Fight against the proliferation of weapons smugling from Libya to Algeria

Fight against the proliferation of weapons from Libya: 20 arms dealers arrested in Djanet

24 December 2011 – The units of dealers arrested is from the ANP. Near Djanet, the Algerian intelligence has blocked an active group in the smuggling of weapons from Libya.

In recent days resulted in the arrest of 20 traffickers of weapons in various operations. The weapons intercepted in possession of the traffickers are automatic Kalashnikov machine guns, which are introduced across the borders from the city of Ghdames Libya. This sudden success took place after a collision, which took place last week between a unit of the PNA and three arms dealers in the region Idjebaren, 20 km north of Djanet.

The elements of the PNA managed to arrest three traffickers. Under investigation, the three traffickers have provided information to the security services, which has allowed the arrest of 17 other arms dealers. In the same vein, arms traffickers have discovered a new trick to get rid of weapons, when they realize they are hounded by the elements of the PNA.

Large quantities of weapons were found buried in different regions near Djanet.

Font: Algerian News Agency Elkhabar – English transl. by LibyanFreePress


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