Libyan Resistance News – January 18, 2012 – (Eng-Ita)

  • Libya currently lives in a State of perpetual war and every day fighting increases, covered most of the cities of Libya, including those regions that were relatively calm in recent months.
  • It seems that the Libyans finally realized: their country destroyed and pull up in astronomical debts; in Libya there is no one family that has not lost a family member, relative, friend or neighbour.
  • Of the 20 billion dollars of Libyan reserves, which, according to NATO, have been allocated PFI, Libyan citizens have not received a single cent.
  • For this reason, 12 thousand American soldiers are in Malta and are preparing to return to Libya. Yesterday evening, it was reported on the arrival of the first group of mercenaries in the ports of the Ras Lanuf and Alphippa ….
  • Tripoli: the city resisted. Heavy fighting continued in the green zone. A lot of explosions and near the University. Powerful explosions rattle in the area of Elhadaba. Green militants attacked several rats.
  • Libya’s Liberation Front fighters carried out a military operation against the rat-Office in Tripoli. They seized important documents with armed NATO plans against Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and the rebel network, funded by the bankers. Operation killed 21 mercenary.
  • NATO continues to flagrantly violate the airspace of Libya, over the city at low altitude to fly foreign helicopters.
  • In addition to the airbase were unknown, likely Israeli party arrived, possibly of Jewish fighters.
  • Green sniper kills French at Mitiga
  • Tadjoura: NATO/SGP attacked yesterday at the industrial research centre in Tajura, they severely beat some of the staff. The reason is the requirements of the Centre’s staff to remove from Office the Director  Mohammed Mansour-al Sharif, on his full incompetence and gross financial irregularities.
  • Bani Walid: on Tuesday over the city appeared NATO aircraft, flying at low altitude, this is yet another flagrant violation of international law and Libyan airspace.
  • In Bani Walid, a radio is broadcasts the Libyan national songs.
  • Sirt: Green cell Thayer Sirt fighters were attacked a truck fighters equipped with heavy weapons . Five militants in a van abandoned;, this is revenge for the martyrs who died recently in the town of Elasabea and Sirte in District No. 1-2.
  • Shooting between Green resistance and NTC/Al-Qaeda in the city of Ziltenare, Jamal and Èlvahat.
  • Fighters of the liberation front of Libya from cell. Elsakr Elawhed ” released 39 Pro-Gaddafi  prisoners from the prison of the military camp ” Elhadaba Elzira Macheroue Elkhadra “. Two Green fighter were killed. They will always be in our memory!
  • Turf: Battles between Green resistance and rats are continuing
  • Alasabah: the inhabitants of the city had enough from insurgents and  they approached the Green Army for protection. Green army not only clean the city of the rats, but also brought residents a truck with clean water and resume the elettricity. A Green commander holds meeting with officials of the Alasabaha city.
  • Benghazi: Continuing demonstrations against NTC, the lack of money, basic services, clean water, food discontent of residents every day is still growing.
  • NATO/Mercenary accused of murdering Abdel Fattah Younis, not survived the bursting with bomb car; it is not yet clear who was behind the attack; there is a suspicion that this was the tribe of Eunice, who promised to seek justice, if a puppet regime NATO does not take action against those accused of his murder, no action was of course PNSa. .
  • Sabha: in the city, fighting with heavy weapons between rats and Green resistance fighters, of warriors from cell Warfala Soulaiman.
  • NTC has a grid of electricity throughout the South of Libya. Sabha without electricity.
  • The Tunisian frontier guards arrested on the Libyan-Tunisian border two cars with 40 tons of stolen copper from electric lines, intended for smuggling in Tunisia.
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By Za-afriku – Adapted and Reloaded by LibyanFreePress


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