Jalil: “Libya ready to use force against eastern separatists”

Rat Mustafa Abdel Jalil with NTC uniform


Libya’s integrity will be defended by any means – even “with force” if needed – says Libyan “transitional” leader, Mustafa Abdel Jalil. His statement comes a day after the eastern tribal leaders declared autonomy for the region.

­Mustafa Abdel Jalil warned people of the East that the remnants of Gaddafi regime have infiltrated the Cyrenaica region in order to exploit its people and resources.

“We are ready to deter them, even with force,” AFP cited Jalil as saying at a conference in Misrata broadcast by local television. “We are not prepared to divide Libya.”

Earlier Jalil stressed that “some Arab countries” are involved in this “conspiracy against Libya and Libyans,” by supporting and encouraging such a division between the East and the West to happen.

On Tuesday, the cradle of the last year’s uprising against Gaddafi, Libya’s eastern Cyrenaica region with its center in Benghazi, declared semi-autonomy from the central government in the capital Tripoli. The gathering of the major tribal leaders and militia commanders decided that the new state, also known as Barqa, with its own parliament and police force, would run its affairs independently.

While the East is seeking administrative independence, basically pushing forward the idea of federalism, the West is promoting “decentralization,” though centered in Tripoli.

According to the national charter, which was presented on Wednesday, Libya is a parliamentary democracy with a decentralized system of administration. And Mustafa Abdel Jalil is eager to defend the principles of what he calls a “constitution for Libya’s future.”

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Rat Mustafa Abdel Jalil with the tip left to him from USA masters: maybe he can buy a pizza


(ANSA) – Tripoli, 7 Mar – Il leader del Cnt, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, minaccia di ricorrere alla forza per impedire quella che ha definito la “sedizione dell’Est”, all’indomani della nascita di un Consiglio provvisorio della Cirenaica a Bengasi.

Noi non siamo pronti a una divisione della Libia”, ha detto Jalil in un discorso trasmesso in diretta dalla Tv di Stato: “Devono sapere che gli infiltrati e i fedelissimi dell’ex regime tentano di utilizzarli, e noi siamo pronti a dissuaderli, anche con la forza”.

(La Voce della Russia) – La parte della Libia ricca di giacimenti petroliferi, con il suo centro a Bengasi ha dichiarato l’indipendenza. Questo era stato previsto dalla società di ricerca britannica “Exclusive Analysis”, dopo aver effettuato un monitoraggio delle regioni in crisi e aver consultato grandi società londinesi.

Il rapporto sottolinea che gli attuali sviluppi in Libia mettono in discussione gli accordi nel settore petrolifero che negli ultimi mesi sono stati stipulati dalle compagnie occidentali con il governo di Tripoli.

(La Voce della Russia) – I capi delle tribù orientali della Libia hanno annunciato oggi l’autonomia dal governo centrale di Tripoli, come riferito dai media locali.

Gli sceicchi tribali locali, i politici e i comandanti che hanno combattuto contro il regime di Muammar Gheddafi hanno proclamato una nuova entità federale amministrativa sul territorio ricco di petrolio che si estende dal Golfo della Sirte al confine con l’Egitto, con il suo centro nella città di Bengasi.

Circa duemila delegati del Congresso appositamente convocato sono stati invitati per porre fine alla separazione tra la gente e il potere e per gestire la nuova regione. Hanno annunciato di voler istituire ministeri indipendenti, compresi quello dell’Energia e del Petrolio.


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5 responses to “Jalil: “Libya ready to use force against eastern separatists”

  1. Assalaam aleykoum wrwb

    Please read this

    French version

    Thank you very much

    Siete voi stessi che avete distrutto e diviso la libia e non gli “infiltrati e fedelissimi del vecchio regime”!! Siete voi i RATTI e TERRORISTI.
    Ammazzatevi tra voi. Tanto il popolo libico si liberera’ presto di voi.

  3. abdeljalil to pies szczur zdrajca -od kiedy taki wojownik -jeszcze troche i bedzie spieprzal kanalami -zieloni nie dajcie sie tym pasozytom ktorzy okradaja was z dobr naturalnych -wygoncie z libya okupantow -walczcie tak jak wam mowil Lew Sahary -Moamar el-Gadhafi -niech zyje Green Libya -pozdrawiam z Polski jestesmy z zielonymi –

  4. We all can see, clearly, that there is an imperialist alliance that includes the United States, Canada, Australia, France, England and the S0-CALLED Arab-Muslim Gulf states, such as Qatar. This is a BIG force, despite the fac that the U.S. is facing economic collapse.

    So, the union of these imperial forces must be counter-balanced with new alliances. And a start for that alliance, in my opinion, should be Russia, Syria, and Libya. There she be joint, binding commitments between those three countries that they will militarily fight together against any threat that is made to any one, or any combination, of the countries of Syria, Libya and Russia.

