Libyan Resistance, War News, 30 Mar 2012 – Sabha, Katrun, Tobruk are Green but NTC-rats are returning in force to attack (News+3Vids)


Despite the NATO-nations and the Arab traitors & renegades have said Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi ended, the popular Resistance continuous everywhere, from south to north, from east to west of Libya.

The Western media, who have bombarded with lies and propaganda the peoples of the world to justify cowardly assault on Libya, say nothing of the Libyan population that resists and dies in order to remain free and to kick in the ass the rats-gangsters of the NTC, murderers, thieves and rapists without pity or honor.

Green Web-Resistants and friends from different places, are confirming that:

Katrun town is under the control of the Green Resistance and LLA.
Sabha town is under the control of the Toubou loyalist tribe.
Tobruk town is under the control of the Green Resistance and LLA.

The fighting is still going on, while the NTC attempting to get more mercenaries from different parts of Libya. But the problem for them is that the fighting between the Green Resistance and the NTC-mercenaries are all over, up to Tripoli.

Members of the Toubou black tribe kidnapped two rebels near a Sebhi: Omar Al-Sa’id and Ibn Mustafa Al-Amin of the rat-battalion “El Dardir»

NTC-warplanes have bombed the city, killing people without distinction if they are civil or army.

The battle spread to the area of Hidjara. But for the rebels, the region has become a trap. The number of deaths among them is growing, as they have become targets for Toubou snipers, that control the access roads to the cities.

In support of Toubou tribe arrived a convoy of 150 pick-up trucks of weapons and ammunition from the Libyan Liberation Army, from the south of Sabha.

Hospitals overflowing of wounded, fleeing and killed rats of all stripes.

Heavy explosion shook the neighborhood of Sabha.

The rebels are crying to have NATO air support, while they are suffering heavy losses. A convoy of Zentena renegades arrived to help the rats against Sabha.

Video: NTC-rats-warplanes bombing Sabha, killing people and Resistance indiscriminately, because people is with Resistance and they are just rats:

NTC-rats, firing with heavy weapons & tanks people in Sabha  near Sabha airport

The Chief of NTC Security for Sabha, rat Abderahmane Elbi was shot and killed by the Green Resistance of the Libyan Liberation Army. He was responsible for the rape and death of some women from Sabha, who committed suicide to avoid becoming prisoners of rats who rape and cut the throats the village women.

Tobruk – NTC-mercenary captured admits rape and murder of an entire family

Tobruk – NTC-mercenary captured admits rape and murder of an entire family.
Rats have stopped the car where the family traveled, than they killed the father, while mother and 3 daughters were raped then slaughtered, by cutting their throats with a knife. No mercy for these sub-humans.
9 rats were neutralized in this operation.

Also from Tripoli, we have news of clashes between Green Resistance of the Libyan Liberation Army and NTC-mercenaries (inexpensive renegades-rats), in the region of El Hadaba and Salah Eddine.

The last news are that NTC-rats are returning in force to attack Sabha, the Toubou tribe and the Green Resistance.

At the moment NATO-mercenarie of NTC are about 40 km from Sabha, where they arrived with hundreds of pick-up and some cargo aircraft.
The battle will be tough, the resistance will be very strong.

If Sabha and other cities still resisting will fall, there will be a huge massacre of civilians and resistant fighters, resulting in rapes, torture, mass murder, destruction and theft.

The international NATO-Zionists media will not talk about this.
Please help spread the news wherever possible.

Tell everyone that the Libyan people would resist the aggression of bands of ruthless gangsters, who kill and rape people, women, children, committing all kinds of horrendous crimes against humanity and unheard cruelty.

Resistance against a cruel and stranger enemy, which rages on the black population, is a right guaranteed by UN resolutions.

Help us to support the resistance of the Libyan people, help us to denounce the aggression and crimes committed by the mercenaries of the NTC.

Resistance until victory!!!

Battle-News Received from Green Web-Fighters
and reloaded by LibyanFreePressNetwork



Any re-publication is appreciated, as long as, please, you always report all the original links, to allow everyone a better research and spread of free information. Thanks.

