With Putin, Russia can now redeem itself for its error on Libya


(Larry Jones and “Antiimperialist” for LibyanFreePressNetwork)

With Putin, Russia can now redeem itself for its error on Libya.

If the Jamahiriya has any strength left (and I hear that it does), then its members should approach Russia and establish an alliance. Jamahiriya officers must not thinking that they “can’t” establish such relations, or that Russia would object.

The Jamahiriya is the legitimate government that was overthrown forcibly. Jamahriya officers should go to Russia and ask that Russia send 100,000 troops to fight along with the Green Resistance, for the purpose of defeating the rats and restoring the Jamahiriya to its rightful place. The U.S., in my opinion, will not lift a finger if Russian troops show up en masse.

The U.S. will posture and huff and puff, but it would not do anything. One reason is that this is an election year. And, although the U.S. government generally doesn’t give a care about public opinion, this time is different. Obama doesn’t want to risk losing votes by involving the U.S. in another war. The Americans citizens are sick and tired of war.

So, this is the time for Jamahiriya officers to stand up as the rightful representives of Libya that they are. The Jamahiriya is a legitimate governments. Legitimate governments have the right to make treaties and alliances with other governments.

Everyone on earth, due to the Internet, knows that the Jamahiriya was displaced by force. The world would applaud the intervention of Russia for a JUST CAUSE: Restoring the Jamahiriya to the position that was so viciously taken away from it, that is, from THE PEOPLE.

Do not assume that Putin would deny such an alliance. Do not assume that. This is only my opinion, that’s all.

This–right now–is the time to move. The rats are planning an election. Some tribes (supposedly) have organized themselves, in the east, to form Barqa. The NTC can’t govern. Libya is without government, except for the Jamahiriya. Ask Russia to send 100,000 troops.

Russia can now redeem itself for its error in abstaning on those resolutions. The Libyan Jamahiriya’s cause is totally just. Differences that existed can be worked out later. But, for now, the Jamahiriya must be restored. Once it is restored, THEN Libyans can decided whether they want to keep the Jamahiriya, or discard it and replace it with some other system.

But Libyans did not make the decision to remove the Jamahiriya–Europeans (and Euro-Americans) did. So, Libya has the moral duty to restore the Jamahiriya back to its governing position. And Libya has a duty to itself, for reasons of pride.

Libya should not allow it to continue that it was FORCED, by the Eurospeans, Americans, and Qataris, to change its government. That is a decision to be made by Libyans, not by outsiders.

I ask again: The appropriate Jamahiriya officers must go to Russia and secure an alliance, including a MILITARY alliance, with Russia. The Jamahiriya, the only legal government of Libya, has the right, as a legal government, to ask Russia to send 500,000 soldiers to Libya for the purpose of fighing alongside the Green Resistance until all rats are either killed, captured and imprisoned, or deported from Libya forever.

The world will not object. The world will applaud.

We all can see, clearly, that there is an imperialist alliance that includes the United States, Canada, Australia, France, England and the S0-CALLED Arab-Muslim Gulf states, such as Qatar. This is a BIG force, despite the fac that the U.S. is facing economic collapse.

So, the union of these imperial forces must be counter-balanced with new alliances. And a start for that alliance, in my opinion, should be Russia, Syria, and Libya. There she be joint, binding commitments between those three countries that they will militarily fight together against any threat that is made to any one, or any combination, of the countries of Syria, Libya and Russia.

There is NO CHOICE in this matter, and Russia, Syria, and the Jamahiriya [Libya] must realize that quickly. The imperialists will never stop, especially if they do not see any threat to their machinations. They only understand force. They are not going to give up their quest to destroy Syria and their desire to control the Mediterranean Sea and the entire area.

They must be driven back to their home countries, and the way to do that is to create very strong defences for Russia, Syria, and the Jamahiriya [Libya]

Other countries must do they same, if they have the sense and dignity to do so. I say “dignity,” because it is pitifully undignified to cringe and bend to the will of imperialists. And the only way to stand up to them without bowing to them is to create new, strong alliances.

If Algeria could look beyond the immediate, it would immediately seek to join an alliance with Russia, Syria, and the Jamahiriya [Libya], and so to would the Polisario and all revolutionary and proud, independent states in the area.

