NTC doesn’t control the situation

NTC doesn’t control the situation

It is not fair that all the western media is reporting only about Bani Walid, like there are no fights and uprising in other regions.
It seems that press is orchestrated and wants to divert attention from the happenings in Benghazi and Tripoli on purpose.
But the problem is (about which Bani Walid elders are also worried about), that all the pressure is on Bani Walid, and NATO mercenaries and planes are headed for Walid, even talking about new bombing. What is their purpose we dont know, but hopefuly they will not make a siege of Walid again.
The uprising is NOT LOCAL, its happening all around Libya and that’s why there should not be any spacegoats.

Important Notice
Group of gangs from of Misurata and Tripoli, located at a mosque of Malta on the road leading to the Bani Walid, are inspecting Mobile phones on provisional checkpoints. Contacts, photos and messages are searched by them. If they find photos of Gaddafi or photos offensive to NTC barbarians, people get exposed to all kinds of beatings and electric shocks.
And to anyone who is heading this road (especially women) to check their mobiles in order to preserve the safety
And the same thing may happen in other places, so vulnerable people should be cautious
And God save all the Free Liberals and the resistance

22h/ ‎#Libya URGENT #Benghazi -Large Explosion in an area of Salmani and violent clashes. Sound of ambulances heading to the scene 1h ago
‎#Photo #BaniWalid – Headquarters in which “May 28th” Battalion was besieged. Warfalla tribe said on their page that 2 young girls were injured by shrapnel from ammunition (23anti-air) which was fired from the headquarters by the Battalion. One girl’s injuries are serious.

23h/ BANI WALID – Situation in the #BaniWalid very calm this evening, and there are no signs that any problems may occur, the city is completely safe and shops all working normally, there are some news agencies and media outlets roaming the city, and take pictures here and there, and unfortunately we have not seen most of them broadcasted. Rumors broadcasted by the other concerning the massing troops outside the Bani Walid, caused concern among some children and women. Things are mostly in the way of the solution, we ask Allah to accept our lost ones with mercy and forgiveness, and to enable recovery to the wounded.

*** URGENT #News #Libya #Benghazi – Bearded traitor, Ismail Salaabi, member of so-called Joint Security Committee said that there is a full security alert since two days ago in the eastern region, in the cities of Benghazi – #Bayda – #Derna – #Tobruk and the alert (apart from other things) means a 24\24 patrols

*** IMPORTANT : The Champions Revenge Group of fighters from Sirte and a Almzaraa battalion Rusaifa Fighters ambushed a battalion of the Misurata mercenaries who were headed to the stationing area of River Gate, known as gate Gibran. They destroyed 14 armed vehicles of which 4 vehicles with launchers, and killed more than 40 NATO agents, including some Arab mercenaries. 3 members of the resistance were martyred. Powerfull sons of Rafla are now in control over the port.

Report Libya: NTC doesn’t control the situation in Libya! [24.01.2012.]
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