Libyan puppet vice president attacked in Benghazi by students

An embarrassing seen of no support in Benghazi where University students started attacking the puppet vice president of the occupying regime “Abdul Hafiz Ghoga”. After students peacefully asked the traitor and puppet to “go away, go away”, he didn’t listen, soon after students surrounded the puppet and attacked him.

Libyan puppet vice president “Abdul Hafiz Ghoga” was attacked in Benghazi and was saved by his security guards when he was carried out like a baby. Western propaganda outlets claim the imaginary uprising began in Benghazi, but this shows the opposite, the puppet regime has no support anywhere in Libya, but the regime is very popular abroad.

The puppet regime doesn’t even have support in Benghazi, where the Western propaganda outlets claim the imaginary uprising began.

Thanks to Ozyism – Reloaded by LibyanFreePress



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