Human rights groups ‘Trojan horses of the West’ (+Video)



The Libyan example proves to the world that so-called human rights organizations are really the Trojan horses of Western foreign policy, Middle East expert Sukant Chandan told RT from London.

­Doctors Without Borders recently suspended its mission in Misrata, saying it had to treat patients for injuries sustained during interrogation. Chandan believes that the so-called humans rights organizations like Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders traditionally have a Western-centric tinge to everything they do.

“They seem to provide ‘human rights’ justification for certain Western policies of foreign aggression,” he said. And once a country is invaded with humans rights organization helping to justify the aggression, there is always the sudden surprise that such an intervention could bring violations of the human rights such groups are meant to protect.

“Doctors Without Borders expresses surprise, but frankly they are being used in this way and they are allowing themselves to be used in this way. And it is high time people across the world see these human rights organizations like they really are the – basically the Trojan horses of Western foreign policy,” Chandan continues.

Libya has developed into torture state, Chandan says, while during the Gaddafi days “there was a much better human rights situation – by any standards.”

Human rights groups say the torture and killing of detainees is an ongoing problem in Libya, but it is doubtful that the militias responsible for torture will ever be held accountable, Chandan says.

And with Libya’s new government accused of abuse in the country’s detention centers, it’s been revealed that one former senior official could have fallen victim to torture too.

Libya’s ex-ambassador to France, Omar Brebesh, has died in custody the day after being detained by an armed group.

Chandan pointed out that he was by the city of Zantani’s militia, which has been accused of torturing its political opponents to death.

“There are a lot of interesting political games going on in Libya,” he told RT, explaining why Zantani’s militia is in the spotlight. “The Zantani militia are holding Seif al-Islam Gaddafi. And the West, especially the International Criminal Court, is very fearful of what the militia is going to do with Seif al-Islam.”

Because Gaddafi’s son does not have any means of communication and has not made any public statements, he remains militia’s “biggest power play.”

Looking at Iraq and Afghanistan, one can say that stability and peace is a remote prospect for Libya, Chandan concluded.

Video and text published by RT

Posted by Ryuzakero, 10 March 2012






3 responses to “Human rights groups ‘Trojan horses of the West’ (+Video)


  2. Progressive Black people in the United States have been warning the world for DECADES that it CANNOT trust ANYTHING that the United States has to offer. But, black people are not respected. So, you pay the price of not having listened to us, I’m sorry to say.

    Our people have been here in the belly of the beast for some 500 years. Our ancestors breast-fed the slavey master’s children. We know them like the back of our hands. We warned you, in various ways, of dealing with the U.S. devils. But you didn’t respect us.

    And I’m speaking in general, not just to Libyans. You cannot trust ANYTHING coming from the U.S.–not food aide, not medical aide [which might be infected with AIDS], not humanitarian aid (as Chandan is explaining very well), not military aid (which sometimes contains sophisticated electronic sensors that they use for certain reasons), not dipolomatic aid, NOTHING.

    You have to depend ONLY on yourself, and such friendly countries as Russia and China. Everything coming from the U.S. must be REJECTED, because the U.S. only wants to do HARM, which they believe will somehow benefit them.

    They are in Libya, STEALING your oil, while you fight each other and against Al-Qaeda, etc. And they are LAUGHING at you, because they have our oil wells at Brega and Raz Lanuf, and you can’t do anything about it.

    If you ever get out of this mess, you must TURN YOUR BACK on the U.S. FOREVER, or until they have an entirely new, and DIFFERENT government–and even then you shouldn’t trust them.

    The Native Americans taught us a lesson. They had an expression: “White man speaks with fork tongue.” That expression STILL holds to this very day. Look how they entered Libya, claiming that only a “no-fly” zone.

    Well, WHITE MAN SPEAK WITH FORK TONGUE. One part of his tongue said, “Oh, we’re not going to hurt them,” and then the other part of the tongue said, “We’re going to bomb them for one years straight; turn them against each other; important mercenaries, terrorists and Al-Qaeda; RAPE THEIR BEAUTIFUL, SOFT, MUSLIM WOMEN; still their oil, and LAUGH at them–all the way to the bank.

    How sad. White man speaks with fork tongue. If you ever get out of this mess, Libya, I hope you learn the lesson that the Native Americans, with whom the U.S. government broke EVERY TREATY that they signed with them, learned: White man speaks with fork tongue.

    Last, every militia; every gang; every tribe; every Libyan should give up your hope for some BIG money-pay, and go back to the great principles that you lived by, and that all of us, around the world, who love Libya admired.

    Get back together with each other and live for your principles, not for the promise of liquor, drugs and money. If you get back together, and return to yourselves, you will be a great people again. Get back together, and then you can easily kick out Al-Qaeda, because you will be united again as a people.

    But, as I said, always remember: White man speaks with fork tongue. He cares NOTHING about anybody but himself. That’s IT. If he comes to you with his right hand out, offering you something, his left hand is behind his back, with a GUN in it. This has been his history for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. He has not changed.

  3. CHANDAN wielki znawca siedzi w londynie -ma co jesc ma co pic -ma gdzie spac siedzi dupa w ciepelku -uwaza sie za wielkiego znawce -a do walki sie nie pali za swoja ojczyzne -a co moze wiedziec siedzac za granica jak bylo za Gadhafiego -znalazl sie nastepny szczur do odstrzalu -od SAIFA EL-ISLAMA -von szczurze –

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