NTC-Nato plan to exterminate the Toubu tribe in Kufra, is ongoing

New model of rat-car

Around Kufra fighting continues: in the picture, a pickup of the Nato-mercenaries has been destroyed. (photo by AlgeriaIsp)

Clashes between the Zwai and the Toubu tribes, in the town of Kufra, broke out (this is the third day of fighting) and at least 18 people were killed  over the first two days.

Shells of mortars, fired by the barbarians of the CNT on residential neighborhoods, have done much damage and death among the population in the last hours . The number of civilian casualties is increasing.

An Humanitarian Intervention by NATO is in progress?
Yes, with bombs and air strikes to bring peace…eternal.

Kufra’s green fighters from Toubu tribe, have killed an important Nato-mercenary, Ahmed Akermiche, by the fire from a sniper.

A member of the Toubu tribe told to a reporter, by telephone, that five of his comrades had been killed today, but another member of his clan said there were only injuries reported in the fighting.

He said his people is surrounded by members of the Zwai tribe.

Kufra is under siege from all sides. The Zwai tribe is shelling the village everywhere with heavy weapons.

Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) is backing the Zwai tribe by sending weapons and fighters to their help, which was also confirmed by a source from the Zwai tribe.

The Nato-puppet government have sent reinforcements to Zwai. Its plan is to exterminate the Toubu tribe. A massacre is ongoing, in which Libyan NTC is participating.

A ‘Crime Against Humanity’ and a ‘Crime of War’ is taking place under the eyes of “humanitarian democracies”, which are the mask to wear, to let the usurocracy lobby keep the nations and the people in a perpetual global slavery.

A source from the Zwai tribe said that a plane, carrying weapons and fighters, landed at Kufra airport last night to help its members and NTC mercenaries against the loyalist tribes of Toubu in Kufra.


Philip I. by LibyanFreePress – 16 Feb 2012 – at


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7 responses to “NTC-Nato plan to exterminate the Toubu tribe in Kufra, is ongoing

  1. toubou people they Ar not only in chad and Libya and Niger they also life in Somalia and Ethiopia. thank is.

  2. Where are the so called Humanitarian Orgs. like Amnesty International? Their disinterest is proof that they exist only to get money from the ignorant people, disinformed by the media. Meanwhile, nobody is helping the previouslay happy Libyan people, who had no poverty, nor need of “protection” from Gaddafi- the Obama NATO Humanitarian War finally costo, reportedly, between 40,000 to 100,000 victims, without any possibility of making anyone responsible.

  3. The traitors of Lybia, supported by the mercennary from Katar, and Europe, are in action, and will destroy all Libya, unless the Libians get in arms and make an hell ehereever the CNT and mercennary troops passes, They have to be exploded even when they sleep,
    A minority without the population support, wants to command Lybia, is that the democracy that Sarkosi from France e Obama from USA, wants to impose for the Libian people, so they can exploite his richesses.
    Freedome for Said Al Islam, to command the Lybia.

  4. Saudi Aramco, amazing it just reopened, idiots think people are stupid via @wordpressdotcom

  5. I hope that Libyan people will not forget their
    Great son Gaddafi

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