A massacre is happening right now in south eastern Libya


The dark skinned Toubu tribe, of Kufra, has been surrounded by NATO Mercenaries and they are being bombarded with heavy weapons as we speak.

At least 20 people have been massacred in 2 days of fighting, NATO regime has sent more weapons and Mercenaries in an attempt to wipe out the Tribe.

A witness named Turki Tobawi spoke to reporters saying “the government sent reinforcements to Zwai. Its plan is to exterminate the Toubu tribe”.

Fighting has also been reported in different districts of Tripoli, including the surrounding areas of the Airport.

Witnesses report hearing a loud explosion near NATO Mercenary headquarters in Misrata, some claim that the headquarters have been blown up, others are not sure.


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One response to “A massacre is happening right now in south eastern Libya

  1. People of Lybia, the moment is now, don´t have mercy for traitors, who sold ehe libian richesses for the imperialists of France, england and United Sates, and provoked the destroying of Lybia and most of 100.000 libians, civilians and militaries.
    Remember that before, the libians have peace, brad on their tables, emplyment, guaranties of studu and medical assistance free, a right to an home to live. Now CNT mercenennary and traitos, wants to stop all that gauranties, and impose the police of the sionnistes from USA and Israel…..
    Each libian have to know his duty and kill a mercennary that profanes the libian holy soil.

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