Ignorance is Strength, War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom

Libya: Ignorance is Strength, War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom

by Adam King

We are living in very sick times, under the rule of very sick people.

Eric Arthur Blair (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950) better known to us as George Orwell, was obviously a sensitive character, with eyes and ears wide open, and a sharp, critical and analytical mind.

His work is marked by keen intelligence and wit, a profound awareness of social injustice, an intense opposition to totalitarianism, a passion for clarity in language and a belief in jamahiri socialism.

Were he alive today, there is no doubt he’d be active in the International Green Charter Revolutionary Committees Movement.

He was able to see through the bull shit of government propaganda back in 1949 when he wrote “1984”, and the sick motivations of the pigs in power when he wrote Animal Farm in 1945. Indeed nothing has changed.

Let us look at the words he wrote to describe the coming New World Order, under which many of us now live, and which Libya, as a former beacon of freedom, has now been brutally and mercilessly subjected to:

Ignorance is Strength

How else can you describe the lowest of base rat elements ruling Libyan neighbourhoods, and now holding the reigns of power in government, supported by the most ignorant of Europeans in NATO and in politics in England, France and led by the Zionists of Hilary Clinton and Co with their brown puppet in the USA.

The most ignorant in all history now bully us all into line or imprison, torture, and massacre us, with the mentality of cavemen, but with nuclear weapons as clubs. Cavemen however likely had more heart, and some degree of conscience, unlike the modern versions dressed in western suits.

How else can you describe the ex-Libyans born and bred in England and the USA, these spoiled brats who know nothing about culture, religion, history, nor Libya and yet are now part and parcel of the ignorant minority ruling over the majority: trying to teach them “democracy” which the indigenous know all about.

Does anyone think that this can last? That those ignorant-arrogant English, ex-Libyans, West Europeans and Americans, will be able to win the hearts and minds of those they have brutally occupied? That is of course not their intention, for they are deaf, dumb and blind. They know nothing of justice, democracy, nor socialism.

When we used to tell them about democracy, freedom, and social justice, they used to screw up their noses: Pah! We want music, drugs, sex, who cares about such things? The Green Book? Gaddafi is mad! He is a mad dog! He is crazy! That book is rubbish, he is a brutal dictator! We want political parties, Madonna!

These, and the equally ignorant blind merciless rats who claim to be Muslim yet know nothing whatsoever about Islam, have no fear of Allah, and are the very antithesis of Islam, are now attempting to rule those who experienced true democracy, natural socialism, and the social justice of the Jamahiriya?

This is why, they set up stupid web sites such as “” using templates and set up by ex-Libyan stray dogs and rats in England. This is why, they are forced to bring “elections” to Libya with endless fine print at the end of the “laws” that they had to pass without any popular involvement, so as to ensure that all those who know anything about Islam, democracy, socialism and justice, are kept out:

“The National Congress consists of two hundred (200) members chosen by direct and free elections, where a ten per cent (10%) quota of the total number of members of Congress is reserved for women, unless the number of women candidates does not reach the ten per cent (10%) quota.”

In the Jamahiriya, there was no such need to force quotas for women who were freedom personified. Nor was there any need for ballot boxes and the casting of votes every few years to surrender all authority to representatives to rule over them, since they exercised power directly in the people’s conferences several times each year!

After endless “articles” drafted by these ignorant foreigners, and forced on the masses as the “rules” by which their new “democracy” is supposed to play, many other things are added in small print, including:

* Candidates MUST (sic) be over 25 years of age (they can die for the country aged 16, but can only participate in OUR democracy if they are over 25, because we know the youth are not afraid to die, and will not have enough motivation to accept our crap incentives to corrupt power).

* Candidates MUST (sic) hold a professional qualification (so that they can print them out in England for whoever they want)

* Members of the National Transitional Council, Interim government, Executive office, or local council (civilian/military) will NOT (sic) be eligible for electoral candidacy. (Because, those will hold real power, and want the focus off them. This “formal” power will be just for those Libyans who want to “play democracy”).

* Persons who occupied a leading position in the secretariat of the General People’s Congress, the people’s congresses, a people’s committee, or a people’s leadership, or diplomats and/or politicians in the previous regime will NOT (sic) be eligible, unless having demonstrated early and clear support for the February 17th revolution.

