Mossad spy Algeria and Libya from Tunisia, to block any alliance between the forces hostile to Israel


Mossad spy Algeria and Libya from Tunisia, to block any alliance between the forces hostile to Israel.

An Israeli center of study revealed that the Israeli intelligence service, “Mossad”, has made the Tunisian capital a center of espionage for Algeria and Libya.

While another branch of the Mossad, installed in the island of Djerba, 500km southeast of the capital Tunis, seeks targets in Libya, and that section of the city of Sousse, located 150 km east Tunisia, is responsible for local issues in Tunisia.

The newspaper “Emirates Today”, reported by the Tunisian weekly newspapers “El Moussouir” and “Photographer”, in its issue of Monday, stated that the Israeli intelligence service “Mossad” has worked with the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, to revitalize the network of spies in Tunisia after the “revolution”.

According to this weekly newspaper, the spy network of the Israeli Mossad in Tunisia is based on three potential targets, (1) relying on the installation of a network of sabotage and propaganda and surveillance of what is happening in Algeria and Libya in addition to (2) monitoring and surveillance of what remains of Palestinian activity in Tunisia and (3) control of Islamist movements and Salafis.

The same newspaper noted that the Mossad was able to create problems of different nature  in Tunisia, before and after the revolution, in order to block any move to establish strategic alliances between qualified parties by Israel strategic alliances with parties considered by Israel and the United States as rebels, referring to Islamics and nationalists.


From Elkhabar – 13 Feb 2012

Translated in English & Italian and published by LibyanFreePress at





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