I have only my words, my heart, my soul and my prayers for Libya

We just received this nice letter from a friend and we would like to share it with you all

“I have only my words, my heart, my soul and my prayers for Libya”


I pray that you are in the best of holistic well-being. My name is Dennis South. Actually, that is a pseudonym that I had used while writing pro-Gaddafi, pro-Jamahiriya articles for, during the 9, horrible months that the LDF fought valiantly against the DEMON leaders of my country, the U.S.

I saw the video of Dr. Shakir in Bani Walid. I hope that it is a a video that is a true video.

After 9 months of covering the Libya situation, I became depressed. I could not take it anymore, and discontinued writing.

I feel helpless to do anything. I wish there was something more I can do. But, I have to return to my mundane life.

I have been told, by T-West, that it might be only a matter of months before the Jamahiriya is in power again. I don’t know if his assessment is correct. But I hope so.

The traitors of Libya must be the worst of creation in human history. I pray that a spiritual WIND blow over Libya, and bring the Libyan people–all of them–back together as ONE people, under the Jamahiriya.

I pray that Almighty God give the GOOD Libyan people the strength to fight until the bitter end. I pray that that fight will gain them their country back, for once and for all.

How painful this is to watch. And to think that the Libyan people had to go through this under the Italians!

The U.S.–my country–is now led by DEMONS; people who have no heart; no soul; and no conscience. They are without LIFE.

We all have to pray that some Great Force stops them, even if it comes from OUTER SPACE! I’m not trying to be funny. I wish these demons could be destroyed. I wish they would stop murdering and killing, all over the world, not just in Libya.

The Angels of Allah are going to descend on Libya. And those who are NOT RIGHT; those who are EVIL; those who are TRAITORS, are going to be swept away forever.

There certainly MUST be a reason that Allah is allowing Libya to suffer. And that reason is that Libya (maybe) is destined to lead the WORLD to peace. Or at least set the best example.

The Angels of Allah will SOON remove ALL foreign ships, arms, mercenaries, thugs, bandits, soldiers, from Libya. Libya will have peace for one-thousand years.

The enemies of Libya will soon BURN. And they will KNOW that their burning was caused by their own hands; caused by their assault against Libya and the Libyan people and the Libyan Jamahiriya and Brother Leader.

An invisible shield of protection will soon emerge over Libya, and NO ONE will be able to penetrate that shield. The waters of the Mediterranian, from the surface to the bottom of that Sea, are going to become IMPOSSIBLE for war ships to pass through.

The Mediterranean Sea will SINK any ships or any craft that is crossing it for the purpose of causing war. It will sink any ship that is armed with weapons, unless those ships are LIBYAN ships that are there to protect Libya.

Libya has suffered ENOUGH. It is time for a powerful energy to swirl around and destroy any evil that comes near Libya.

Libyans will now have to pray BIG TIME. They must pray day and night, and CRY in their prayers, as crying in one’s prayers is pleasing to God, or “The Universe” or “The Force” or “The Source,” or however one wishes to describe the Creator and Sustainer of all things.

Every Libyan must be on board! There can no longer be any division. The Tribes have to RE-THINK their identities, and help each other to become ONE PEOPLE, under ONE SYSTEM. They must quickly review what has happened to them, and work out a way to END this BULLSHIT!!!

Libya sits “alone” in the world, for a REASON: Because Allah wants Libyans to rely on HIM ALONE. When Libya gets through this agony, it will emerge the strongest people on earth. After that, God’s purposes for Libya will be revealed. But, until then, work, fighting, deep prayer, and UNITY must be carried out. There must be UNITY. Ameen.

Your brother ALWAYS,

Dennis South

February 9, 2012


Thank you Dennis, and may God bless you.

LibyanFreePress, February 10, 2012





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