Jamahariya’s supporter-girl and an old man tortured to death by Nato-mercenaries (WARNING: 2 Video very gruesome)

Jamahariya’s supporter-girl tortured to death by Nato-mercenaries

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She was a supporter of the Jamahariya Governing system, which was invented by Qaddafi; she was a public figure which made her an easy target to find.

She was found and tortured to death by NATO-mercenaries with the support of NATO.

This is the reality in Libya, but the US propaganda outlets fooled a lot of ignorant people into believing that the bloodshed and butchery was for Democracy, or freedom, but never once published the fact that Libya was free and a Direct Democracy under the Jamahariya Governing System.

It is that ignorance which drove this war, it is that ignorance which lead to the continuing bloodshed and butchery, but those ignorant people who fell for the mind trap are continuing to cheer for Nato: why?

Jamahariya’s old man tortured to death by Nato-mercenaries

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04/dec/11 One occupying regime official killed in Janzour
According to new reports from the resistance, at least one occupying regime official was killed in Janzour after heavy clashes and many more injured. The resistance continue using the monarch flag to conduct operations against the enemy.
Soon after the clashes NATO Mercenaries attacked the headquarters of Zintan fighters in Janzour, no casualties were reported in the attack.
The official killed was buried and mourners blamed the Zintan fighters

1/dec/11 Pan African Council declares Qaddafi a hero and an icon of Africa
In a statement to Ghana’s parliament, the Pan African Council asked that “..AU and the government of Ghana should withdraw from the international criminal court because of its biases against African people.
We cherish and admired Gaddaffi’s valor and commitment to his convictions and Pan Africanism he fought to prevent his country and Africa from falling prey to Western economic strangulation and resisted the unjust and evil geopolitical machinations of inserting Libya into their strategic geopolitical design and today he is a Pan African Revolutionary icon”.

30/nov/11 The reality which NATO Cheerleaders can’t face
Warning, the link has graphic images, victims of the US empire and its client states. This is just 257 Libyans killed in the NATO’s war of aggression, out of thousands across the country. These are brothers, fathers, and sons of Libya, but NATO doesn’t care as long as the oil refineries are operational. They don’t give a damn about how many people are killed as long as they plunder Libyan treasure, Libyan wealth and Libya’s future.

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