Delegation of LibyanFreePress in Syria – Delegazione di LibyanFreePress in Syria

A delegation of LibyanFreePress network, composed of its members Italians and Syrians, is currently on a mission to Syria in an official representative of mixed media.

Updates and news will be guaranteed, but discontinuous in relation to local connections.

LibyanFreePress  is supporting the legitimate government in place led by President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian people that overwhelmingly supports it.


Una delegazione del network di LibyanFreePress, composta da suoi membri italiani e siriani, e’ attualmente in missione in Siria al seguito di una rappresentanza ufficiale mista di giornalisti.

Aggiornamenti e notizie saranno garantite, ma discontinue in rapporto alle connessioni locali.

LibyanFreePresse’ al fianco del legittimo governo in carica guidato dal presidente Bashar al-Assad e del popolo siriano che a stragrande maggioranza lo sostiene.






3 responses to “Delegation of LibyanFreePress in Syria – Delegazione di LibyanFreePress in Syria

  1. Bravi. un’ altra iniziativa che vi fa onore. I soliti ASSASSINI cercano di ripetere in siria, quello che hanno fatto in libia. Diffondere la verita’ é sempre cosa buona.

  2. Well ther is no better leader for Syria then the Great and Honourable President Bashir Al Assad just the same way there is ONLY ONE Great and Hounourable leader for Libya that is the Great Brother Leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Well done LibyaFreepress continue to do your wonderful job and glad you are going to Syria.

  3. Rats are blowing up oil pipelines and other energy nodes in Syria. This is extremely dangerous, and I hope the Syrian government will TOTALLY suspend any attempt to deal with the UN. You can’t play politics with the UN. You can’t go through that body for ANYTHING. It has to be ignored totally, and you have to hope that Russia will stand with you MILITARILY.

    Power in Syria is cut off in the mornings, from what I read. What this will do is this:

    1. Decrease confidence in the Syrian government
    2. Cause CONFLUSION.

    This is the SAME thing they did in Libya. The only difference is that they didn’t start doing it until they were close to taking over Libya. But now, in Syria, they’re doing it early.

    So, they have some kind of wear-down strategy. And what they want to wear down is the confidence of the Syrian PUBLIC.

    Syria must strike hard. It must.

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