Interview to a Green Libyan soldier: “Libyans [mercenaries] Return From Syria in Boxes” (Video)



A Green Libyan Soldier Speaks (He was wounded during the war)
The blurring of identity is necessary for fear of retribution to family.
Libya is now Hell – Multiple Militias control everything
Kidnappings, torture and summary killings are common
Muslim Brotherhood is now quite powerful
Qatar is the mega centre of Arab politics


Video by 108morris108


Published by Ryuzakero, 17 August 2012.

Reloaded & Supported by LibyanFreePressNetwork





2 responses to “Interview to a Green Libyan soldier: “Libyans [mercenaries] Return From Syria in Boxes” (Video)

  1. We are aware many Libyan and Tunisia thugs have gone to Syria to fight and get paid very well by ksa and qatar. They came back in boxes which they deserve, these bad human, money worshipers. Pity the dark coloured skin in the south east being eliminated, very sad in Kufra. However am glad to hear that Bani Walid is secured, united and strong. We hope that Bani Walid people will be like Khalid bin Walid, the sword of God in preparation to attack Tripoli from a few fronts when the time is right. Let the militias fight among themselves first. BTW, thanks for the video on the status of Libya of late. Looks like qatar is the iblis and ksa is the satan. The moment will come to them in a flash, God Willing, Ameen. Salam n peace to all at LFP.


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