Qatar Military Coup “Rumours” Stir Bad Blood With House of Saud (+2Video)


Qatar Military Coup “Rumours” Stir Bad Blood With House of Saud

The rumour mill is churning in the Persian Gulf with unconfirmed reports of a failed military coup against the Qatari ruler.

There were even media reports that American military helicopters had whisked the Emir and his wife to a safe unknown destination in the aftermath of the failed putsch, said to be have been attempted by high-ranking officers.

Saudi news channel Al Arabiya reported earlier today a coup bid against Qatari Emir Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani. However, by midday, the story appeared to have been removed from Al Arabiya’s English-language website.

Iranian news channel Press TV toned down its early headlines of a coup and later speculated that Saudi-owned Al Arabiya may have been engaging in disinformation to undermine the Qatari regime, indicating a power struggle between the Houses of Saud and Thani.

The FARS semi-official Iranian news channel, however, insisted that sources within the Qatari royal entourage had confirmed earlier this week that there was a foiled coup in Doha.

Not surprisingly, Qatari-owned Al Jazeera news site ran no information on the alleged plot.

Whether the reports of this week’s failed coup turn out to be rumour or something more sinister, there is nevertheless no disguising the fact of underlying bad blood in the Gulf Arab enclave, both between and within the Gulf monarchies.



That may at first seem at odds with the “thick as thieves” appearance of the six states that form the Gulf Co-operation Council: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman. All are Sunni monarchies that have aligned with the US-led NATO powers’ aggressive policy of isolating Shia Iran.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar have emerged in particular as militant allies of US/NATO geopolitics across the Middle East. They played instrumental roles in paving the way for NATO’s aerial bombardment and regime change in Libya; and they have been most strident in denouncing the Syrian government of Bashar Al Assad, calling for his overthrow and arming mercenary forces that are accused of committing atrocities and sabotage.

But herein lies the potential for rivalry and enmity. Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, and Qatar, the number one exporter of liquefied natural gas, are bankrolling mercenaries and jihadis from Iraq, Libya, Lebanon and elsewhere in a bid to be top dog in a fissile region. The region is being inflamed with sectarian tensions precisely because of self-serving Saudi and Qatari power politicking.



The Gulf monarchs have also been funding election campaigns of Islamist parties in Egypt and Tunisia, aligned to the conservative Muslim Brotherhood, in line with Western powers using these same parties to shunt and blunt popular calls for greater democracy.

The rapid growth of Saudi-backed satellite TV channels broadcasting across the region – several of them spouting Saudi theocratic rhetoric – is indicative of a rivalry for influence with Qatar, which originally pioneered the Arab medium with the Al Jazeera station.

While on the surface, Riyadh and Doha may appear joined at the hip in terms of advancing the US-led Western imperialist agenda for hegemony, that service generates tensions between and within the royal houses.

In Qatar, there are reported tensions within the Al Thani ruling family and other powerful clans over what critics of the Emir call “his excessive alignment with US foreign policy and breaking of Arab ranks”. There are also domestic problems of corruption owing to the Al Thanis monopolising Qatar’s lucrative property market.

And despite the apparent alliance with Saudi Arabia, the present Qatari Emir will be mindful that the Saudi rulers have been implicated in previous suspected coup attempts against him in February 2011, 2009, 2002 and 1996.

The present Qatari ruler came to power after he led a coup against his own father in 1995 while the latter was holidaying in Europe. The following year, the Saudi and Bahraini rulers backed a failed counter-coup to reinstall the older Emir.

In 2010, the coup plotters were released from jail by Emir Hamad after a request was made by Saudi King Abdullah.

So in the Arab enclave of the NATO camp, all is not as cosy as it may seem. Washington and the other Western powers no doubt think they have a clever Arab cover from the Gulf autocrats to redraw the Middle East political map according to their imperialist designs. But in all such intrigues of deception and power lust, the band of thieves have to watch their backs.

Finian Cunningham –  Global Research


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3 responses to “Qatar Military Coup “Rumours” Stir Bad Blood With House of Saud (+2Video)

  1. saudi arabia played nt in the bombing of libya in fact Iran stirred the pot against gaddafhi and against yemen and saudi arabia in fact the whole ME o help libya by help gaddafhi but US and nato had their plans in place and in fact iran played right into their hands by carrying on about arab spring and bahrain and yemen because of the shia there and wanted to discredit saudi gulf states they asked gaddfhi to resign but he refused which iwas his right but they called for a no fly zone and remember all happened within 3 weeks Saudi Arabia has stated genocide is being committed against libya and also arabs in general and they were the first ones when US said Taliban were not to blame for9 ?11 called for the immediate end to war on libya and also when Nato announced troops on the ground in late August It was the UNSC and other Arabststes that recognized the TNC leaving Saudi arabia witincluding Egypt leaving Saudi Arabia on its own anbd saudi Arabia could not control vote in UNSC about resolutions on Libya anymore than south africa AU has also p[layed big destructive role in libya when are you going to get itit was Saudi arabia gulf states thaht gave ASSAd peace plan against US and took pals to UNESCO vote and UN against US they did not want atack on Libya never and no fly zone did not mean a blitzrig on Libya andRussia and China have clearly stated that clauses were added and twisted in the Resolution that gave Nato cover if anyone is to blame it is the AU Russia and cahina that allowed it to happenthey were trying to buy time for Libya and gaddafhi and if you look what is happening in Syria and how long it has taken tand effort by Rusasia and chaina and because of the mistake of libya you will understand the Us would not have given up plus they pounced on Libya with lonhg held plans taking everyone by suprise and with war on terror still raging and everyones focus on Afghanistan and iran and getting Us out of Iraq it was perfect time for US and Nato to start another vicious illegal war that no one was expecting and a small defencles country that the west had demanized for decades was easy prey for the Zino nato 4th reichtno one heard or listened to Libyans your voice was drowned out it was a whisper in the wind the faintest of cries not listened for in the arrogant west who are always right have learnt nothing from Iraq and bow to their Lord and master the US who no nothing of sorry from asia to south America to ME and africa never once held accountable

  2. Too bad that this pig is not dead.
    View of their politics, their “democracy”, sooner or later have to kill each other.

  3. SALAM BROTHER, my views on qatar vs saudi is just a theater or make to believe political drama. earlier there was a report in ptv. that qatar wanted to invade saudi arabia which does not make sense as qatar is small in all aspect. then now, saudi cook up a report that the military is taking over the country. i think this is all to cover up the evil things that they done to libya and also to syria which is still not settle. SORRY TO SAY THAT THE BAD ARABS ARE MUNAFIQS THAT ARE TAKING ORDERS FROM PENTA-GONE. QATAR N SAUDI ARE BEING USED TO BRING DOWN NATIONS THAT ARE AGAINST AIPAC PROJECT TO DOMINATE THE WORLD IN ALL ASPECT. THE AL QUR’AN HAD TOLD US TO BE AWARE OF JEWS N CHRISTIAN PLOTS AGAINST ISLAM.THIS IS A FACT N NOBODY CAN DENY THIS VERSE. BAD JEWS N BAD CHRISTIANS WILL NOT BE SATISFIED UNTIL THEY HAVE ACHIEVE THEIR EVIL OBJECTIVES. MY PERSONAL VIEW. I WORK ALONE USING MY BRAIN N PAST READINGS ETC…….WASALAM BROTHER.

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