Libya – Defence – Strategy


Libya’s Gaddafi Legacy Resistance Civil & Military Constitutional Legal Coup D’etat Intelligence and Finanacial Organization.

The New World Order Libya’s Oil hostile take over did counts with bribed Insurgents Rebels Traitors, what now are fighting to each other for the Government Corruption Control.Do the Libya’s Constitution New Government taylor made Reform, with the Fraud Fixed Election Plan.

But Gaddafi’s Loyal Patriots Revolution Legacy are still alive by Libya’s Resistance Forces fighting right now.

With the overcoming Intelligence, Logistics and Recruitment structures growth organization, financing by Libya’s People war tax Patriot Revolution solidarity contributions and Allies Nations Libya’s join companies cooperatives socialist commercial trade market profits advantages financial operation and Charity Funds.

To do the Libya’s Society Patriot Revolution Knowledge Consensus Propaganda Campaign of as Financial, Political and Loyal Paramilitary Armed Forces Multi Fronts Fight, against the Traitor Government overthrow by Civil & Military Legal Constitutional Coup D’etat Operation success, over Loyal Military Interim Government assunption to Early Elections Gaddafi’s Party victory call,  punish traitors with all Law weight over as Sovereignty and Freedom Faith Honor Libya Defense, over the Muammar Gaddafi Revolution Legacy Fight Victory



Republished at LibyanFreePressNetwork





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