The new alliance MUST face the now well-known fact that the group that is called Al-Qaeda is NOT an Islamic liberation movement, but is a paid organization controlled by the CIA of the United States. This is now such common knowledge that, in the “streets” of the Middle East Al-Qaeda is referred to, by the common people, as Al-CIAda.

Wherever there is the presence of Al-Qaeda, or any group that LOOKS AND ACTS like Al-Qaeda, those groups much be eliminated physically–KILLED. There is no question about that. Al-Qaeda does not negotiate. It is an irrational, violent group, controlled by the CIA, with, unfortunately, youg Muslim men who are not aware that the leaders of Al-CIAda are controlled by, and paid by, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United SNAKES of America. There is no other reality.

Russia, Syria, the Jamahiriya [i.e., Libya] and Algeria must work together to drive Al-CIAda out of North Africa, once and for all. Al-CIAda bases in the Sahara must be crushed without a single ounce of mercy whatsoever. This is because that group is ONE-EYED and dangerous. It cannot be reasoned with. The only solution is to KILL them. That’s it.

North Africa must be cleansed of Al-CIAda. And that can be done both through violence means, and by INTELLIGENCE. Once the intelligence identifies all Al-CIAda members, then they should destroyed. This will send a strong message to the madrassas and other places where Al-CIAda acquires its recruits.

It is time to stand up strongly and let the imperialists know that they will soon have a powerful and fierce counter-balance to contend with. This is the only reality.

There is one other important country that should be in that alliance, but I will not mention it. It should be obvious. I hope that country would join.

These words are my sharing of my thoughts. I do not pretend that my words will go anywhere other than this reply box at this website. On the other hand, I do hope that my words spread to responsible people in the Russian, Syrian, Libyan, Algerian and other governments that can see that they will be picked off, one by one, by the imperialists, unless they unite for their common defence.

There are two important moves that have to be made NOW–RIGHT NOW.

1. Russia, Syria, and the Libyan Green Resistance, must bind together in a strong and permant alliance. You can’t beat these demons without that type of strong unity. That alliance must include a MILITARY component–militarily uniting; fightin together, as ONE unit, so that if the imperalist jump on Syria, then Libya [the Green Resistance] and Russia will fight, with Syria.

2. Russia and Syria must help the Green Resistance in Libya to overthrow the NTC, Al-Qaeda, and all false governments and forces there. Russia and Syria must send troops to Libya, to fight alongside the forces of the Green Resistance for the purpose of re-installing the Libyan Jamahiriya as the legitimate government of Libya.

Russia should send 100,000 troops at least; and Syria must send whatever it can send, but no less than 10,000 troops. This is serious. It has to be done quickly. The U.S. will not do anything. They can’t. They will very soon have their hands tied with their own populace, one-third of which are without employment. The Occupy Movemen has not been that effective, but they have NOT given up, and are re-grouping. They have stopped many Americans from losing their homes, so that’s a good thing.

Now–right now–is the time for Russia, Syria, and the Green Resistance to unite. This is an alliance. And the FIRST test for the strength of that alliance must be the restoration of the Jamahiriya, in Libya, to power. That should be the first goal of the Russia-Syria-Jamahiriya alliance. This will prove the loyalty of the alliance members, and, more importantly, it will prove the EFFECTIVENESS of the alliance.

That alliance will send a SURPRISING and POWERFUL signal to all of the imperialist forces. The imperialist and monarchist Gulf State forces, such as Qatar, will be sent a shockwave. A new power will have emerged: Syria, Russia, and the Libyan Jamahiriya (which will be in full control of ALL of Libya–whether it is liked or not).

The second goal of the alliance, after it completes the liberation of Libya, must be its attempt to convince Algeria to join the alliance. IN TIME, Egypt will come later.

So, the new power will be: Russia, Syria, Libya and Algeria. You can’t fight ALONE. You can’t defend yourself against the demon imperialist, because they have MORE GUNS, more tanks, more everything. But, together, you can defend yourself. They will RESPECT you. Otherwise, the WILL NOT respect you.

I have lived in the belly of the best for 75 years. I know what needs to be done. No one has to listen to this “old man.” But, if those countries DON’T take heed to what I’m saying, then they will be destroyed by the imperialist, and there is no doubt about it.

