Libya And The Brainwashed Western Left


From “Libya And The Western Left”

By Dan Glazebroo, 20 August, 2012,

Brian Becker:“In the case of Libya the British, the US and the French never suggested they were sending massive troops to fight; in fact they pledged from the beginning that they wouldn’t. The British, French and US governments promised their own masses that all the bleeding would be done on the other side.” Combined with the virulent and hysterical propaganda war conducted against Gaddafi, this made it much more difficult to mobilise against this war: “In the lead up to any war, there is a demonisation of the targeted country and the leader as the ultimate devil, justifying any act of aggression. And in this war, no Brits were going to die, no French, no Americans: only Libyans would die, only the devils would die. So there was, on the part of the peace movement, an accommodation to imperialist propaganda because it was easier to accommodate to imperialist propaganda than to fight against it”.

This propaganda went way beyond the Libyan government, of course, as Brian explains: “Any sign of support for Gaddafi gave lie to their propaganda presentation that it was ‘the people versus Gaddafi’. And it’s clear that Gaddafi had a lot of support from black Libyans who considered Gaddafi’s African-centric foreign policy to be positive. So the manifestations of support for Gaddafi, or the targeting of black people by the so-called revolutionaries because they supported Gaddafi, created a contradiction for US propaganda.” This is when “Susan Rice, US ambassador to the UN, started characterising Gaddafi’s supporters as alleged African mercenaries.” Despite the fact that Amnesty International could not confirm a single case of these ‘pro-Gaddafi mercenaries’, the narrative took hold. “This was an attempt by the administration to evade responsibility for what was basically a lynch mob atmosphere against black people in Libya.” Yet again, Brian points out, “it shows that there is an organic connection between racism and imperialism, between racism and counter-revolution. These are fundamental organic characteristics of the social beast.”


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