Syrian Nato-mercenaries tried to break into the Syrian embassy in Tripoli

Syrian Nato-mercenaries, the same people landed in Bengasi a couple of days ago to be trained by Nato military instructors, tried to break into the Syrian embassy in Tripoli, early morning on Saturday. They broke the windows and climbed to the roof and managed to change the Syrian flag with the old colonial flag. The security guards then intervened and the protestors drove away. The guards then hoisted the old flag back.

The puppet government of Libya, NCT, has already recognized the SNC, the fake Syrian National Council, as the legitimate representative of the Syrian People but the Pro-Assad embassy staff was still here. In the evening few Syrian-rats gathered outside the Syrian embassy in Tripoli and began chanting the Anti-Assad slogans: they were accompanied by few Libyan rats.

Some people then climbed over the walls, to the roof using ladders and changed the Syrian Arab flag with the old colonial flag.
The Security agents working for the embassy kicked them away.
The Syrian Arab flag in now back again on the roof of the embassy.




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