Sabha continues to resist: whole region under control of Green Resistance tribes and LLA


(ENG-ITA) – Today, the NTC warplanes bombed the region of El Mahdia, in Sabha, making several wounded and several deaths among the civilian population, but the Resistance of Libyan Liberation Army has already downed 2 NATO/NTC warplanes  and always has the control of the airport.

Sabha, from hours, continue the fighting between Toubou fighters and gangsters of the NTC in the region of Hajara. The hospitals are full of NTC-rats.

Neutralized about 120 NTC gangsters, including 11 leaders of the brigade: many more injured.

Some foreign Arab mercenaries captured admitted the plan to eliminate the black population of South Libya, and especially of the tribes Toureg and Toubou.

A convoy of Toubou fighters has left the city of Katroune and heads for Sabha.

In Marzak, south of Libya, Toubou fighters have taken control of NTC weapons storage sites and have seized the pickups of their mercenaries.
Sabha continues to resist and various attacks by NATO mercenaries were dismissed.

The whole region is under the control of the Green Resistance tribes and the Libyan Liberation Army.

The Minister of Defense of the NTC, Osama El Jouili, has resigned.


Oggi gli aerei da combattimento del NTC hanno bombardato la regione di El Mahdiya, a  Sabha, facendo diversi feriti a alcuni morti tra la popolazione civile, ma la Resistenza Del Libyan Liberation Army ne ha abbattuti giá 2 e controlla sempre l’aeroporto.

Da ore a Sabha continuano gli scontri tra combattenti Toubou e gangsters del NTC nella regione di Hajara. Gli ospedali sono pieni di NTC-rats.

Circa 120 mercenari Nato neutralizzati, tra cui 11 responsabili di brigata, molti altri feriti.

Alcuni mercenari arabi stranieri catturati hanno ammesso il piano di eliminazione della popolazione nera del sud-Libya, specialmente delle tribú Tourag e Toubou.

Un convoglio di combattenti della tribú Toubou ha lasciato la città di Katroune e si dirige verso Sabha.

A Marzak, a sud della Libia, i combattenti Toubou hanno preso il controllo dei siti di stoccaggio di armi del NTC e hanno sequestrato i pickup dei loro mercenari.

Sabha continua a resistere, diversi attacchi dei mercenari NATO sono stati respinti.

Tutta la regione é sotto il controllo della Resistenza Verde delle tribú e del LLA.

Il Ministro della Difesa del NTC, Osama El Jouili, si é dimesso.


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9 responses to “Sabha continues to resist: whole region under control of Green Resistance tribes and LLA

  1. Sabha continues de résister : toute la région est sous contrôle des Tribus de la Résistance Verte et de l’Armée de Libération de la Libye.

    International (LVO-Libyanfreepress) : Aujourd’hui, les avions du CNT ont bombardé la région de El Mahdia, à Sabha, faisant de nombreux tués au sein de la population civile, mais la Résistance de l’Armée de Libération Libyenne a déjà abattu 2 avions du CNT/OTAN et contrôlent toujours l’aéroport.

    Sabha, il y a quelques heures, les combats continuent entre les combattants Toubou et les gangsters du CNT dans la région de Hajara. L’hôpital est plein de rats du CNT.

    Environ 120 gangsters du CNT ont été neutralisés, dont 11 chefs de brigade, en plus des nombreux blessés.

    Bon nombre de mercenaires arabes capturés ont admis le plan d élimination de la population noire du sud de la Libye, et spécialement les Tribus touaregs et Toubu.

    Un convoi de combattants Toubou a quitté la ville de Katroune et se dirige vers Sabha.

    A Marzak, au Sud de la Libye, les combattants Toubou ont pris le contrôle des sites de dépôts d’armes du CNT et ont saisie les pickups des mercenaires.

    Sabha continues de résister et diverses attaques des mercenaires de l’OTAN ont échouées.

    Toute la région est sous le contrôle des Tribus de la Résistance Verte et de l’Armée de Libération Libyenne.

    Le Ministère de la Défense du CNT, Ossama El Jouili a démissioné.

    Source: (

  2. Francenaldo Amorim

    Go ahead don´t give up, the rats will be killed one by one by the people and rhe green resistance fighters, In Brazil, the democratic and socialist people are with you. Attack them in Tripoli in all disctricts, with snipers, Dont ´let them sleep at night. Make the hell on earth, around their bases and post polices and eliminate them, No mercy for traitors and mercenaries.
    free Said Al Islam, and the rats, will be defeated….people now knows who are these rats not but thiefs, vagabonds, traitors. People go on to fight, and aniquilate them on the check=points, they have to loose all control of Lybia.,

  3. La vostra vittoria è sicura, ma arriverà prima, se diventate malvagi come i ratti.
    Unite le vostre forze e uccideteli senza pietà. Non appatengono all’umanità. Sono esseri immondi.

    • Green Resistance fighters are men of honor, not animals such as rats.
      The Resistance is tough, but fought with honor.
      This is not to be evil, but hard and without mercy for the wicked.
      Muammar wa bas!

      • I’m with you because I’m a man of honour, too.
        With my words I wanted that you have to be more aggressive with your enemies.
        Almost every italian is with you and we would like to read on this site that the rats have been defeated.

  4. The Polisario, the MNLA (Tuareg), the Libyans of the Green Resistance, and Africans in North Africa, of whatever persuasion or country (including Mali) need to QUICKLY begin to work out a plan for unity. If the MNLA succeedes in carving out Azawad, the history of the struggle to do that must be put aside, and then Azawad and Mali must WORK TOGETHER, along with the Polisario, the Green Resistance, and every other entity in North Africa. It HAS to happen, and here’s why.

    There are three groups that are eyeing Africa for its abundant resources: Europeans & Americans; Arabs; and Israelis. When it comes to Africa, those three groups WORK TOGETHER. Do not believe otherwise.

    The Saudis and Gulf Arabs know that it has now been discovered that Africa has MORE oil than the Gulf Arab states. And it has more precious and needed minerals than any continent on earth.

    So, the battle for now and into the distant future is the battle for Africa. And THIS is what Brother Leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was trying to tell ALL of Africa. Unfortunately–as Muammar Gaddafi himself stated–the Libyans were not sophisticated enough to understand this fully, and he expressed sadness that they never really fully understood the principles in the Green Book.

    I’m an outsider. But there is a saying: “Sometimes the man sitting in the bleachers, who is watching the game being played on the field, can see the game BETTER than the people who are playing the game.”

    Now, I’m not saying that I can see this issue better than North Africans. But, I CAN see it. And North Africa, including those states that prefer to be friendly to Europe and America, had better wake up–AND FAST–to unify.

    Unless North Africa unifies, then Europe & America; the Gulf Arabs, and Israel are going to be working hard to DE-STABALIZE North Africa and the rest of the African continent.

    I have a personal belief that the unity of Africa must start with the unity of North Africa. Maybe it will happen in some other way. But there is the strategic Mediterranean Sea. There is a desert culture that can be takien advantage of in good ways.

    Africa must unite. If it doesn’t, then Europe & America; the Gulf Arabs, and the Israelis are going to pick Africa apart. North Africa has a duty to protect and unify the continent. That is just my opinion.

    Allah, Muammar, Africa wa bas!!

  5. Buona fortuna fratelli, sono sicuro che vincerete!!!!!


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