Because they have to exclude almost the entire population and remove all ideas of people’s power democracy of the Jamahiriya. This is why they have not managed to get, nor even fake, enough numbers of registered candidates and voters to participate in this farce, which was due to take place June 19. This is why they also need to speedily “convict” (and execute) the tens of thousands they hold prisoner and torture, and demand all remaining freedom thinking Libyans imprisoned, at home or who fled for their safety to other countries in Africa.

* Persons proven to be part of the previous regime apparatuses such as the Revolutionary Committees Movement or an active member of the Revolutionary Guard, the People’s Guard, the Revolutionary Action Team, or the Revolutionary Legions and their related groups and/or organisations will NOT be eligible for electoral candidacy.

As if, there are any left in Libya, who have not been tortured, shot, imprisoned, murdered, pulled apart, or chased out of the country. As if anyone advocating the Jamahiriya would be left over and able to come out and even WANT to participate in this farce. This only shows the extreme ignorance of these idiots from England and USA who have drawn up the laws on their own, to participate in a game, not understanding their temporary role.

* Persons who actively protested the February 17th revolution will NOT (sic) be eligible for candidacy.

That automatically rules out 95% of Libyans. In Tripoli on July 1st alone, on a single day, 1.7 Million, virtually the entire population of the capital city, came out and protested the February 17 terrorists and their fake revolution, see here. So who else does that leave to participate in the farce? No one but the authors of these ignorant documents themselves. Yes, ignorance is strength for the Libyan rats.

* Persons found guilty of imprisoning and/or torturing Libyan citizens during the previous regime will NOT be eligible for candidacy. (sic)

Yes, you read that right. Point 11 among the small print of Article 17 which even the most ignorant of “human rights defenders” in the West have not been able to stomach, since it is just all to obvious to any child, that is of course aside from these Anglo-American ex-Libyan new kids on the block. You read that right. They can accuse anyone of torture, and they will not be eligible to play democracy, but, all those who carried out real torture during the past year, all those rats, will be able to play democracy. Sick, isn’t it?

* Persons proven to have wrongfully received gifts, financial or in-kind, from the former regime will NOT be eligible for candidacy.

If I were 100% Libyan, I would be totally excluded from candidacy in the “new democracy” of Libya, if I ever became mentally insane and could undo all I had learned from The Green Book and wanted to participate in such a farce.

Oh dear, if you ever received a free copy of The Green Book, you can’t play the game! But wait, the next point makes double sure to take care of that pesky Green Book:

* Persons who had obtained an academic degree in the Third Universal Theory, or the Green Book will NOT be eligible for candidacy.

Well I’ll be damned. Anyone who therefore studied what democracy is about, is not allowed to play the game.

* Persons proven to have had professional and/or commercial relationships with Gaddafi family members and/or senior former regime members will NOT be eligible for candidacy.

So after all the above points, they also need to add this, just in case there is anyone not covered by all the above and more, left in Libya, and additionally who would have been among the small number of Libyans that had any direct relationship with the Gaddafi family. Yes, they are so paranoid, they even need to take care of this unlikely eventuality!

It makes you wonder. Is Hilary Clinton off sick? Normally it is her who drafts all this stuff. Who let these little stray pups from the “The Libyan Progress Initiative: Established in September 2011 by British-Libyan’s with a deep understanding and affinity for both Libya and the UK” out into the wild? But no, its not these idiots, of which each one sets up his own web site, that drafted this shit. So who did draft it?

Hitlery Killington surely not? After all she is now counting the “success” of “New Libya”, and has no time for the games of democracy. But clearly, if not the “Libyan Progress Initiative” that no one has heard about other than the kittens who made a web site before they could crawl, then surely some other ex-Libyan kittens.

Then there are a whopping 57 articles, and the above is only part of one of them. Most of the other articles are equally dictatorial, restrictive and, frankly, a joke. I’m very happy with this, it means that false democracy has absolutely no chance of doing anything other than confirm what The Green Book says about it. And Jamahiriya will indeed return, from a position of strength never seen before, after having expanded out into the world.

