French security agent shot dead in Tripoli (confirmed by embassy) + Video

French ex-serviceman shot dead in Libya

January 8, 2012 – Dailystar

TRIPOLI: A French ex-serviceman has been found shot dead in his apartment in central Tripoli, sources in Libyan security and at the French embassy told AFP on Sunday.

“A man shot him in his apartment and fled,” a member of Libya’s high security committee said on condition of anonymity, adding that the motive for the murder was still unknown.

Another Libyan security source said the victim was a retired French serviceman, and added that a Libyan had been arrested in connection with the killing and that an investigation had been launched.

A French embassy source confirmed the murder.

“Yes, he is a former French military member who had retired and was working in Libya,” the source said, also speaking on condition of anonymity.

From Dailystar  – 8/1/2012

French security agent shot dead in Tripoli

An attack, on a house believed to be an operations center for French soldiers in Tripoli, caused the death of at least 2 and injured 4 others. According to اخبار المقاومة الليبية the attack was conducted by armed Jamahariya supporters and resistance fighters.

Another French soldier has been killed in Tripoli, according to Expactica news, he was shot and killed in his apartment by an armed Jamahariya supporter. The French embassy confirmed the killing of this soldier, but did not confirm the death of two other soldiers reported to have died in a separate attack.

From Ozyism – 8/1/2012


Gaddafi’s Military Convoy After the French Attack Near Benghazi (Libya), March 20, 2011



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