It is time to move NOW, and move VERY FAST. The nations are independent and can make their decisions as to who they will ally with. Such decisions are not within the authority of the ineffective United Nations body, which is an absolutely USELESS organziation that is designed to carry out the will of the imperialists.

A NEW ORDER has to be created that will stand up against the imperialist order. Get going!

It has been reported that the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, has accused the rat “government” of the NTC, in Libya, of having allowed the creation, and maintenance, of terrorist training camps where terrorists are being trained for the purpose of attacking Syria and toppling the Syrian government. If this rumor is true, then if the Russian government allows those terrorist to enter Syria, then the problems for Russia and Syria are going to increase.

I said before: The demon imperialists ARE NOT going to discontinue their plans. They are working feverishly, day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, moving towards their goal of destroying Syria, and, thus, weakening Russia.

What more does Russia have to wait for, hum? Russia has been waiting and waiting and waiting. And now, the U.S. is at Russian’s doorsteps, planning the deployment of a missle shield that is designed to attack Russia.

And now, the U.S. wants to destroy and control Syria by setting up a puppet government that will be controlled by the U.S. Will Russia YET AGAIN sit back and make the error of thinking that the U.S. can’t complete its goals?

The U.S. destroyed Libya. Russia must now send from 100,000 to 500,000 troops to Libya NOW. It must destroy any terrorist camps that have been set up to train terrorists to attack Syria; it must destroy the NTC, Al-Qaeda, foreign mercenaries, Islamists, and any group, including branches of the so-called “Muslim” Brotherhood that helped to topple the Libyan Jamahiriya.

After destroying ALL of those entities that helped the U.S. to succeed in destroying Libya, Russia must then help the Libyan Jamahiriya to take over Libya again as the legitimate government. Then, it must help Libya to remain free and strong. Russia has NO CHOICE.

If Russia fails to help the Jamahiriya become restored in Libya, then it faces the danger the U.S. Libyan rats spreading their terror to other countries in the North African area. Russia must act now in a military manner. There is no other choice.

Larry Jones – 9 Mar 2012

An answer from “Antiimperialist”

“I think that Russia has a historical problem of military intervention.

Majority of Russian generals were soviet soldiers in Afganistan during 80s, and they know how great disaster was this intervention for their homeland USSR.

16.000 soviet soldiers were killed, country became totally bankrupted and because of young boys who came home in a coffin, social unrests erupted in all parts of soviet state.

USSR collapsed and one of the reasons for that disaster was military intervention in Afganistan.

So I don`t think that they will go to Libya”.


Authors: Larry Jones and “Antiimperialist” for LibyanFreePressNetwork

We thank brothers Larry Jones and “Antiimperialist” for their contribution






14 responses to “With Putin, Russia can now redeem itself for its error on Libya

  1. The Jamahiriya officers must act quickly to put an end to the NTC once and for all,and to do that,the libyan green liberation army must capture airfields and airports so officers can travel to Russia to send in 100,000,or 500,000
    Russian troops to help the libyan liberation army.

  2. This would be a bold and shocking move!!!

    It would leave the powers that be aghast…. a good counter “shock and awe”…

    I think technically it could be very difficult but if they did it it would be a real shocking move and send the Persian Gulf Arabs into terror as it would free Syria and the rest up for retribution…

  3. ???…it is impossible for Russia to invade Libya to help Jamahiriya !!!

  4. Antiimperialist

    I am very happy that you published my comment in that article. Your website is totally democratic, you take our writings seriously. When I wrote something on website of national television in our country, they don`t even published my comments or they erased it. Great!

  5. This will be brilliant move not if but when this is done . Jamahariya is the ONLY legal system in Libya and that is always going to be the case. For such an alliance to happen would be the best thing. Must have it done and done ASAP.

    Allah Muammar Libya Wa Bas. Allah Akbar.


  7. In response to Anti-imperialist:

    Yes, I was very aware of all the points that you have made, before I submitted my thoughts. What I did was to share my thoughts and desires.

    Now, there are a couple of things to think about, and it is up to the Russian people, not me, to contemplate this. Because, as you right state, it is their lives that would be at stake.

    1. Russia is no longer the USSR. The USSR was an empire. Sooner or later, all empires collapse. Today, Russia is LEANER, more propserous, more confident, and more focused.

