Libyan Resistance War-News / January 13, 2012 – (+4Video)


– January 13, 2012 –

  • 12000 American soldiers are ready to send to Libya from the island of Malta.
  • Confirmed the information about the assassination of the brother of Jalil. His house was destroyed, and his fate is unknown.
  • Misurata rebels continue their attacks on civilians. They continue their many barbaric atrocities, murder and torture.
  • TRIPOLI-clashes between Resistance fighters and rebels in the area of Janzour, del Juma Souk, Frenaj, Gargaresh, Farahat Hatba-Sharqiya.
  • The Lord’s Resistance Army fighters managed to freed many prisoners from the prison of Jdaida, among whom was Colonel Mohammed Al-Bahr.
  • Janzour Road – Rishvana was closed for several hours because of the battle and the resistance fighters. During the battle used heavy weapons and missile launchers. NATO planes flew over the city.
  • Fighting between the rebels and Green Resistance brigades in Tajura and Zawiya.
  • MIZDA – After violent confrontations with the inhabitants of the city, the rebels lost control of the town.  The rebels had to urgently request reinforcements from Tripoli, while in the city of green flags were everywhere.
  •   Allaotunai fighters troops moved towards the city for a face to face with the inhabitants of the city and the Resistance’s fighters. Currently the city is in complete darkness.
  • Bani Walid-Green flag over the city. Tribe Warfalla announced the granting of assistance to all needy refugees.
  • Zintan-Continuing NATO bombarding
  • Sabha-NATO continues to bomb the city.
  • Sirte: “Revenge for the battalion of the Resistance”:  on the road of the town a ambush to the rebels, consisting of a column of trucks (6 vehicles, armed to the teeth). Members of the Resistance totally destroyed the convoy of trucks and killed 26 rebels. Unfortunately, the battalion lost three fighters.
  • Men of the tribe Al-Qadhafi had killed two rats and wounded many other rebels who were infiltrated into the area of Al-Mahdi.
  • BENGHAZI – in the city is continuing the protest against the NTC, lawlessness and looting. Clash between rebels and forces of resistance. In the city were heard exploding grenades and shots.
  • AL-BAYDA: Youth Resistance conducted sabotage operations locally, laying mines on their checkpoints on the outskirts of the city.


  • Local oil engineers were expelled from oil platforms and promptly replaced by engineers from Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and France.
  • Misuraty rebels tried to force their way to oil platforms.
  • Resistance fighters fired subversive operation, damaging part of the pipeline, which bear responsibility for the protection of French troops.
  • Oil shipments from the area have been suspended.

Green Sources: GreatWerfallaiLibyaTVZa-afriku


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