Tarhouna fighters occupying the international airport of Tripoli + Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda trial




Tarhouna fighters occupying the international airport of Tripoli, demanding release of tribe leader:
Colonel Abu Oegeila al-Hebeishi

Fighters at Tripoli's main airport, June 4. (Photo: Akhbar Al Alaan TV, J. Moussa)
Fighters at Tripoli’s main airport, June 4 (Photo: Akhbar Al Alaan TV, J. Moussa)

The international airport of the Libyan capital of Tripoli has been under the control of fighters who support former Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and the Jamahiriya government for several hours on Monday afternoon. Flights have been diverted to Metiga air base in the city’s center after the fighters stormed the airport “with heavy machine guns and armored vehicles”.

According to Reuters, the fighters are members of the Al-Awfea Brigade from the town of Tarhouna who demand the release of one of their leaders, Colonel Abu Oegeila al-Hebeishi, whom they said had disappeared on Monday night after being kidnapped by armed rebels while travelling between Tarhouna and Tripoli.

“The situation in the airport is very tense and tanks are surrounding the buildings. No one is allowed into the building,” an anonymous source told Reuters.

Reports say that several hours later and “after negotiations” the fighters agreed to withdraw from the airport.

Situated 80 km southeast of Tripoli, the town of Tarhourna and its largest tribe, also called Tarhouna, have continued to be loyal to the leader of the Libyan Al-Fateh Revolution and the concept of the free Jamahiriya, and therefore are a target of the western-backed rebels who started an armed revolt against the Jamahiriya government in February 2011.

Only this year, armed Al Qaeda gangs have been responsible for the death of hundreds of tribe members in the south of Libya where the so-called Green Resistance keeps fighting against these NATO-led terrorists who have destroyed and destabilized the country, killing tens of thousands of its civilians.

Dr. Dorda

Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda trial

The incident at Tripoli’s main airport happens the day before Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda, former Prime Minister (1990-1994) and Libyan Jamahiriya government permanent representative to the United Nations (1997-2003) is due to being illegally taken to court by the rebels’ National Transitional Council (NTC).

Dr. Dorda has been held and tortured by the NTC since his capture on September 11, 2011, while no criminal charges against him have been made. At the beginning of his unjust detention he was thrown out of a window and one of his doctors has told his family that both of his legs were broken and that he has been badly beaten and tortured.

In November 2011, the brother of Dr. Dorda, Mr. Adel Khalifa Dorda, told independent journalist Morris Herman he had written a letter to the Secretary of the United Nations, calling on him to interfere directly to guarantee Mr. Dorda’s safety, security and freedom. He however didn’t receive any response.

Based on an interview of Dr. Dorda’s immediate family, Sons of Malcolm’s Sukant Chandan now urges to ask for a fair trial for Dr. Dorda on June 5, demanding that he will be immediately allowed to get a lawyer and that there will be observers from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to monitor the whole process of the trial to ensure Dr. Dorda’s safety and human rights:

The family of Mr Dorda would like to thank all those who seek justice for Mr Dorda and many others in Libya and request that those who believe in justice and human rights in Libya contact HRW and Amnesty to express their concerns about:

  1. The unfair nature of this trial
  2. That they send monitors and observers to the trial and his detention, so that international public opinion are informed of the nature of the trial and that Mr Dorda’s personal safety is ensured.

Human Rights Watch, Middle East and North Africa Division:

Amnesty International, individuals at risk contact:

Dr. Dorda has been very popular in the Libyan Jamahiriya. In the two years he held the position of Libya’s Housing and Infrastructure official, both housing and infrastructure have improved very much.

Source of the article By Quoriana : WorldMathaba


NOTE of LibyanFreePressNetwork: we reported the article as we received it, but we do not believe for a second that HRW or Amnesty Int. are sincerely able to do anything for Libya, except to be good supporters and customers for Nato-forces and USA-Zionist lobby, as they always were in the past.
Now maybe they are trying to rebuild their virginity, but from our point of view, they have lost all credibility and reliability.


First Video Published on Jun 4, 2012 by

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Libyen: Tarhouna-Kämpfer besetzen internationalen Flughafen von Tripolis
Libya: Tarhouna fighters occupying the international airport of Tripoli
Libia: Tarhouna combatientes que ocupan el aeropuerto internacional de Trípoli
Libia: Tarhouna combattenti che occupano l’aeroporto internazionale di Tripoli
Libye: les combattants Tarhouna occupant l’aéroport international de Tripoli
Libya: Tarhouna bardagamenn hernema alþjóðlega flugvellinum í Tripoli
Либија: Тархоуна борци заузимају међународни аеродром у Триполију
Ливия: Tarhouna бойцы занимают в международном аэропорту Триполи
लीबिया: Tarhouna त्रिपोली के अंतरराष्ट्रीय हवाई अड्डे पर कब्जा सेनानियों
ليبيا: من مقاتلي ترهونة احتلال المطار الدولي في طرابلس


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6 responses to “Tarhouna fighters occupying the international airport of Tripoli + Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda trial

  1. babanamkevalam

    forza partigiani della Jahamarya Libica. Spero di vedere con i miei occhi la Libia Liberata.

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  3. We posted this update on our blog.Thanks for sharing the truth about Libya

  4. heart ache for dr dorda he is being made a scape goat Amnesty int did a scathi9ng report on Nato s attack on Libya interviewing many people in Libya and were ready to release theur findings that Gaddfhi did not bomb Libyans this was to be released August last yr Cameron intervened and the paper was never released As for AL Qeida again this is stupid lying and sad day that libyans and free press resort to lies about Al Qeida in Libya Al qeida would never help US and One Nationolist does not make agroup and everyone knows GADDFHI was sold out by bunch of nationilists ex royalists and and dissidents Bell haj wchanged sides not ALQEIDA US wEST FULLY STATED trurh IS he never was AL QEIDAthis has been proven by going back yrs into his past not just by LIes told by west ab out him and thousands of othersBeLLhaj was a nationilist and to state gangs of ALQEIDA is playing into west hands and totalremoval from truth and who these people are is LIBYAN thugs who are atatcking their own people for money and months of videos show Libyans paid to LOOT and atatck do not become like those who got gaddafhi and libya attacked by waging a campaign of lies rammped up by Iran Hezbollah and even Assad and even Hamaswarn the ME is under lot of pressure from US Isreal andNATO ABBASS and the Palestine Authority could have locked in Full Observer state by NOW Abbass has not this would greatly help ME and would have months ago ME must stop turnion each other again just what US wants

    • Please, write in a way that everyone can understand what you say.
      Because frankly it is very difficult to understand what you say if you write without dividing the sentences and without punctuation.
      Write sentence by sentence, and split them.
      Otherwise we can no longer post your comments.
      Sorry and thanks

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