“My life with Gaddafi family” – (Eng. and sub. in all languages)

“My life with the Gaddafi family”: Testimony of Muammar Gaddafi’s personal cook

Libyan revolutionary leader Muammar Qaddafi was voted Human Rights Hero 2011 by the world masses, primarily the populations in western countries, because any search of the web for Libya Truth revealed the reasons that the Libyan Jamahiriya had been concealed, and its founder lied about, for dozens of years, by western news media.

Miodrag Djordjevic has been Muammar Gaddafi’s personal cook for 20 years. He left Libya in June 2011. Miodrag’s wife, Suzana, also spent some time in Libya (1990-1996), looking after Gaddafi’s children. In the video below (Serbian with English subtitles) they talk about the life in Gaddafi’s residence, providing an insight to his lifestyle, values, and his relation with his children and his personnel.

The interview was made in December 2011 by Serbian independent journalist Milovan Drecun. In June 2011 Mr. Drecun also visited Libya, where he spent a few weeks doing research on the Western war against Libya.

Text by Mathaba   –   Video by LiceSaPoternice

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