I just give you some few samples of the incredible joke, which is what has no chance at all of working in Libya, nor in any other country, and which is straight from George Orwell’s 1984:

Slavery is Freedom

These are parts of what the new slavery in Libya is passing off as freedom to participate in demoncracy, or is it demockery:

The decision to form sub-committees and polling stations overseas, is made by the High Commission, (not the Libyan people), based upon the nominations of the Foreign Ministry (which is already staffed by unelected people. Play by our rules or no democracy for you). Nominees must meet the required participatory conditions (which as we have seen exclude almost everyone inside Libya) for committee members.
The Electoral High Commission, (not the Libyan people), will establish the Electoral Districts based on population density and geographical area, and determine the allotted number of government seats per district.

If an electoral district remains without any candidates for any reason that may be, the Electoral High Commission reserves the right to appoint candidates for the concerned district. (Of course, most districts will not have candidates, for all the obvious reasons, so this self-appointed dictatorship can install whoever they like as sole candidates there, and thus come to “power” even with one vote).

Candidates must withdraw their nominations if a written request from an electoral subcommittee to do so is presented before seven (7) days of polling date.

(Yes, that’s right, if we did not shoot you before then we will write you a letter, such as: “We do not want you to participate in our elections, because we don’t like you, we don’t know you, we don’t trust you. Anyway, we are writing this letter to inform you that you must withdraw your nomination as a candidate in the election, because we are the power and we drafted the rules, which is stated in Article 21, that “Candidates must withdraw their nominations if a written request from an electoral subcommittee to do so is presented before seven (7) days of polling date”, and it is now 14 days from polling date, we’ve removed all others that we don’t want to participate, and will not try to hold our elections in… err… we will announce it on TV.”)

If a candidate passes away after the announcement of the candidate(s) lists, their name will be removed from the candidates list. If said candidate is the only one on the list for their district, the Electoral High Commission will appoint candidate(s) for that district.

(Yes, they did actually insert that as one of the articles too. Orwellian. It is obvious to any idiot that if someone dies, they will not be a candidate for election. But, this was obviously therefore inserted for a sinister reason: if the 7 days deadline is too short, and they don’t have time to write a letter under previous article asking you to withdraw your nomination, then they will simply shoot you as they have done to over 50,000 others, and, so that no one will ask questions or know that you were on the list, your name will be taken off. After all, some idiot might vote for you after you are dead, and then perhaps more questions may be asked.)

Next up, just so that they can bump-off all candidates that they don’t want to win, but want to participate, just so as to give a little semblance of some sick legitimacy to this joke democracy-dictatorship, they have inserted this clause, like all others above, it really is real:

“In the case that only one candidate remains on an electoral list after the closing of a polling station, either due to absence, death or disqualification of other candidates, the local electoral sub-committee can announce the victory of this candidate without having to resort to a re-election.”

Candidates will use symbols, which they may submit to be approved by the Electoral High Commission. Symbols must not resemble those of other candidates and other entities in name and/or distinguishing features. They must not contain anything which could imply exhortations to violence, hatred, discrimination, or disrespect to public order.

(This is so that the only people who would take part in actually voting in these stupid conditions, are of course the ignorant themselves. Almost all Libyans could read and write. But not those pill-popping fools who descended on Libya from the USA: many of them don’t know how to spell their own names, let alone read Arabic. Or English for that matter. So for them, a symbol of a donkey, would indicate they can vote for the donkey. Only, oddly, they forgot to write that symbols cannot be green!)

The following votes are considered invalid:

  1. Votes that are attached to a condition (because Slavery is Freedom: you must not have any conditions at all!)
  2. Votes that are over or under the required number for elected members. (work that one out?)
  3. Votes that are written on a paper different from the one handed by the electoral committee. (toilet paper?)
  4. Votes that are written on paper and signed by voter, or with symbols that may identify the voter. (?! ever seen such a condition? Aha, they worry that people will write Muammar Qaddafi on a paper, and sign it with their name with a green pen, and throw it in the box?)

Stealing or tampering with ballot boxes or voting cards they hold will be considered a crime punishable by a prison term of no less than three (3) years and no more than five (5) years and/ or a fine of three thousand Libyan Dinars (3,000 LYD).

