Bani Walid has been freed from NATO Mercenaries: Tripoli and Benghazi next

Green flags is flying in Bani Walid

According to new reports the resistance fighters and Jamahariya supporters managed to take full control of Bani Walid. Five NATO Mercenaries, one NATO Mercenary commander and 30 other fighters were wounded in clashes over Bani Walid.

NATO Mercenary “al-Fotmani M’Barek” confirmed the reports. Earlier Belhaj’s brother was killed in Bani Walid by resistance fighters. The puppet regime announced that Libya is in brink of a civil war.


Witnesses report seeing US drones flying over Bani Walid after the liberation of the town and the rejection of NATO’s puppet regime. Bani Walid installed its own council to govern the town and has forced all NATO Mercenaries to flee after intense clashes.

Rat-Commander Ali al-Fatamni

NATO Mercenary commander Ali al-Fatamni declared that he has lost all contacts with his men in Bani Walid, he fears that his Mercenary fighters are all dead or captured. The last radio contact from Bani Walid was from Mercenaries crying for back up and help. Mercenaries from Misratah was sent to help, but they did not enter Bani Walid, instead took post outside the town to once again implement a blockade.

Bani Walid has appointed its own council to govern the town, NATO’s puppet regime in response is preparing fighter jets to attack the town, but it isn’t clear whether they will go through the bombardment operations or not.

Libyan resistance fighters and armed Jamahariya supporters attacked NATO Mercenaries in Tripoli and Benghazi after the liberation of Bani Walid, the original Libyan Green flag has been raised over Bani Walid, giving moral boost to other Libyan towns trying to end the NATO driven oppression.

Street battles between NATO Mercenaries and resistance fighters continue in Tripoli neighborhoods, shops have been closed, and people are staying in doors knowing that the liberation has begun. NATO Mercenaries announced that they will show no Mercy to resistance fighters and have installed more checkpoints in Benghazi and Tripoli.

Heavy clashes between resistance fighters and NATO Mercenaries have also been reported in Benghazi, this comes after months of protests, and recent attack on puppet regime’s headquarters. Abdul Jalil was forced to flee from puppet regime’s headquarters when a mob entered the compound, even destroying his transport. The puppet vice president also resigned after being attacked in Benghazi University by angry students, and carried out by his body guards like a baby (caught on video).


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