A statement from the Green Libyan Resistance: “Colonel Abdullah Al Senussi is not in rats hands”


A statement of the Green Libyan Resistance, received via online sources, is  circulating among the population and among the resistant, and denies the arrest of Colonel Abdullah Al Senussi.

In this statement, the officers of the resistance are asking to the people to disregard and not believe in this latest psy-operation, common only to try to demoralize the resistance and the people who always believes in the reconquest of direct democracy and expulsion of the mercenaries-rats of the NTC from Libya together all their foreign satanic NATO allies.

The false news is that Abdellah El Senussi (brother-in-law of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi) would be arrested at the airport of Nouakchott in Mauritania.

But beyond these reasons  to illusory weaken the moral of the Green Resistance, there is also the dual objective of:
1) distract attention from what happens in Benghazi, where a revolt is taking place between different armed factions and where Green resistance is hitting important military targets of the NTC
2) try to demoralize the same rsts faction of Tripoli, which has always been trying, unsuccessfully, to capture El Senussi.

This is again another falsehood spread by NATO-rats sources, such as the recent false capture of Kamis and all the others bullshits that we well know.



Editorial by LibyanFreePressNetwork





2 responses to “A statement from the Green Libyan Resistance: “Colonel Abdullah Al Senussi is not in rats hands”

  1. Antiimperialist

    Okey, then this is good. I had a bad sleep last night, because of news, that Senussi was captured. He was always a great man for me.

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