Professor Rajab Ali Abudabos And Other Libyans Arrested, Tortured, Murdered


Professor Rajab Ali Abudabos And Other Libyans Arrested, Tortured, Murdered

The Libyan regime installed by France, Britain and USA via NATO fire-power continues to hold in indefinite detention countless persons accused of being `Qaddafi supporters` along with false accusations. Most are tortured, many are murdered.

A french-speaking Libyan philosopher, Professor Rajab Ali Abudabos, was abducted and held incommunicado by the new Libyan regime that was installed after an almost one year-long war waged by European and American forces to overthrow the direct democracy and socialist Jamahiriya system.

With mostly a blind eye being turned toward the horrific crimes against humanity committed by mercenaries on the ground, and crimes against the peace committed by western military powers, news media, human rights and international organizations have been slow to condemn atrocities or even to report on them.

This is in spite of the fact that hundreds of sickening snuff videos proliferate on YouTube, proudly taken by perpetrators of murder, rape and torture, and onlookers. YouTube, owned by Google, has only taken actions to remove many of these videos which present clear evidence to any future investigation, and has not seen fit to preserve and provide data for prosecutions.

At the end of 2011, Professor Rajab Ali Abudabos was one of those detained and some videos remain of his abduction, up to the point where he is about to be blindfolded:



…and of the regime announcing his “arrest”:



The new Libyan government accused him of being a part of the previous regime, and of being a “theoretician” of Qaddafi.

It is believed that he is still being held in unknown conditions at the prison of the Military Academy in Tripoli.

Under the former regime and Jamahiriya system where the Qaddafi family played leading roles, there were found to be around 200 “political” prisoners, according to human rights organizations after the prisons had been emptied of detainees by the new government.

However under the new government, there are estimates in the “tens of thousands” of political prisoners, and with an estimated death toll of around one hundred thousand during the intense fighting last year aimed at installing a compliant “pro-Western” government.

An estimated one million Libyans have fled to neighbouring countries as refugees, amounting to some 20% of the population, from what was previously the wealthiest state in Africa, and with an average standard of living higher than that of Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Russia.

There are many other professors known to be among the thousands of prisoners held without trial, who did not partake in hostilities, such as Dr Ali Abdalaziz Manaa and Dr Khamis Atbaiga believed to be held in prisons at Misurata.

Others such as Dr. Omar Brebsch have been murdered. Dr Omar Brebsch was tortured to death one day after his “arrest”

French Language Below:

En Français

Le professeur Rajab Ali  ABUDABOS — un philosophe libyen francophone — a était arrêté par les (sois disant)révolutionnaires libyans (division la Sécurité Préventive) à Tripoli à la fin de l’année 2011  (je n’ai pas la date exacte), voire les vidéos:

  1. Le moment de l’arrestation à son domicile
  2. L’annonce d’arrestation  par le responsable  de  la Sécurité Préventive de Tripoli

ils prétextent que M. ABUDABUS  était l’un des hommes de l’ancien régime  et il l’accuse  d’être ( un théoricien de la théorie de Kadhafi ).

  1. Il est toujours (selon notre  source privé) à la Prison de la Académie Militaire à Tripoli 
  2. Plusieurs professeur toujours en prison Bien qu’ils n’aient pas pris part à des hostilités comme  Dr Ali Abdalaziz Manaa , Dr Khamis ATBAIGA ( Ils sont toujours à la prison de Misrata) et  la liste est Lang.
  3. L’assassinat des certains professeur  comme  Dr. Omar  BREBSH (Il est torturé jusqu’ à la mort un seul jour après l’arrestation) voir l’article

See French language news coverage in Le Monde:


Source: Mathaba

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  1. These rats killers, kill anyone you disagree with them, but all the people in Libya is not with them.

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