Abdeldžalil (Abdul Jalil Mustafa) approved the presence of NATO troops in the territory of Libya

“Green” source reports that Abdeldžalil finally decided to get rid of armed gangs, “rats”, in accordance with the agreement with NATO. 350000 American troops scheduled to arrive on the territory of Libya. Now the Brigade redeployed from Iraq in Kano (Nigeria).

American troops have a vast experience of the war with the Arabs and Muslims. According to the official version they should help the new “Government” to get rid of weapons and armed gangs and militias. But everyone understands that this step is done to save from imminent defeat of the NTC and the colonial policy of the West in the territory of Libya in the face of this treacherous Council.

Abdel′džalil once again betrayed the country. All Libyans, dissenting with the colonial regime, beginning from the Libyan people to its knees, can finish their journey in Libyan Abu Ghreib version. Abdeldžalil sells his people, his brothers, who, under the banner of the cross will be killed and martyred as “incorrect”.

Source: Green MEDIA

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