A fat Kazar/Zionist rat run for an office in the NTC puppets/government

Khazar Jew Rafeel Iozon

Look at this picture of the biggest rat-Zionist/Jew ever exists, but was in hiding since 1969, and his Jew name is Rafeel lozon.

He goes back to the old Khazar/Jews of Germany and they escaped the WW2  from Germany. Him and his family landed in Libya and by forging some documents they called themselves a “Libyan citizens” and now he is claiming to run for an office in the new NTC puppets/government in Libya. But this is the impossible dream for a rat to be a politician in any governments.

A lot of Jews came to Libya during the second world war and because of the lack of immigration system in Libya they called themselves Libyans, until Gadaffy came to power and kicked them out of Libya.

But look now: when the cats are gone the rats return to feed. But Rafeel, your not even a shoe in Gadaffy, because Gadaffy came and exposed you rats with his flash lights, so everyone can see the rats.

My advise to you is to go and knock your big forehead on your “cry-wall”. Libya is too big for you , Libya is not your country , Libya is our country , Libya is for the real Libyans only, you need to find a place up on the mountain of Khazakistan/Khazaria, where your ancestors are coming from,  to live and go back and read in history and find out where you came from, fat rat Khazar, trash of society.


Received from: Zangetna-Forum

Published on LibyanFreePress


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