Libyan Resistance, War News – late February 13, 2012 – (+5 Videos)


Libyan resistance on 12-13 February 2012


Tripoli – fighting at the airport: airplanes are hitting rockets. Rats have complained that many of them were injured and dead but how many they didn’t say. Also 2 large explosions took place in the market of Suk Jomo. Rats, upon hearing about the operation from Misraty Patriots in Kufra, escaped from Tripoli to prepare to fight back. Rats from Suk Jomo went to Kufru. Snipers battalion Saqr al-Avhed in the region of Ain Zara neutralized 5 rats.

There was a loud explosion in Zawiya and violent clashes between resistance fighters and rats all over the city. As a result of the fighting of the green resistance the city failed and many patriot loyalist prisoners were released from jail.

Kufra – The rat-Headquarters in the town of Kvartika raised the green flag. Several civilians were injured by the aircraf Nato bombing, but one aircraft has been shot down by the Resistance fighters.

Green Resistance neutralized 7 Nato-mercenaries:
-Abdelhafid Jazia Abderrahim Al-Dobž,
– Hussein Miftah,
– Faiz Al-Madi, Kuiri
– Mohamed Abdallah Al-Hadad,
-Younes Budkene Miftah,
-Mohamed Nažeh Al-Kuiri,
-Ice Buržeb
and injured other 20 – several of them were taken in Benghazi.

The people of Libya said to the world that Nato-mercenaries, under the pretext of protecting human rights in Libya, are supporting racism, murder and torture:


For liberation, Green Libya!


Trafficking in Benghazi:

Rats destroyed the Memorial of the great Nasser in Benghazi:

Egypt – Egyptians angered by the destruction of the monument to the leader of Arab nationalism Djamel Abdel Nasser rats in Benghazi and they expressed their outrage at Libya’s Embassy in Egypt.

Lebanon – after the destruction of the statues of leader Djamel Abdel Naser Arab nationalism before the statue of Jamal Abdel Naser Al Ain in Mrissa picket Association youth Al-Nasiri in Lebanon and representatives of parties and organizations.


Intermittent sound of anti-aircraft guns in the Suk Jomo. Eyewitnesses report that there were clashes in front of the hotel Rixos: green resistents are in the area. In addition, fighting in the area of “Green Mountain”, the road to the airport, near the railway bridge. The Al Furdžan Nato-mercenaries camp was attacked by Green Resistance fighters:

Heavy fighting in the area of Al′srim. Blown up cars and neutralized at least 3 mercenaries:
Continue the violations of any international law in Libya under the nato-mercenaries puppet governements. The rats raided the Embassy of Nigeria, the Nigerian Ambassador expelled from the embassy building:
AZ-zawiya: City woke up this morning by the sound of two strong explosions, residents of the city do not know the causes of explosions so far.
In the city throughout the day, heavy fighting and explosions in different areas of the city.

Al Azzizziyah Firing Range: the release of prisoners from the camp in the town. The Winter Hawks» conducts operations in the city and suburbs, blown up car traitors, 5 rats burned two of them in the car, three fragments. The resistance recruits a group of supporters of the rat in a State of high alert, there are rumors that the resistance is going to liberate the city.

Sorman: I’m not going to say that this video is really 9.02.12, but all the same:

Now the town is under fire. On the outskirts of fighting with a 14.5 mm guns.

Kufra: for the liberation of the city and district has undertaken the Tubu tribe. I think the last straw for them became the last terrible persecutions of the tribe Tavarga. A little bit about this tribe can read here and here. First spark lit battalion in the town of Al-Mudžahida, Muammar Al-Qadhafi today at dawn they cleaned the city, then his unit moved into the village of Tazirbu near the town. Rats were in a panic when they learned about it. Given that the oil city. “This is the second after the lost city of Bani Walid, war on the way to the region to deal with the situation,” a source told NTC. World SMD occurred the next Brad on this. Still crazy.

As a result of the purification of the thugs in the region have killed at least two dozen rats, the number of wounded varied from 20 to 100 pieces. It was also reported that members of Toubou output of oil extraction equipment.

Now in fierce fighting near the airport, the news of the damage the plane by a missile. Many of the dead and wounded. So far about 70% of the city under the control of our tribes Kufra.

In: in the city increased readiness and declared a curfew. There was information that Libya’s Liberation Army is preparing an operation to liberate the city. Rats are so sdrejfili that from Tripoli to Misuratu went to several columns. News that their town is now under the control of the resistance literally wiped out all Green crazy misuratskih bandits.

Misurata now strengthens the defense, tanks and all heavy weapons to the walls of the city stânuto, the bandits are awfully trusât fearing reprisals Mujahideen Resistance and that their support people. It is also reported that out of town run some rats.
Benghazi: reports of abduction in Benin airport 6 rats-bodyguards , Osama AlJuwayli,the fate of the unknown Juwayli warplanes are prepared at the local airport to bombard Kufry.Rise was information on the release of prisoners from the prisons of al Kuwayfiya. The mujahidin in Benghazi in the fight against bandits joined the battalion of resistance.

Dr. Hamza Tuhami said that rats have prepared a trap for the resistance. These thugs are going to come out with green flags 15 or February 17, 2012, to identify the real supporters of resistance will be available to support the parade. Dr. Hamza Tuhami recalled that is yet another pathetic attempt to thwart rebellion, which is known only to the Green resistance.
17 same February day was scheduled at the hands of bandits perished rats, mercenaries and air enemy. Supporters of the Jamahiriya are going to be clothed all in black as a sign of solidarity now come reports of large cities, the American troops to quell possible uprisings.
13 Feb 2012
Author: Afferty
Translated by Za-afriku
Video by NewLiveNews
Video by Vivaeman1
Video by Inominex
Video by Ashweike
Reloaded by LibyanFreePress

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  1. As a Group working in the African music industry “Videos: Stuxnet, Libyan War, WW III | Video Rebel's Blog” is of great interest to us
    well written thank you 🙂

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  4. This is a very painful situation to watch, those people torturing and humiliating others are not muslims. They are no Africans. We are with people of libya and Africa as whole. May almighty God protect and give Africa the strength to stand up against this oppression. My heart is hurting and is bleeding for the suffering of innocent people because of the western, when will it be enough to humiliate and rape this continent.. Oh Lord please hear the voice of the oppressed strech your hand and have merci to your people. Thank you for keeping us aware, I begin and end my day with these green News. Thank you for your work.


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