    2. The Russians–in my opinion–might not really have much choice BUT to send troops. The U.S. is working hard, 24/7, to surround Russia. It will threaten Russia with its missle defense shield, as Putin has stated. Its intent–and we all know this–is to drastically diminish the strength of Russia. And there are people in the U.S. government, and its military, who wish to physically annihilate Russia. The Russians have to decided if they are going to continue to NOT face the U.S., and risk their very existence; or FACE the U.S. and put up a fight for their very survival. Libya is strategically important to ANYBODY. But Russia is the U.S.’s main target in that area, after China (The U.S. wants to drive China out of Africa)

    3. If the Russian government is reluctant to send troops to another country, then there are OTHER WAYS, militarily, to help the Libyan Jamahiriya return to its rightful place. There are covert ways that Russia can get good weapons, training, etc., to the members of the Green Resistance. No, I DO NOT like the idea of starting a proxy war, as was the case between the U.S. and the USSR decades ago. But, what choice does Russia have? That’s what I’m saying.

    Putin has openly stated, to the Duma, over a year ago that Russia should avoid wasting its resources on outside conflicts. He wants to avoid such conflicts so that Russia can focus on its economic progress, and on its stance as possibly the head of a BETTER world order [not the Bush world order!!]

    But, the question is this: Can he? Can Russia REALLY afford to allow Libya to go to hell? The Russian ambassador to the UN has complained that there are terrorists camps in Libya, where terrorists are being trained to go into Syria. Does Russia wish to WAIT until those terrorists–and more–are fully trained, and sent to Syria? Right now, Syria is close to cleaning up the RAT invaders that threatened to overthrow the Syrian government. But the imperialists WILL NOT GIVE UP.

    So, though the Russians want to shy away from outside intervention, due to their problems in Afghanistan, they must ask themselves–not me–whether they wish to allow the imperialists to turn the Syrian government into an anti-Russian government. That is what the U.S. is aiming for.

    4. The Russians were fighting Afghanis–MOUNTAIN MEN. The terrain was very mountainous. Libya is not as mountainous. The situation is different.

    You might be correct in concluding that the Russians want to shy away from outside interventions. But, what will they do? Already Russia was forced to send ships to Syria, as a warning to the U.S. and its paid terrorists. And I define that move as INTERVENTION, though today Russia denied that it was intervening.

    What I suggest sounds drastic, I know. But what the U.S. has planned is INFINITELY more drastic than what I have suggested. And that is all I’ve done: suggest. It is up to the Russians, not me. I just have my opinion, and I do hope, sincerely, that Russia shocks the world, and sends troops there, or, at the very least, MASSIVE support by way of heavy military arms and equipment.

    • Antiimperialist

      In response to Larry Jones:

      As a student of History, I know very well that all empires collapse one day. But Soviet union was socialist federation of equal republics, not the same as former Tsarist Russia. It was not typical empire. USSR had his own doctrine, called as Brezhnew doctrine, which proclaimed that soviet state has to intervene with own military in other countries, where socialist regimes are endangered. They also practised it in the case of Chehoslovakia, Angola and Afganistan. This was based on socialist ideology, to help brother countries against western imperialism. But with the Gorbachew`s perestroika and collapse of USSR, Russia is no longer a socialist state, and it cannot help on ideological platform. Putin`s Russia behaves as Imperial Russia of 19. century, as defender of Slavic nations, but they also want to have close ties with Arabs. I know that they are endangered by american military projects, but I think that they also know that USA are financialy collapsed and in the near future, they won`t be able to finance so huge army with military bases worldwide.

      As a great fan of Moamer Gaddafi and his Libyan Araba Jamahiriya, I would be also very happy to see Russian army in Libya, to help the resistance. But I really do not know if that could happen in today situation. But I think that they help the resistance in equipment. I read somewhere, that resistance bought modern nightvision systems and optics for guns, and I know that Russians are producing very good equipment of this type. I don`t think that they could buy this from western countries. And chinese versions are cheap crap.

      Otherwise, Larry Jones is correct and I think that he is a smart man.

  8. Reblogged this on Johnsono ne'Blog'as and commented:
    V.Putinui tapus prezidentu, yra šansas, kad Rusija ištaisys klaidą dėl Libijos, tikėkimės nesuklys ir dėl Sirijos.

