Open Letter to the Libyan People and to the Leaders of Militias, from brother Dennis South

(we received this letter with the request to spread and publish it especially in Libya for the Libyan people: an Arabic version is coming soon)

This message is to the Libyan people, but particularly to the leaders of militias, “gangs”, the Green Resistance, and whatever other leader, amongst the COMMON people, that I have left out.

I am no one special. I am a citizen of the United States, whose government, unfortunately, is filled to the brim with DEMONS–a problem that good people here hope will one day be solved. On behalf of the good citizens of the United States, I APOLOGIZE for the conduct of our government in helping to destroy Libya.

Now to the point. What I am going to ask might be naieve, or even stupid. But, I am going to ask anyway.

I ask the leaders of militias, gangs, etc., to go and look in the mirror–literally. Stand in front of a mirror, and look at YOURSELF. Do so for 5 minutes; maybe even 10 minutes.

Then, I ask that you attempt to arrange to meet the leader of a “rival” gang, or militia, in a manner where you both will feel safe so that neither of you will be harmed (if that is possible). Then I ask that you LOOK at each other, face to face. And then, if you DON’T cry, there is no hope for Libya. I’m sorry to put it that way.

But if you DO look at each other, and you REALIZE that you are looking at ALLAH’S FACE (for, when you look at the face of another human being, you are looking at the “face” of Allah, reflected in that face), then you will cry. And while you cry, you will embrace your brother, and END THIS MADNESS.

What has happened to you has been IMPOSED by demons of the northern countries, as well as, unfortunately a group of SELFISH TRAITORS who cared more for their DREAM (and that’s all that it has turned out to be–a mere dream) of wealth and riches and power and status.

What do you have now? Are you better off, under the “new government?”

I will tell you something that you might not believe, but I speak the absolute truth. The COMMON PEOPLE of the United States of America, ARE IN LOVE WITH BROTHER LEADER COLONEL MUAMMAR GADDAFI. That’s right.

They cannot say so on their jobs, for fear that they will be kicked out of their jobs by their bosses, and lose their income. But, in their barber shops; in their beauty shops; in their pubs and lounges, THEY SPEAK THE NAME OF BROTHER LEADER GADDAFI!

Why? I will tell you why. In Muammar, they see hope for THEMSELVES. In Muammar, they see a man who, while he was alive (and some claim that he’s still alive), STOOD UP to the forces of evil from the northern countries, and created a prosperous and progressive country for his people.

They see a man who fought the demons of the north for nine straight months. They see a man who fought FOR THEM, actually. They FULLY UNDERSTAND that Muammar was fighting for not only Libya; not only Africa, but for the WORLD.

The common people of the U.S. must keep their mouths shut, concerning Muammar and the Jamahiriya. This is because they are fully aware that they live in the HEART OF THE BEAST, the U.S.A. They are AFRAID to speak out loud. Even these words I am speaking put me in DANGER. But, at my age, the most they can do for me is hurry me on to the next life, where I’ll be with Allah. So, essentially, I don’t care, and I speak my mind.

It would be nice, yes, if they got out into the streets and protested FOR Libya. And some of them did. But they feel as if they have no power, because that is how the U.S. government MADE them feel.

They speak, in low tones. And they say, “I hope the Jamahiriya regains power!!” They pray for you, at night. They wonder WHY you threw away a government, the Jamahiriya, that did SO MUCH for you. They wonder WHY you turned away from Brother Leader. They are baffled.

And if you ever come to your senses again, and UNITE under the Jamahiriya, I guarantee you that the common people in the United States will be DANCING in their barber shops, beauty shops, pubs and homes!

This is PRECISELY what happened when the Vietnamese people kicked out the United States, in 1975, at the end of the Vietnamese War. I was sitting at a barbershop, back then, when it was announced, on TV, that the Vietnamese people had beaten the powerful United States.

Every single person in that barber shop JUMPED OUT OF THEIR CHAIRS! They were jumping up and down, shouting and cheering for the Vietnamese people. They then stopped to hear the rest of the news broadcast. The barber stopped cutting hair. People who were walking by, in the streets, wondered what the shouting was about, and they came inside the barber shop to see.

And then THEY began to shout for joy! Of course, these same people remained SILENT on their jobs, in order to keep their incomes; in order to keep from being persecuted by their employers. These were the common people.

Never think that all of the people of the U.S. are unaware. Do not think that common people are unaware. The common people are VERY aware. They too use the Internet, just as others. And they have family members who communicate with them, and tell them about Libya and other world events.

I sometimes wonder if the people of Libya understand how much Brother Leader is loved in the United States, amongst the common people, and in the world. Barack Obama is black, yes. But he is NOT of the common people. He DID NOT come from the common black people of the United States, no.

He DOES NOT have ANY connection with our history. And if you doubt that, look at how he conducts himself. He has violated the principles of NON-VIOLENCE that were taught by our black leaders, historically, and by our ancestors. Instead, he has waged war in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria (at this moment), and, despite his CURRENT words, is most likely planning to attempt to destroy Iran.

