LIBYA, April 1986: USA Air Force Attacked the Great Jamahiriya + Rat News…


On the night between 14 and 15 April 1986, the United States AIR FORCE launched a savage attack on the Great Jamahiriya, on the orders of U.s. President Ronald Reagan.

66 aircraft droped more than 60 tons of bombs on Tripoli, Benghazi and region. White House spokesman Larry Spex claimed that the attack was aimed at key military installations, but reports indicate that missiles hit Ben Achour, a densely populated suburb of the capital.

As in the case of residence of Muammar Al-Qadhafi, bombs killed his adopted daughter Hanna Gaddafi. Under the bombs were killed also 45 Libyan soldiers and 15 civilians. Libya’s AIR DEFENCE forces managed to shoot down 2 warplanes.

Israeli officers revealed the “dirty work” of the Zionist intelligence…



A warning to the rat-Ministry of Defence, from the other Al Qaeda-rat Hafiz Alakora, nickname Lakeak of Allaah…

These rats will soon be swept away from Libya,

back to their rat-land in Saudi-Qatar.






2 responses to “LIBYA, April 1986: USA Air Force Attacked the Great Jamahiriya + Rat News…

  1. In 1986 as today, we have the same heroes, (the people of Libya and Gaddafi). The same MURDERERS, the Americans and Zionists.

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