    There is NO CHOICE in this matter, and Russia, Syria, and the Jamahiriya [Libya] must realize that quickly. The imperialists will never stop, especially if they do not see any threat to their machinations. They only understand force. They are not going to give up their quest to destroy Syria and their desire to control the Mediterranean Sea and the entire area.

    They must be driven back to their home countries, and the way to do that is to create very strong defences for Russia, Syria, and the Jamahiriya [Libya]

    Other countries must do they same, if they have the sense and dignity to do so. I say “dignity,” because it is pitifully undignified to cringe and bend to the will of imperialists. And the only way to stand up to them without bowing to them is to create new, strong alliances.

    If Algeria could look beyond the immediate, it would immediately seek to join an alliance with Russia, Syria, and the Jamahiriya [Libya], and so to would the Polisario and all revolutionary and proud, independent states in the area.

    The new alliance MUST face the now well-known fact that the group that is called Al-Qaeda is NOT an Islamic liberation movement, but is a paid organization controlled by the CIA of the United States. This is now such common knowledge that, in the “streets” of the Middle East Al-Qaeda is referred to, by the common people, as Al-CIAda.

    Wherever there is the presence of Al-Qaeda, or any group that LOOKS AND ACTS like Al-Qaeda, those groups much be eliminated physically–KILLED. There is no question about that. Al-Qaeda does not negotiate. It is an irrational, violent group, controlled by the CIA, with, unfortunately, youg Muslim men who are not aware that the leaders of Al-CIAda are controlled by, and paid by, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United SNAKES of America. There is no other reality.

    Russia, Syria, the Jamahiriya [i.e., Libya] and Algeria must work together to drive Al-CIAda out of North Africa, once and for all. Al-CIAda bases in the Sahara must be crushed without a single ounce of mercy whatsoever. This is because that group is ONE-EYED and dangerous. It cannot be reasoned with. The only solution is to KILL them. That’s it.

    North Africa must be cleansed of Al-CIAda. And that can be done both through violence means, and by INTELLIGENCE. Once the intelligence identifies all Al-CIAda members, then they should destroyed. This will send a strong message to the madrassas and other places where Al-CIAda acquires its recruits.

    It is time to stand up strongly and let the imperialists know that they will soon have a powerful and fierce counter-balance to contend with. This is the only reality.

    There is one other important country that should be in that alliance, but I will not mention it. It should be obvious. I hope that country would join.

    These words are my sharing of my thoughts. I do not pretend that my words will go anywhere other than this reply box at this website. On the other hand, I do hope that my words spread to responsible people in the Russian, Syrian, Libyan, Algerian and other governments that can see that they will be picked off, one by one, by the imperialists, unless they unite for their common defence.

  5. It is astonishing that Jalil actually has the audacity to open his rat mouth, complaining about foreign interference in Libya, when it is foreign interference that allowed him to come out of his rat hole and pretend to “lead” Libya.

    I can only hope that responsible foreign countries can now see, clearly, that the only government that should be recognized is the Libyan Jamahiriya. Responsible foreign governments should boycott the NTC, and press demands for the return of the legitimate government of Libya, the Libyan Jamahiriya.

    Putin should return Russia to its important role as a counter-balance to U.S. and Western aggression. A first statement that Putin should make, in this regards, is to send 100,000 to 500,000 Russian troops to Libya for the purpose of fighting alongside the Green Resistance to help it return the Libyan Jamahiriya to full power and full controll over ALL of Libya.

    If the Libyan people wish to have a different form of government than the Jamahiriya, then they can make that decision AFTER the Jamahiriya has been brought back into power. Jamahiriya was ousted from power illegally, not legally.

    So, it is still legally the governing body of Libya, until the Libyan people RESPONSIBLY, and without violence, choose another system. The Jamahiriya has the legal right to form an alliance with Russia or with any country that it wishes. So, an alliance–including a military alliance–with Russia should be established.

    At some point in the future, Libya and Syria MUST join forces in a strong alliance, in order to help each other to thwart future attempts by the imperialists to topple Libya and Syria. Syria and the Jamahiriya and Russia need to move VERY fast on this, while the opportunity is available.

    Russia needs to help the Jamahiriya to gain control of all Libyan natural assets, such as natural gas and oil, so that it can sell those assets and become strong, which will help the alliance between Russia, Syria and Libya to be strong.

    No nation can stand alone against the imperialists–not even Russia. Perhaps China is the only nation that can face the imperialists alone, even though Russia has many more ICBMs than China. So, it is definitely time for Russia, Syria and Libya to make a new STRONG and powerful military, cultural, and economic alliance.

    It would be a mistake to wait too long. It is time to move, and fast. This is my opinion.

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