6000 US TROOPS have come to Mitiga Air Base

They came from Malta where you have been waiting a few days to start operations to secretly invade and settle at “important” locations and fight against opposing Libyans. They install mobile camps around the refineries and libyan oil outlets.
In order to have complete control over refineries and oil sources, then have brought their own foreign technicians.

So the US and other foreign Corporations can plunder the oil of the Libyan People without being accountable to their owners or anything impacting them .
It is another assault and armed robbery of the Libyans while the international media and Western hide these further Crimes or being silent to support.
…for getting a piece of the stolen pie!

Approximately 3/4 of the libyan people do NOT support the NATO-Puppet NTC!


January 17, 2012 – From a Libyan Patriot Fighter – LibyanFreePress


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