  9. Jelena Todorovic Clemente

    I do not want to comment the military solutions for restoring Jamahiriya, but I can only say that the people of so called Barque should realize that there is no political agenda that pursues for the profit of few, that will take care of the average middle class and lower class people. Rich are taking care only of themselves, being rich Libyans, rich Saudi Arabs or rich Europeans. The tribe leaders of “Barque” , thirsty for oil money, will make promises that will take care of the people better than Jamahirya, but after they take power, they will most likely take oil profit for themselves and leave the crumbs to others. There is no difference between the profiteer logic and greed between Arabs, Africans and Americans and Europeans. That all comes to the same common denominator: world connected mafia that takes care of each other. Welcome to Quatari … and other “quataries”. Greed and profiteering of the ruling elite is a soul debacle and spiritual disgrace unlimited, that ultimately leads to trading of the national interest and allowing colonization of the country for the sake of their personal power and wealth.
    On the another note, Jamahyria needs thorough reforms of the system of justice to ensure fair trials for everybody, and low security for all Libyans. I think that Gaddafi lost many decent Libyans because they were simply afraid of being punished only for thinking differently. This is something that need remedy, or else those who are afraid will call even black devil for help if they feel that they are being threaten and intimidated. Other than that, Jamahyria took care of all Libyan people, their national interest and did only what was the best for the people, confronting international profiteer mafia for almost 5 decades. Let the Libyans decide trough referendum, or serial of referendums about their political fate and type of political reforms they want.

    • This a good idea, in normal situation, as it was more than one year ago, when Saif said the same, but now first the Resistance has to kick out the traitors and criminals who are at the power, and then, after Libya will be free again we will see.
      Never put the carriage before the horses.
      Resistance and freedom of Libya from foreign powers and mercenaries, first, then the referendum.

    • Yes, I agree with 95% of what you have stated concerning the fact that people of low morals, everywhere, will work together, as a mafia, for their own interests. That is true. The Prophet Muhammad put it like this:

      “All disbelief forms ONE community.”

      The black African heads of state, who STEAL their people’s money are NO LESS guilty of selfish greed than their white-skinned, mafia BROTHERS in the U.S. In fact, I’m sorry to say, I hate them even MORE (and I’m black) than the white-skinned mafias!! Because they work against the good of their own people, and black people, the world over, have suffered tremendously.

      I feel the same way about Barack INSANE oBOMBa, as some people are now calling him. That man is a disgraced and SURELY the single most black traitor in the history of black life on this planet. He destroyed an African nation, yet he touts his Kenyan-African ancestry.

      He is the very worst example of a leader ON EARTH, in my opinion. In his case, though, NOT ONLY has he turned his back on his own people, but he has turned his back on EVERYBODY, including white Americans, many of whom are losing their jobs left and right, due to corporate greed.

      Concerning the problems that you stated about lack of free expression within the Jamahiriya, I cannot comment on that because I have never been aware of that. I have never read anything about that, nor have I talked to any Libyan who experienced that. I’m not saying that it didn’t exists. I’m just saying that I am not aware of that, so I can’t comment.

      On your point about the referendum, I have to agee with libyanfreepress: There cannot be any serious referendums, or anything like that, until the rats are crushed.

      It appears that that will mean a civil war. That is very, very bad. But it does not seem avoidable, unless the Jamahiriya decides that it will go along with the rats. And I can’t believe that the Jamahiriya would make such a decision.

      The problem with a civil war is that NATO might again take sides, and come in bombing. Nevertheless, I believe that the Jamahiriya must take that chance. Because if the Jamahiriya and Russia does not make a move RIGHT NOW, then it is going to be too late–in my opinion.

      I hope that I am wrong about that. But, it doesn’t look good–at least from my view from the outside. Maybe Dr.Touhami’s claims that the Resistance is very strong, in all parts of Libya, and will launch a “hurricane” attack, at the right time, is true. I pray that it is true.

      Allah, Muammar, Libya wa bas!!

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  11. tak -PUTIN powinien wam pomoc -ale musicie naciskac -jestem za a Abdeljalil i bandytow z kataru wygnac zabic -zdrajca Abdeljalil pozwolil na obce wojska zeby zajely libye -Putin moze wam pomoc ale jest jeszcze SYRIA i musza pomagac -OBAMA NIE WYGRA WYBOROW W USA -zobaczycie -pozdrawiam RUCH OPORU ZIELONYCH -walczcie o swoja matke ziemie –

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