(Yes, that’s right. Don’t take one of these rubbish bins away for a souvenir, that’s clear, but you will be imprisoned (and tortured) for a period of no less than 3 years, and up to 5 if you survive it, for simply tearing off a corner or bending your voter card. Don’t even dream of doing what one million Australians did at the last joke election in Australia, that did not have so many conditions as this attached: they tore their voter cards up and stuffed them into the rubbish bin in protest at having no good choices to vote from. In Libya, if you do that, and there are no good choices anywhere there under these conditions, then you’re automatically carted off to prison — and much worse — for at least 3 years! Bravo! Well done! Soon even make shift prisons won’t be large enough to hold everyone!)

Just in case one of their tribe needs to get out of the 3 years mandatory prison sentence, then they may let them get away with a different sub-clause of another article, which contradicts and says “Concealing, tampering, or reducing electoral lists and/or voting cards” will lead to “a prison sentence and/or fine that does not exceed one thousand Libyan Dinars (1,000 LYD), and denial of their right to vote”. So which one is it, 3 years minimum, or an undefined prison sentence (could be 100 years or 1 day, and/or less than 1,000 Libyan Dinars? What jokers! And they hoist this upon us as freedom!

Any party involved in falsely accusing an employee of the Electoral High Commission or its subcommittees of corruption will be punished in accordance with the Libyan penal code. (Don’t even attempt it!)

Effectively, absolutely no — sorry NO! — civil society organisations are allowed to monitor the Libyan elections. The following article makes that very clear — remember, firstly there are no real civil society organisations in Libya, and all foreign ones are banned, to make sure that only the very corrupt western governments can send observers and declare Freedom:

Representatives of civil society organisations are permitted to enter the voting and sorting committee in such a way that the head of the sub-committee or polling centre has the power to regulate this entry so that it does not disrupt the progress or regularity of the voting process.

The organisation must present to the Electoral High Commission:

  • Observer request form.
  • Representatives’ credentials.
  • Organisations’ activities for the three (3) months prior to request.

It is forbidden for any civil society organisation wishing to observe the voting process to be funded by a foreign country or entity.

Work this one out? If you are crazy enough to participate and be voted in, having fulfilled all the dictatorial restrictions, and are thus a rat, torturer, corrupt, crazy, violent, ignorant, and never saw a copy of The Green Book in your life, then you are not allowed to work, and etc, rather unclear to my logical mind (because in the following Article the brackets are theirs, and the last one makes no sense:

Upon their election, members of the General National Congress (including the president) are forbidden from continuing any jobs (trade-related or otherwise) or any public office position (which will be run by the deputy until the end of term).

This document, of “Draft Libyan Electoral Law 2012” was signed by the Transitional National Council. We can see the qualifications of the lawyers that make up a number of this lawless body — a further testimony of the dangers of lawyers — after all Hilary Clinton is one and she openly calls for, and revels in delight at torture and murder, having done so openly on world wide television.

The “Electoral High Commission” itself appointed by the TNC, has absolutely no restrictions nor laws imposed upon it as any form of punishment, should it do anything to violate anything. They made damn sure of that, in the mistaken belief that this would protect them in future: what they forget is that they will not be in power forever. In fact not for long at all, by the looks of it.

Now for anyone who thinks I am making all this up, just Google up the Draft Libyan Electoral Law 2012, and see it in full for yourself. I warn you, I took on the kafkesque task myself as you can see above, and it had deleterious effects, if you know half as much as I do about freedom, strength and peace, you’ll find it hard to digest.

War is Peace

Yes, the entire was on Libya in 2011, displacing a million people, murdering one hundred thousand (please anyone, count one, two, three, all the way to 100,000 and each time you count think of a life of a child, woman, man, and all their families and friends affected by this, and then come back and tell me you did it and are still sane and alive?), destroying all the infrastructure of Africa’s wealthiest state so that the ignorant enslaved war thugs of Europe can come in an “reconstruct”, all this war was carried out in the name of Peace and humanitarianism. Because they had to try to get rid of Muammar Qaddafi, but only failed in that endeavour, instead allowing him to retire for now living in the hearts of tens of millions of people around the world.


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