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14 responses to “Libyan Resistance, War News, 30 Mar 2012 – Sabha, Katrun, Tobruk are Green but NTC-rats are returning in force to attack (News+3Vids)

  1. Hungarian peoples, loved Kaddhafi! My father working Libya anno: 1982-1986. He said: Libya beautiful!!! Kaddhafi good!!! Jamahirya the Best!!! Greetings from Hungary!!! Green resistance good luck!!!!! My name is: Gergő

  2. I appeal to to countries of strength, such as China and Russia, to help the Libyan Resistance with arms and even soldiers. This appeal, at this blog, might not go anywhere, but I make the appeal just in case.

    Congratulations to the Green Resistance for its success in holding Sabha, Tobruk and Katrun!!!!!

    I call on the Tuareg and other tribes of the Sahara to turn your attention to Libya and help the Libyan Resistance to regain control of their country. Help them to kick Al-Qaeda out of Libya and out of all of North Africa.

    I call on any country, or any group of fighters from anywhere, to help the Libyan Resistance with weapons and soldiers.

    I am sorry to say this, but the rats are not human beings. They are some other creation. They must be eliminated, if possible.

  3. Francenaldo Amorim

    Prepare traps, on the roads, for exploding the army Vans, make ambush of them, with dinamite on the roads, and with snipers, at distance killed

  4. Francenaldo Amorim

    Not pity for the Rats traitors´ killers. Attack them in Tripoli, alloverthe checkpoints, ans little cities where they can´t have a lot of mercennary. As soon as they lost control of all disctricts, they´re olbliged to get back fot the big bases,and lost control of Libya, and surrended them, and cut the water off, as they habe done in the beginning with the libian people.
    Don´t let them sleep, attack them at nigts. Make an hell on earth for them..

  5. Francenaldo Amorim

    The green resistance have do ask to russian and Chine countries, weapens to combat the rats/mercenarry airforce., and lourd weapans pointe 50 mmm and rockets. They have to attack tne mercennary in all Libya. Don´t let them in peace everywhere. Explode the oil pipelines, not a barrel have to be exported for the americans and europe companie. Each mercennary have to be changed for the green prisioners, if they not accept, execute them. The Traitor President Jalil, have to be exploded, with all their ministers. Not pity for traitors of the libian people. They have sold his country for the zionnists euro-americans,

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  7. God bless you! Good people of the world are praying for you. Support from Russian people, it’s a pity our government is now on the “other side”, and doesn’t help you, but may the heat of the hearts of simple people support you! Gaddafi is very popular in our country and simple people support the Green resistance.


  9. These are good news, I hope the RATS are disposed of as soon as possible.
    The real Libyans must regain their land, all the ‘Africa must be freed from foreign vultures, BEET BEET, DAAR DAAR, Zenga Zenga!!!

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  11. Bede rozpowszechniac na kazdej stronie internetowej i forach internetowych -mimo to Polskie spoleczenstwo dobrze wie co sie dzieje w Libya czytamy wasze strony i w naszym spoleczenstwie popieraja wasza walke -jestesmy z wami modlimy sie za bojownikow ktorzy gina w walce -dla nas jestescie Bohaterami -kiedys te pieklo sie skonczy i bedziecie wolni -pozdrawiam ruch oporu -GREEN LIBYA –

  12. keep up the fight the rats will be crushed an Libya shall be green again never surrender to the rats.Im English and live in England believe me im ashamed of this country’s involvement you have my full support.

  13. Support to Green Resistance from Serbia!

  14. God bless you Patriots out there, trying to recover your country. It’s really sad that most Americans and Canadians have no idea, that NATO lost the war.–Yet they are still arming and financing the rats with the newest weapons they can be trusted with, trying to complete their takeover.

    Don’t let them take Libya over.–It is your country, and you just keep exterminating their top officers. Recover as much of their weapons and air-defense systems as possible, and show the Khazaria fake-Jews who is the boss in the middle-east.

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