Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim is still in the hands of the rats: plaese act for him and for Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda – (3 Videos)

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim is still in the hands of the rats:

plaese support and act, visit this link:

Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim and Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda

click here or on the title or on the picture to visit the page with email address and phone numbers , to send message and ask for help: thank you



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update 25.01.2012 – libyasos

DR ABUZAID DORDA HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED by the militia that was guarding him in the hospital. he has been kidnapped even though his health is still in a critical condition. If he is away from the hospital for too long his life will be in grave danger. We do not know where he is only that those who were torturing him are amongst his kidnappers.
PLEASE CONTACT Red Cross, Red Crescent, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International etc and get their teams on the ground to talk to whatever authorities in Tripoli can help.
“Je viens de recevoir un mail du fils d’Abuzed Dorda, l’ex représentant de la Libye aux Nations Unies qui a soutenu Kadhafi jusqu’au bout et qui est depuis torturé et retenu par les rebelles. Voici le message envoyé par son fils qui par ailleurs est un ami : ” ll semble que mon père ait été capturé par une milice la nuit dernière à l’hôpital. Il est toujours dans une situation critique et ne devrait pas quitter l’hôpital pour préserver sa santé. Certaines personnes responsables de sa torture et qui le surveillaient à l’hôpital font parti des kidnappeurs. Vu la condition physique de mon père, je ne pense pas qu’il survivra longtemps entre les mains des terroristes. J’ai besoin que tu transmettes cette information à autant de personnes qu’il le sera possible. Plus les gens sont au courants, plus les terroristes sont effrayés des retours possibles.” Merci de faire tourner cette information au maximum.”
” I have just received a mail from of Abuzed Dorda’s son, the former representative of the Libya to the United Nations who supported Gaddafi to the end and that is since tortured and detained by the rebels.
Here is the message sent by his son who is a friend: “it seems that my father was captured by militia last night at the hospital.” He is still in a critical situation and should not leave the hospital to preserve his health. Certain persons responsible for the torture and who were watching the hospital are part of the kidnappers. Given the physical condition of my father, I do not think that he will survive long in the hands of terrorists. I need you to pass this information to as many people possible. “The more people know, the more the terrorists are afraid of possible returns (reactions).


Lizzie Phelan on Libyan War

Lizzie Phelan speech is from min. 16:46 to min. 28:36


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