Libyan Resistance News (until 16/4/2012) – NTC transfer more than 100 prisoners of war to Misrata


NTC plans to transfer more than 100 prisoners of war to Misrata.
Among those sentenced there is also Dr. Dorda.

About 5000 prisoners languishing in secret prisons around Tripoli.
Recently, the Green Resistance discovered the location of 3 of them.

  1. Said Rashid
  2. Hafiz Masood
  3. Sanusi Sanusi.

Bastards NATO-mercenaries mutilate and tortured people, sometimes they arrested people in exchange for a reward. NTC rats are just gangsters. In this audio a man talks about what he saw and what he endured in different prisons. Rats cut off his left limb hand and the right foot: he was released in exchange for large ammount of money. What about other prisoners who are poor?

Here is a not complete list of bullying practised by NATO mercenaries: put people  in boiling water, hot plate, rape, mutilate mercilessly, cut off  limbs. For everyone who has a name Muammar there is a special set of torture, mutilating them with even greater ferocity.

Former prisoner says that when rats learned that representatives of human rights organizations have decided to conduct a raid on prisons, they moved the prisoners in secret prisons, and their place was taken by other people, in good shape and clean clothing and the bastard sadistic rats concealed the traces of their crimes.

Libyans appeal to any organizations that can help the oppressed people in Libya, particularly in the prison of Misurata. Please help the prisoners as soon as possible.


Tripoli: Shooting and violent clashes between rats and the Green Army fighters in the centre of the city and in the streets of Al-Madar. Blocked the road leading to the green square.

A rat-car became the target of green snipers.

 Trucks in fire at the Market


Arad: Resistance fighters attacked the rats in Arad, neutralizing few of them.

Zuwarah: Monday morning, at a chemical plant in Zuare, a powerful fire erupted, followed by several explosions. The plant is located in an industrial area not far from residential areas. One of the reasons for the rapid spread of flame is the limited capacity of fire brigade: firefighters arrived in aid from Al-Adzelata.

Sirte: An explosion occurred at 6.30 am on 17.04.2012, and ruined the house in Sirte which belongs to the battalions of the martyr Algalout, until rats occupied it. Building partially destroyed, no casualties.

Bani Walid: warplanes of unknown origin violated the airspace of Bani Walid.

Bani Walid today

April 14, 2012 Bani Walid: rats-gangsters were shooting the Commander of the Resistance fighters, Salem Al Waer, while riding in a car. He was wounded in the right side of the abdomen. The bullet went through his body without affecting vital organs. Commander hospitalized and is in good health.


NTC-rats are collecting the dead mercenaries in the vicinity of Bani Walid

Part of the video, filmed secretly during bombing, answer as to who was responsible for the attack on Allowaar. Green Resistance is everywhere.

This song is about Bani Walid

Zlitena: Rats in Zlitena burned 2 buildings belonging to the tribe of Dalef Moftah Awlad Alshaik for having supported the Green army. Moftah itself is in the rat prison from February 2012.

Benghazi: heavy fighting were continuing between different groups of rats to have 50 stolen cars. Loud explosions throughout the city, and especially in the western part of the city. According to witnesses, many rats were killed one each other.


Launched a new channel. The channel operates by the Hot Bird satellite at Challenger (11179)-27500.


 By doctors Hamza Qublta and Rafla Tarhunah:

Statement by the General staff, General Al-Assad


Qatar, Doha: attempted coup d’état, which unfortunately failed.

First raised the revolt were the body-guards, which sought to capture the Palace of Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

In the Palace of the Emir of Qatar in Doha loud  explosions and shots. It should be noted that the Emir of Qatar is currently residing in Italy. To protect the Palace were used American special forces, which came into violent collision with the leaders of the coup. Information has been received also about moving to the side of mutinous guards by, Chief of the General staff of the armed forces of the country, General Hamad bin Ali Al-Attiyah. Disturbances in military units near the U.S. port, at south of the capital Doha, as well as between the special brigades forces.

Mass clashes were continuing in the area of El Wakr. Qatari forces are fighting against the private Qatari forces. GOD IS GREAT….

Qatar Emir, Sheikh of the pigs, Khalifa Al-Thani, ordered to kill all the putschists immediately.




News Received from Green Web-Fighters online

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3 responses to “Libyan Resistance News (until 16/4/2012) – NTC transfer more than 100 prisoners of war to Misrata

  1. May Allah have Mercy and provide his strongest angels to end this torturous part of Libyan history. Please have Mercy, Allah. Please give total victory to the Resistance. Please cause the Libyan youth to come to their senses, and to DISARM the rats and lead Libya back to freedom independence and greatness.

    Oh, Allah! Give us all a Great Sign that you have not forgotten the good Libyan soul. Please, it is only my humble prayer, show us a sign soon.

    Destroy the weapons of the enemies, and destroy them, no matter how big they are. Remove them from the Mediterranean. Provide protection for Libya for thousands of years. Let it begin soon. It is simply my praper. Ameen.

  2. Brothers, congratulations to all actions brought to fruition. If the rats move the prisoners, this is because they are afraid of the truth. We should attack the prison, freeing many people as possible. You know what to do. that Allah is with you. the whole people, is already with you. GOOD LUCK.

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