Barack Obama is of the ELITE. Remember this: Your Prophet Muhammad said the following: “All disbelief forms ONE community.” Barack Obama is NOT in the community of BELIEVERS. He is in the community of GANGSTERS, THIEVES, MURDERERS AND GENOCIDAL MANIACS.

By “believers,” I mean the COMMON PEOPLE, not necessarily religious people. On the streets of Chicago, if you came here and were lost in the middle of the night; and if you were frightened that you would be killed or beat up, I have a surprise for you: That would probably NOT happen. Instead, a “believer”–a DRUNK in the streets; or a COMMON THUG, would guide you out of that neighborhood to safety. The common people have more love and more integrity within them than do the elite DEMONS who orchestrated the assault on Libya!

We common people love Muammar! And those of you in Libya who do not love Muammar, then the following saying applies to you: “A prophet is not honored in his own land.” In all of the nations, Muammar’s is HONORED amongst the common people. And now, even people in the middle and upper classes, some of them, are beginning to fall in love with Muammar, due to what he did for Libya during his life.

In my home, I have a large picture of Muammar, PROMINENTLY displayed in my dining room. He is my hero! He is the hero to millions. I have NO picture of Barack Obama. And if a picture of him somehow manages to find its way into my home, I DESTROY IT IMMEDIATELY, for what he did to Libya.

And, apparently, many of you did not appreciate Muammar. Many of you DO NOT appreciate him. How WONDERFUL it would have been, had Muammar been President of the United States!

At THIS very moment, MOST of the citizens of the United States are deathly afraid. At least 30 million of them are WITHOUT JOBS. Elements in the U.S. government have been working hard to ELIMINATE such benefits as Social Security for the elderly. The government is threatening to eliminate food stamp programs.

Arts education in the U.S. has virtually VANISHED from U.S. public schools. On any given night, in the U.S., there are tons and tons and tons of homeless people. You can verify that by looking up the statistics on the Internet.

Young people, many of them, do not have the money to afford college. And other young people are even afraid to TRY to go to college, for fear that they will end up in large debt, but with no job available, when the graduate, that would allow them to earn money to pay back that debt.

But in Libya, under Muammar and the Jamahiriya, IT WAS THE OPPOSITE. The elderly had nothing to fear. Students had FREE college. Homelessness was virtually eliminated.

What do you have in Libya now? What did you think you would get under the NTC? What did you think you would get by folloiwng the NTC and its backers, the demons of the north?

You now SEE, clearly, what you got: HELL.

I admit openly that I do not know Libya as a Libyan would know Libya. I was not born and raised in Libya. I do not know the day-to-day stories. But I do know this: I now see that Libyans, some of them, are saying, “We want the life we had before, under Gaddafi!!”

But that’s not what I want for you, no. I want you to have a BETTER life than what Gaddafi gave you. And Gaddafi would want the same. He would want you to DO GREATER works for Libya than he did. He would want you to BUILD BETTER schools for Libya than he did; to help MORE African countries than he did. To help MORE farmers than he did. To help MORE students than he did.

To support the aims and goals of the Al-Fateh Revolution STRONGER than he did. To be MORE revolutionary than he was, if such a thing is even possible. And, most of all, he would want you to LOVE EACH OTHER MORE THAN you loved each other before, and even more than HE loved you.

In the barber shops, beauty shops, and lounges of the U.S.A., amongst the common people, in addition to music; in addition to loud talking; in addition to the TV in the background, and in addition to the music being played, you can hear the following words being mumbled, and sometimes being said out loud, even by a DRUNKARD:

“Allah, Muammar, Libya wa bas!!”

How utterly sad it is that those words, most likely, cannot be heard in Libya, as they once were. How sad.

Your brother always,

Dennis South

LibyanFreePress – February 10, 2012 – at


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6 responses to “Open Letter to the Libyan People and to the Leaders of Militias, from brother Dennis South

  1. It is so gratifying to note that someone sees things exactly the same way as I do in this day and age.

  2. Jelena Todorovic Clemente

    It hurts too much watching Libya like this, even from the distance of the US. Libyan tribes need to forgive each other if something wasn’t done right in the past and stand together in their believes and prayers.
    I will meditate for peace and your beautiful country I use to know as prosperous and one of the shiniest stars within the non- aligned countries.

  3. GREAT! resist proud libyan people, like vietnamise, not surrend to the evil!
    they tell that they are the angels of democracy… fuck them forever!

  4. niech zjednocza sie zieloni to narod wybiera przywodce -nie okupancji walczcie zieloni MUAMAR MIAL RACJE -WIELKI BOHATER WIELKI WODZ -WALCZCIE Z OKUPANTEM -LIBYA JEST JEDNA I TO WASZA MATKA ,,ZIEMIA ,,POZDRAWIAM Z POLSKI ,,

  5. Allah, Muammar, Libya wa bas!

  6. Antiimperialist

    Great!! I hope that Libyan people will stop fighting with themselves and will be united to fight occupant and traitors out of the country! Like Zentan people did.

    Glory to all green fighters and Moamer Gaddafi!!

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