~ (ENG-ITA)

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  4. fu africans that que jump should not be allowed into countries ot allowed anywhere else in world time africans stayed home and built their own cou ntries instead of being abunch of uncle toms cabins for US gov that always riuns real freedom and keeps afriacn govs subserviant as fo\r calinms Saudi and Qatar involved ias despicable and dirty attack by abunch of loonnies westernewrs like this italian idiottime Libyan people dumped this so called saupport it is not winning you any real support just like libya SOS website trhat in raelity lets people who supported the war on libya like occuppy wall st amy goodman and bunch of womens libbers and climate change loonies on there SAUDI ARABIA never supported war on LIBYA and press TV Iran helped stir up virualent campaign against gaddafhi even though Iran did not want nato bombing of libya even ASSAD himself at start turned on LIBYA abnd gaddfhi to draw atrtention from Syria but soon felt remorse and supported LIBYA the fake Arab spring except for uprising Efypt was UYS inspired like yemen that had elected gov open elections and bahrain under color revolution by george soros freedom house proven and US just recognize jerusalem as capitol mof Isreal and eu upgrade trade with Isreal fully no denouncing Isreal crimes against palestinianseven gaddafhi signed this agreement with western govs to stop illeagal migrants and china offerd and gave billions to african countries aid no strings atatched to which they all went running back to US

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  6. Thank You it would be helpful to expose those members of the Jamahiriya who took BRIBES and KICKBACKS.

    Events have REVEALED that Libya wasn’t the “Pro-African” Socialist model . But had become a HAVEN for REACTIONARIES , RACISTS, OCCULTISTS and the PROFLIGATE .

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